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5 Web Design Trends for 2022 – Which Will You Use

Some important web design and user experience trends to watch in 2022 will be covered in this article. Because if you consistently improve your website, apply UX best practices, and remain up to speed on critical online trends, your website can shine.

Increasingly, today’s web development Columbus must provide better and better digital experiences. A lack of smooth digital experiences for your customers due to a poorly-optimized website may harm your business’s reputation and bottom line. To meet your clients’ demands, though, how can you keep up with the pace?

1. Offer Comfortable Colors and Dark Mode

As a result of the outbreak, an increasing number of individuals are working from home and may never return to an office job. We spend a lot of time in front of our computers, doing business through Skype and the like, and planning social activities online. Eye strain and weariness are common after a long day of looking at a computer screen.

Using color palettes that are comfortable on the eye and simplifying web design, designers are reacting to “Zoom fatigue.” The popularity of dark mode in web design was a precursor to this trend, which is expected to take off in 2020. It’s essential to think about how your website will appear with a dark color scheme since most browsers and mobile devices now can switch between light and dark modes.

It’s important to remember that your website visitors don’t desire a jarring color experience. These soft color palettes, which include soothing shades of green (like mint), blue (like cobalt), and light pink (like periwinkle), make your website more pleasant to look at. As a result of this website design trend, designers can look forward to a more user-centered approach to their work.

2. Playful Cursors

What if browsing your website was a pleasurable event? Cursors that are fun and unique to a single website or business may be seen on many current websites. When it comes to this trend, there are many different ways to implement it, from altering the form of the mouse pointer to coding animations that are activated by the cursor.

Your website’s viewers will be intrigued by the distinctiveness of your cursor symbol if you include humor in the design. Making your cursor stand out from the crowd will enhance the user’s overall experience.

Myspace included custom cursors on their profiles as far back as the mid-2000s, so this isn’t a new trend at all. A return that delivers new geometric forms and custom code, on the other hand, is a welcome one. It’s also a good idea to use your cursor to experiment with the shapes of your logo’s colors and design to help your consumers connect with the brand.

3. Use animated illustrations and micro-interactions

It’s hard to believe that Flash was once the primary method for creating stunning animations on the web. These animations were relatively simple to develop, and designers began to overburden their sites with them until it became too much to handle for everyone. Once the animations were gone, a more basic design was implemented.

Flash is no longer widely use on the internet. This can all be changed with the advent of cutting-edge browser technologies like HTML5, WebGL, and even WebAssembly. The use of animations can be tricky area. This is why we advise you contact an expert by searching online for a “website development company near me”. This expert will now help to:

A). Tell your story with animated illustrations:

Design components like illustrations are well-known for their ability to capture the attention of your consumers. An even more significant impact may be achieve by adding a little movement and liveliness; on top of that, Motion entices the senses. Moving is a part of our everyday lives, even when we aren’t surrounded by pixels. Motion graphics can make your goods and services come to life on your website and in your drawings, allowing you to tell compelling tales about them. Here, moderation is key to avoiding a scenario similar to that of the Flash. Consider the impact on your website’s performance and user experience when deciding how to implement motion graphics on your site.

B). Create seamless experiences with micro-interactions that blend in:

Micro-interactions let visitors navigate your website more naturally and give common UI interactions a more rounded feeling. They are seen when you click a button. Move your cursor over an image, or scroll across a page. We are often unaware of these tiny connections. We would notice a void if these micro-interactions were gone. Subtlety has a lot to do with it. Incorporating micro-interactions into your website’s design, user interface, and other animations may dramatically enhance the user experience.

4. Bring real-life experiences to the display

Another excellent technique to give your website a more realistic feel is via 3D graphics. Furthermore, 3D graphic representations may enable your customers to interact with your goods and services uniquely and memorably.

Lockdowns and curfews forced us to radically alter our purchasing habits during COVID-19. Customers may reclaim some of the familiar and missing buying sentiments by experiencing your items in a similar way to how they would in the real world. There’s still a lot of potential for experimentation and progress in 3D design, so you can always come up with something eye-catching and distinctive.

Creating 3D models of your goods or services requires a certain amount of expertise and effort. However, as we’ll see in our examples, there are alternative methods to integrate 3D into your website.

5. Expand your user base with inclusive web design

Web design and user experience trends in 2022 aren’t enough to justify the inclusion of inclusive design. It should be consider at all times. As the idea of inclusion gains more and more traction in the real world, we need to address it on our websites. When developing our websites, we should not overlook particular demographics or categories of users. This is not only a good thing to do, but it also increases your company’s chances of succeeding and achieving its goals. In order to make your website accessible and inclusive, we suggest that you learn about best practices and include them in your design and development process.

Ensuring an inclusive and accessible user experience is a win-win situation for everyone involve. Consider voice search as an example. People of all capacities may benefit from voice-assisted devices, which aren’t only for the disabled. You may get a competitive edge in the market by investigating and experimenting with new approaches that make your website more accessible.


This year’s predictions for web design and user experience (UX) are out. How did you like them? Are you already using any of these components, or do you have any plans to do so? If you’re anything like us, you’re pumped up about what these web design trends mean for the future of the web and the exciting advances that lie ahead. Remember that you can as well hire a web development specialist by searching on Google for “web development agency near me” to help you implement all these.

You need to know what your visitors expect from your site. To keep your website fresh and eye-catching in 2022, consider the following five crucial web design and user experience trends.

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