6 Artistic Blue Flowers Perfect for your Garden

Monday blues are one thing which we all have suffered from at least once in a life. What if these Monday blues are actually replaced by the actual blues. Here, the blues we are talking about are the blue flowers around us. There are many blue-colored flowers around us, and I know many of you must have fallen in love with them. It is because the blue color is overwhelming and is regarded as the most popular color by both women and men. Some of you must have wanted to place an order for it, and some would have chosen to send flowers online to their loved ones. 

But has anyone thought of growing the same flowers in their garden? Yes, you can actually think of it since the blue color is very soothing and calming. It is a depiction of honesty, loyalty, and happiness. You can surely think of juxtaposing the blue flowers with radiant colored flowers to make your garden look more mesmerizing. Henceforth, in this article, we will help you get acquainted with some very beautiful blue flowers which will be perfect for your garden area.


Hydrangeas are a group of more than 75 species and 600 cultivars, which are native to a wide variety of countries and regions. The countries included are China, Japan, Indonesia, America, and the Himalayas. Hortensia is another common name used for hydrangea. What makes it so famous is the beautiful flowers this plant produces. It is put on a show for the entire fall season. These large flowers come in a range of shapes, shades, and dimensions. So, if you are planning to get a blue hydrangea for your garden, then make sure to increase the acid content in the soil. The more the acidity, the more the bluishness of the flower. 


It is the most elegant flower for gifting. You can surely choose to make online flower delivery in Pune that of the periwinkle. Periwinkle is also known as Vinca minor, is frequently seen crawling down alongside the steep hillsides and rivers, offering a green and rising effect in areas otherwise bare. It is most commonly used for covering the ground grass. The periwinkle plant derives its name from the elegant blooms that surround the foliage from April to May, which appear in a periwinkle blue hue. 


It is also known as Campanula and is very true to its name. This flower is bell-shaped and comes in different colors, which are violet, pink, and white. Campanula is cheery and annual flowers with their cheerful nodding heads. The plant is indigenous to many places where cool evenings and moderate temperatures predominate. These are the ideal conditions for bellflowers to grow.

Georgia Blue

In the colder months, these flowers develop a low creeping mat of deep green leaves that are evergreen. These delicate sapphire-blue flowers are spread all over this leafy mat in spring and late summers. It is perfect for underplanting all kinds of spring-flowering bulbs, especially Narcissus. Georgia Blue has sky blue petals that attract butterflies. It is very low maintenance and works as a cover to the spring bulbs.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Sometimes called the Queen of Himalayan Flowers, the blue poppy is found abundantly near Hemkund Sahib from mid-July to August. This beautiful blue flower is a treasure in the garden. Himalayan poppies are much in demand and can require high maintenance.

Blue Mystique Orchid

The blue-colored orchids are perfect for your garden, and they will surely make your garden look very pretty. To prolong this orchid’s lifetime, replanting the flora in a loose mixture of bark and charcoal is necessary. In natural soil, orchids tend not to flourish, and therefore, you need to grow them in clay pots. You can send orchids online through flower delivery in Kolkata also by placing an order online for your special one.

These are some blue flowers to fight with your Monday blues so that you can hit on the Mondays. You can plant these blue flowers in your garden to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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