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6 Benefits of Drawing & Coloring for Children’s Growth

One of the fun activities for children is drawing and coloring. But you know, Mother, this activity turns out to have many benefits for children’s growth and development .

Psychologists Thalia R. Goldstein, Ph.D., and Dr. Jeremy Sawyer explain, children from age 1 and throughout childhood spend hours coloring, doodling, and drawing all kinds of pictures. realistic and fantastic.

“Pictures of children are often visually striking, and it has long fascinated psychologists to see in them clues about personality, emotion, and mental development,” write Goldstein and Sawyer, quoted in Psychology Today .

The two psychologists also believe that pictures are children’s windows to extraordinary creativity and developing artistic sensibility. Drawing can also increase children’s spatial awareness, Mother. In fact, it can help children regulate emotions during times of stress.

Psychologist Lev Vygotsky also writes, “Drawing is part of a system of symbolic communication that includes speaking, reading, and writing as expressed through development.”

You need to know too, the scribbles and sketches made by your little one serve as a bridge for development between the form of language and writing. Well, here ‘s HaiBunda ‘s summary from Kidscountryinc , 6  benefits of drawing and coloring for children’s growth and development:

1. Develop fine motor skills

Fine motor skills include all the special movements of the hand, wrist, and fingers. Children holding a writing utensil is one of the best ways to improve fine motor skills.

Drawing creates immediate visual feedback, which changes depending on the tool the child uses and how he or she uses it. This feedback helps the child identify the best way to get the desired result.

2. Develop visual analysis

Young children don’t yet understand some concepts that adults might take for granted, such as distance, size comparison, and differences in texture. By drawing, children have the opportunity to learn these concepts in a deliberate way.

When you ask your little one to draw objects, especially those that are interconnected, it can help him do a basic visual analysis of everyday spaces. Invite children to draw big and small, rough and smooth, or far and near.

3. Helps build concentration

Since most children like to draw and color, this activity will provide time to build the concept of concentration and practice. This concept is very important, Mother, especially for a child’s academic success.

4. Improve hand-eye coordination

In addition to improving  fine motor skills , drawing and coloring activities can train children to draw the relationship between what they see and what they do. This eye-hand coordination is important in athletic and recreational situations, as well as in academics such as writing.

5. Increase self-confidence

After drawing and coloring, your little one may say, ‘Look, Mom, what I made. Nice color right?’. By being given the opportunity to make physical representations of her imagination, thoughts, and experiences, she will gain confidence. This can make him more confident in other areas, Mother.

6. Practice creative problem solving

Along with visual analysis and concentration, drawing can help your little one solve problems creatively. Because when drawing, he has to determine the best way to connect body parts, describe emotions, and depict certain textures.

There are so many moms, what are the benefits of drawing and coloring for children’s growth and development? If you want to hone your child’s creativity, join Värityskuvat online drawing and coloring.

These are the benefits of Continuous Coloring for Children, Smart Mothers Must Know!

Coloring activities are commonplace for children such as eating, drinking and others. Coloring activities for children will not be carried out if parents do not introduce them from an early age.Art in any form has great power to influence a child’s emotions, including the art of coloring. Art serves to help develop the intelligence of the child’s brain, especially the right brain.

According to Femi Olivia in her book entitled Joy of Playing Doodles, “Coloring is a form of creative activity, where children are invited to give one or more color strokes to a shape or image pattern, so that an artistic creation is created.”

Well, besides being able to help develop brain intelligence in children, coloring activities also have many benefits.

  • Train children to recognize various colors and their names
  • As a medium of expression
  • Coloring can also be a medium to express his feelings.
  • Train children to choose color combinations and load children to learn color harmony and balance
  • Increase the stimulation of imagination and creativity
  • Train about objects so that children understand the details of the object to be colored first before they color it
  • Train children to make targets. The coloring process requires one target, which is to successfully color the entire available image area. So, children learn to
  • complete the task according to the target.
  • Train children to recognize plane lines
The results of the children’s coloring contest. From coloring children learn to recognize the environment through shapes and colors

In the beginning, the child will not care about the outline of the image, it is natural and let him be comfortable with what he is doing. As the child gets older, they will begin to appreciate and pay attention to the image boundaries so that they can color without going out of line. Familiarizing children to learn to color from an early age will train them to be more sensitive to line boundaries.

  • Train the ability to coordinate between eyes and hands. Like holding a crayon and choosing a color.
  • Increasing concentration, coloring requires concentration so that it can get satisfactory results.
  • To develop motor skills, coloring activities are activities that can help improve the performance of the hand muscles as well as develop the child’s motor skills. This development is very important because it is related to future activities such as typing, lifting or other activities that require the performance of the arm and hand muscles.

Motor definition

According to Fleishman, motor ability is an intermediate process between stimulus and response. Meanwhile, according to Andi Eko P, motor skills are a combined process of stimulus and response.

Coloring is a smart alternative to improve children’s motor nerves. Motor ability itself comes from English, namely Motor Ability. It turns out that there are also many benefits that the child can get when coloring. Starting from training the right brain, training creativity and others. So, would you still think that coloring activities for children are normal?

Come on mothers all over Indonesia, support the child to continue to do useful activities. And what must be remembered is, let the child color freely and determine what color he wants, don’t be too forced so that they are not pressured and disappointed. Sometimes the child may also stop coloring because the parent gives a negative response and does not support the child’s work.

Regardless of the result, you must still appreciate it so that the child is happy and keeps the spirit to color, it’s a pity, isn’t it, if the child doesn’t get so many benefits?

There is nothing wrong if you want to include the child in the race. In addition to the child can try as much as possible and get satisfactory results for him, he can also get appreciation from other people.

How nice it would be if our work was well appreciated by others, right? let alone can get a reward hihi. That’s why don’t hesitate and be ashamed to include the child in the competition, the child will also get experience and can know how it feels to compete to get what he wants, sometimes the child can also get comrades in arms from the competition area.

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