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6 Food Items To Add To A Yoga Diet

It goes without a doubt the food you eat has a vast impact on the overall health and wellness of your mind, body, and soul. Yogis of the past were aware of the healing properties and benefits a good diet contains to help you focus on inner peace and bliss. We are talking about what is known as the Sattvic diet in the yogic lifestyle. This includes light and digestible foods to help you move ahead in yoga practice.

Consuming this type of yoga diet provides you multiple benefits and promotes a healthy and calm mind. Unfortunately, consuming a yogic diet might be a bit hard in this time of processed and packaged food items. Luckily there are some easy ways for you to shift from an artificial and chemical-laden to a natural yoga diet.

First, let us understand what exactly is a Sattvic diet.

Sattvic Diet – In Brief

Sattvic diet comprises primarily plant-based and organic diets like fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts. All these grow in complete harmony with nature and are light, sweet, nourishing, and above all completely fresh. This diet keeps your body healthy which in the long run keeps your mind clear and free of all unnecessary clutter.

A clean diet goes a long way in helping you move ahead with the yoga practice and dive deeper into your actual self. It is not just food to keep your body and mind healthy but a way to enhance the yoga practice experience in the long run.

How Can I Follow A Sattvic Diet?

Swami Sivananda, a prominent yoga guru said, “Evolution is much better than a revolution”. Following a Sattvic diet promotes goodness, peace, strength, well-being, and happiness for your body and mind. It helps unite your mind, body, and soul and helps them focus on the path of spiritual oneness.

With that said, given below are some Sattvic diet ingredients that you can inculcate into your daily diet.

1. Clarified Butter

A major component of the yoga diet, Clarified butter is also known as Ghee. It is a powerful food and rich in fatty acids as well as Vitamin A and E. Clarified butter is highly beneficial if you want to improve your power and stamina in yoga practice. You should replace all other oils with Ghee or use plant-based oils like sunflower, olive oil, and sesame.

2. Basmati Rice

Known as the King of all rice, Basmati Rice balances all the three Doshas namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It has a low Glycemic index which ensures a healthier brain function. The science of Ayurveda states you should avoid pre-cooked rice as it contains less nutrition and sacred Prana energy. You should try organic Basmati rice over other varieties of rice.

3. Seeds & Nuts

Seeds and Nuts come packed with all the healthy fats, minerals, fats, and vitamins. If you are a yogi then consuming a healthy balance of raw nuts and seeds is vital for you. You should consume raw almonds that provide your mind with a major energy boost, has high magnesium as well as calcium content, and nourishes your bones.

Cashews and Pistachio nuts are good protein sources. On the other hand, pumpkin and sunflower seeds clean up the Vata Dosha. A good way to consume nuts and seeds is to soak them overnight as it removes any natural enzyme inhibitors thereby making them easy to digest.

4. Honey

Honey is great Sattvic food you can make a part of your yoga diet. It is amongst the least perishable among all other Sattvic food items. Honey helps your body in detoxification and is easier to digest. However, you should never boil honey nor should you consume it too much.

5. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruits come packed with the sacred Prana energy, antioxidants, and form almost 50% of the yoga diet. Every fruit is sweet, fresh, and falls under the ambit of Sattvic foods. You should minimize consumption of dried, frozen, and packaged fruits in exchange for fresh and in-season fruits.

Moreover, you can get rid of desserts and include fruits as a snack or side dish in your daily meals. Popular yogi Swami Sivananda recommends a combination of fruits and milk to sharpen your concentration skills that are important when you do yogic meditation.

6. Fresh Vegetables

A variety of sweet vegetables fall under the category of Sattvic foods like beets, celery, carrots, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. However, avoid consumption of mushrooms, radishes, garlic, onions, chilies, and turnips. You can add vegetable juice to your daily diet and as a good replacement for cold drinks, and other beverages.


It does not matter whether you are hitting the gym or doing yoga practice, a proper diet has no alternative. You should remember these six items to include in the yoga diet and reap maximum benefits from the yoga practice.

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