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6 Hacks to Manage a Group Project Successfully in E-Classes

Group Project

Are you one of those who are doubtful whether e-classes are the perfect place for completing a group project or not?

That’s quite normal for a first-timer like you. Frankly, there are multiple students like you who think that online classes are not that exciting as it appears. 

Whereas on the contrary, there are learners who find digital learning portals are quite interesting. 

They even believe it’s the future face of global education. 

Trouble kick-starts between these two anti groups of learners when an online group project is assigned. While some find it easy, some consider it more of a challenge. 

For merging these two anti-theories, the following hacks have been shared by global educational experts. They’re useful indeed to ease a group project assigned in a digital learning podium.

Let’s delve through some of those,


Understand the project requirements first 

As a newbie joiner in e-classes, don’t rush to complete your project. Try to analyze these factors at first:


Once you’re done, organize a conference with your teammates and share this analytical work plan. Take their feedback as well, in case you miss anything. 

Collaborating with your peer-group is the best way to make a group project successful.


Frame a potential peer group in a virtual classroom


You need a dedicated team of learners to outshine the other project-work. If there’s a single flaw in collectivizing the ideas, the entire project may suffer. 

Identify the potential mates and add only those in your project group. With a bunch of brainy students on the same team, it’s easy to learn the ropes.

After all, knowledge is power. 

Sketch an execution plan

Form an online group and bring all of your team members in a single platform. It’s essential to draft a blueprint before executing the project. 

As the team lead, share your execution plan. Wait for their response and allow them to share their opinion as well. If you can’t make any head or tails out of something associated with your project, who knows, a solution may pop-up instantly.

Listen to all of your teammates and note them. 

Scroll through all the shared opinions and add some inputs to sketch an effective action plan. 

Conclude the discussion with a final decision. 

Now you see, it’s no rocket science tackling a group project assigned in an online class when you know there’s more than a way to skin a cat!


Designate each member of their responsibilities 

Nobody wants to get wrapped around the axle in a group project. 

That way, you might bypass the real work plan by getting stuck into unnecessary confusion. To avoid that, share the individual responsibilities with your group members. Distribute it like this:





When they’re done with it, check it carefully. Add some innovations if you feel so before finally asking them to go ahead with the execution plan.


Allot a specific timeline to each of your teammates


Observe the time taken by each member of your team. If someone is running late, add him/her in a personal video call and know the problems he/she is facing. 

Try to suggest an easy way to evade the problem. Interact with those members who are facing a similar crisis and get it rectified with smart alternative remedies. 


Stick to the instructional guidelines

As a team head, your duty doesn’t end here. 

Since you’re at the rudder, make sure every individual instructional guideline is followed. 

If needed, increase your communication with the e-tutor and take their feedback after covering each topic mentioned in the instruction. 

If you see any of those points missed out, instantly communicate with the assigned teammate and meet the gap. 

These are a few smart ways to complete a tricky group project successfully in a digital classroom. 

If you’ve been assigned one such project-work, these hacks are the best way to ‘bust the assignment’ with efficiency.

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