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6 Secrets of Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Online Business

The right domain name can increase click-through rates on organic SERPs that boost the effectiveness of advertising you might be running. If you find it hard to come up with an ideal domain name, Austin SEO Company can help you by involving the SEO factor.

Some people flawly believe that the website domain name is the actual name of the website. But it’s more than that. The right domain is going to impact your branding.

People will identify your business by the domain name. That is why you need to ensure that the name you choose is evergreen, easy to promote, and something that represents your goal. Make it sweet and short so people can easily remember it.

Choosing a domain name is like a brand name as it is the name that your business will have online. So you should put more effort and think more about it.

1. Brand focus is a primary goal.

If your company has an eye-catching name, then you can use it as a domain name too. 

For instance, if your brand name is “Swarovski,” you should name your website If the domain name is available, there is no need to consider other options. Most of the well-known companies name their website by adding “.com” to their brand names like,, etc. 

.com domains are easy to remember and the most common types of domain available. So why don’t you follow this approach? It’s a simple and effective one and a great opportunity for a company to grow.

2. Choose wisely your TLD Extensions.

While “.com” is the most broadly used extension, other options are worth considering. For example, if your “.com” is taken you can use “.org”, “.net” or “.co”.

If your company only operates in one particular country, then the webmaster may choose extensions like “.eu” for European Union and “.fr” for France. If your target audience doesn’t speak English, then these extensions will be beneficial.

But local users prefer to search for a website in their native language, and when they see the “.fr” extension, they expect that your site is available in French.

You should think twice about using less popular extensions. Some owners believe that “.guru” and “.tech” will grab the user’s attention, but it only confuses them. 

3. Make sure it is easy to pronounce.

If your website’s name is “”, then people will find it difficult, and they can’t pronounce it correctly. Here your word-of-mouth marketing will not work effectively for your business. 

However, if you name your site, users will find it easy to remember and can easily say it out loud. So verbally, more clients will share the name of your website with their friends and family. 

If your website name is not pronounceable and easy to remember, users will misspell it when searching it on Google, and you might lose potential customers. Don’t lose customers as Austin SEO company will make a useful responsive SEO website with an easy domain name

4. Keep it short

You should keep your domain name short. It should not contain more than three keywords and less than 17 characters. It’s essential because short names are easy to search on Google and easy to remember.

Avoid long names and simplify the word combination as much as possible. The “” will work more effectively than “” 

5. Get a help

You should feel free to ask for help, as coming with a perfect domain name is quite challenging. You can consult an SEO company  for a brainstorming session to come up with a wider range of domains. 

This might uncover the best possible ideas of domains. And it seems good as groups of people brainstorm to reveal the best ideas rather than a single person pressurized alone. 

6. Use a domain name generator.

Try out a domain name generator if you can’t come up with a worthy name. In a few clicks, these advanced tools can give you a huge relevant list of domains. You only need to choose three keywords, and the generator itself will do the rest. 

To simplify the decision-making process, look over the list quickly and find out ten domain name ideas. Don’t waste time considering every option, as the best domain name will grab your attention easily. 

Pro Tip: Every penny is worth saving while you are at the starting of your business. So purchase a domain name from a registrar that offers free domain hosting for a time period. It saves a lot of money. 

Bottom Line

Brand identity all depends on a domain name. It is the essential element. Don’t rush to choose the first available option. Take time and put your efforts into finding the perfect domain for your business growth. You can also take help from the Austin SEO service company as they suggest you the best name that works well in SEO. Let your creativity bloom, and you will find the perfect domain for your business.

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