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6 Tips for Handling Disputes between Landlord and Tenants

Dubai is a happening city with a significant and diverse population. That being the reason, being a landlord or tenant in a city like Dubai comes with a lot of responsibilities. You will have to prepare yourselves for the unexpected turn of events. You cannot rule out the chances of handling disputes between landlords and tenants. There is always such a risk. So, you should brace yourselves and take actions in advance to help you deal with any complications in the future. IIn this article, we will be talking about the 6 tips to follow for Handling Disputes between Landlord and Tenants takes place in Dubai.

6 Tips for Handling Disputes between Landlord and Tenants

Here are 6 important tips to be followed while trying to resolve disputes between a landlord and a tenant. Take a look:

  1. Peaceful meetings:  One can solve most of the problems by organizing a face-to-face meeting with the opposite party. Always avoid going to a serious dispute, try to nip it at the bud and meetings are the best solutions. The landlord and tenant can discuss the matter in detail and talk about each of their problems. However, you shouldn’t lose your cool at such meetings as it can backfire. Make sure the entire process is conducted in a peaceful manner, but if it all things go out of hand you can definitely seek the assistance of mediators or rental dispute lawyers in Dubai.


  1. Seek the assistance of a professional mediator: If you don’t succeed in settling the dispute even after multiple discussions and meetings it is best to seek the help of a professional mediator. There are many firms as well as individuals in Dubai who offer professional mediation services. You can also seek lawyers in Dubai for helping you mediate disputes.


  1. Be aware of the laws: This tip can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles and disputes. We would say this is one of the best tips to avoid any disputes between landlord and tenant in the first place. Most of the disputes and other problems occur to the lack of knowledge about basic housing laws. It is a known fact that is often ignored. Most often both parties are not aware or have minimal knowledge about their rights and restrictions under the laws. You need to be well-informed about the housing laws if you want things to move smoothly. Get in touch with the real estate lawyers in Dubai and learn more about the housing laws of the city.


  1. Involve a lawyer: Having a lawyer by your side during such disputes will be of great help. You can prevent the matter from escalating to undesirable levels and avoid taking the matter into court. You don’t have to worry about finding lawyers in Dubai. It is not very hard to find lawyers in this city, especially rental dispute and real estate lawyers. These lawyers will provide proper guidance on approaching the problem and taking it further without bringing it before the court. However, if the dispute takes an ugly turn, your can also seek the help of any good criminal lawyer in Dubai as well.


  1. Documentation: This might come as a surprise, but a paper trail can be your best defense. If you see that your tenant has been constantly breaking the rules or clauses mentioned in the lease agreement, or if they are making any unreasonable claims about the property, you can easily prove your part with the help of proper documentation. Let us tell you how. Maintain a file for your tenant, make them sign an agreement with all your clauses, and record all the activities concerning the property, so that you can show it as proof during legal proceedings.


  1. Small Claims court: Most often, the rental disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the small claims court. We would also suggest you go for this option as it is much cheaper and brings in a quicker solution than the civil or criminal court.

The above mentioned were the most important 6 tips to be kept in mind while trying to solve disputes between Landlord and Tenants. But, whatever you do, make sure you don’t abuse or lose your temper because it could result in many more complications. If meetings and peaceful discussions don’t bring the desired result, it is advisable to seek the service of a rental dispute lawyer or real estate lawyer in Dubai. While searching for lawyers in Dubai, make sure you filter out them based on their work record, transparency, flexibility, and other important factors. Do proper research. Do not choose a random lawyer because luck might not always be favorable. Anyhow, make sure you don’t abuse the other party or lose your temper during the process of resolution because it could lead to even more complications. So, handle the disputes without losing your cool and do follow our tips to resolve them quickly.

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