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6 Types Of Rice You Should Know & Reasons to Eat Daily

Rice is the key pantry staple that has many varieties, and they are available everywhere. But, the majority of us do not aware of the types of rice. In this blog. Here you are going to read 8 different types of rice.

Rice is the most commonly consumed food across the world. Rice is easy to cook, versatile, substantial, and delicious as well. They are considered as the perfect staple in every kitchen. Whether they are consumed as the main disk, served as a side dish, or transform into a dessert, rice is the perfect satiety of all. So, without more ado, let’s dive into this blog.

Different Rice Categories

The rice importers say that many of us do not know that there are almost 7000 varieties of rice are present in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Before making any recipe or adding the same type of rice, you have to think twice. A single type of rice is not suitable for all the recipes you are making. Each type of rice has a different taste and texture with unique properties. When you substitute one rice with another, it really affects the result of your recipe.

So, in this guide, you are going to read different rice categories and types. Roll down your screens to learn more!

1.      Long-grain rice

The size of long-grain rice is almost 4 to 5 times long as it is wide. This rice category is ideal for the side dishes such as pilafs and salads. Long-grained rice doesn’t fluff and clumps up excessively when they cook, and they maintain a firm and dry texture. Common types of these rice include jasmine & basmati.

2.      Medium-grain rice

The medium-grained rice is generally about two to three times long as it the wide. They are slightly squatter and rounder in shape than the long-grained rice. When you cook this rice, they become fluffier and sticker as well. Usually, Arborio and Valencia are examples of medium-grained rice.

3.      Short-grain rice

The short-grained rice is shorter than long-grained and medium-grained. Sometimes it is confusing that the short-grain and medium-grained are the same in length and wide. This rice category is perfect for making sushi and puddings.

Types Of Rice

Here is the list of 8 different types of rice;

1.      Arboria rice

Arborio rice is medium-grained rice and is rich in amylopectin starch. Due to the presence of high starch content, this type of rice is slightly chewy and sticky and while cooking, this rice develops a creamy texture. They are ideal for cooking pudding, risotto, etc.

2.      Basmati rice

Basmati rice is dry and long when cooked. This category of rice contains a nutty aroma, and the demand for this fragrant rice is so high. Usually, the use of basmati rice is so common in Asian cuisines or used in a number of flavorful recipes. Now, the demand for this rice is also grown in the United States, they grow their own basmati hybrids. They are best for dishes like biryani and pilaf.

3.      Black rice

Black rice is also known as purple rice. They named black rice due to its raw appearance. This rice turned dark purple in color when they cooked. Black rice is the best source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and iron. It has a nuttier flavor and is soft in texture. They are ideal for making dishes like pudding, porridge, and baked goods.

4.      Bomba rice

The bomba rice is known as Valencia rice. They are medium-grained rice and cultivated in Spain. While cooking Bomba rice requires more water because they are highly absorbent. This rice tends to be non-sticky in texture due to the presence of high amylose content. They are pearly white in color with uniform consistency.

5.      Glutinous rice

This type of rice is sweet in nature and extremely popular in several Eastern and Southeastern cuisines. They are also known as sticky rice and sweet rice. The Glutinous rice is high sticky when cooked due to the low presence of amylose. They are primarily used in snacks, sweets, breakfast.

6.      Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is long-grained rice that is mild and sweet in flavor. This rice category is usually grown in Southeast Asia. Jasmine rice is the main staple in Cambodian cuisine and Thai cuisine. They are slightly sticky in texture when cooked. Jasmine rice is long-grained rice with a floral aroma and is ideal for curry and stir-fry dishes.

5 Reasons Why You Have To Eat Rice Daily 

Rice is the most consumed and eaten staple around the world. Rice offers more nutritional value than wheat. The common myth about rice is; people consider eating rice leads to belly fat or also builds unhealthy fat in an individual’s body. However, if you want to shed some weight, many people recommend do not include this staple in your diet plan. But, in reality, it is far atypical from what it seems like or what people think about this carb. Excluding this carb from your diet plan means you are missing lots of essential minerals and proteins that are required to maintain good health.

Adding rice to your diet not only helps in managing the weight of the body, although it also helps in improving the brain to the nervous system to the heart. The level of antioxidants in rice is powerful, which help to improve skin condition, mental depression and also help to elevate cholesterol level.

Rice Good For Your Health

To resolve all the myths related to this incredible grain, you should read this article thoroughly. The rice importers say that rice is compact with carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, and several essential vitamins that provide various health benefits to individuals.

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Let’s dive into this blog!

1.      Rich in fiber

Fibers are crucial to improving bowel movements. It is suggested that including more fiber in your diet is one of the crucial elements for a weight loss journey. If you replace rice with wheat, the intake of vitamin B and amino acids is reduced. The bran and husk present in the outer layer of brown rice is a much better staple when planning your diet plan.

2.      No trans-fat & cholesterol

Another myth about rice is; it increases the cholesterol level in every individual and has a high amount of trans-fats are present. Whereas rice does not contain cholesterol or any raising trans-fats, which means they are a perfect carb in managing the cholesterol levels when you consumed it in the right quantities.

3.      Gluten-free

Both the whole grain brown rice and white rice are naturally gluten-free, which means people are on diabetic diet rice is the perfect staple for them. Rice helps to reduce inflammation of the body, and it is the best feature of every diet.

4.      Digestible grain

When you talk about the most digestible grain, then rice place at the top of the list. However, many of the grains and cereals are difficult to digest because their outer covering is rich with phytic acid that makes them difficult to digest. Whereas the polished rice is free from the outer coating, so it is easy to digest.   

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