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Islamic Dressing Requirements and Explanations

The dressing manner of Muslim women is getting huge attention nowadays. Some people believe that this dress code is controlling and demeaning. In this effort, some European countries have outlawed specific clothes especially the hijab, which covers the face. Coupon.ksa knows that hijab is among the most attractive accessories women love to wear worldwide. It has certain 6th street promo code for women looking to shop the best clothes, apparels and accessories. Coupon.ksa is also removing the fashion barriers while dealing with misconceptions in the world about Muslim fashion and dress styles.

Basic Concept of Muslim Dressing:

As a matter of fact, understanding the thoughts and ideas behind any fashion or style is important. This is what fashion houses and designers explain when they launch something new. The Islamic dress codes are available for men as well as women. So the first concept that only the women are restricted is not true.  The basic ideology behind the Islamic dressing is very simple as follow.

Ask the Muslims in your country or society. They will never say negatives about the dress codes. In fact, they feel safe and proud of the modest dress styles. Here are some requirements when buying Muslim dresses or fashion with 6th street promo code.

Necessary Body Part Coverage:

This is the first principle and it is equally applicable to women as well as men. Islam allows women to show their face and hands. However, mature women are free to go a little more modest. Does it seem controlling?  The women must cover their body parts such as breasts, back and legs.

On the other hand, men are also not allowed to show their body parts. They have to keep the navel and knee covered with a cloth. However, men showing their bare chest are instructed to be careful if it strikes the viewers.

Looseness is Second Requirement:

The shape of the body is revealing and attractive. However, it could be a reason of unnecessary attention. Women must focus on loose clothing that prevents unnecessary revealing. Body-hugging clothes or skin-tight apparels are not allowed to women and men. However, women can wear all these things with a light cloak over the body. The basic purpose is to stop unnecessary body show by any mean.

The thickness of Dress:

A dress should be thick enough to prevent skin show. People who choose dresses like a net and fine silk remain naked because these materials are unable to cover the skin. There is no concept of see-through dressing. As a matter of fact, it is not modest but something vulgar. Try 6th street promo code to order appropriate clothes for your culture and society.

Overall Appearance:

A dress style should improve the overall appearance of a person. Flashy and shiny clothes may lead to body exposure. Therefore, it is suggested to choose modest and dignified styles. Remember the above-mentioned requirements whenever you shop the clothes for home or public.

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