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7 Best EHR systems for ophthalmology practices in 2021

Doctors, including ophthalmologists, require efficient medical software that will automate mundane tasks and strengthen relationships with their patients. If you are clueless regarding which Best EHR software to consider, then you’re in luck. In this review, we discuss the Best EHR systems for ophthalmology.

What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software?

Call it EMR or EHR, both of them are essentially the same. They provide a digital replacement where all medical records are stored. Additionally, they host advanced tools that improve clinical efficiency and financial performance. EMR software’s for ophthalmology includes speciality-specific content and templates that will enhance the lives of ophthalmologists at work.

The 7 Best EHR Systems for Ophthalmologists

NextGen Healthcare

  • Text and email reminders can be sent to patients before appointments. This reduces the chances of patients getting late or skipping consultations altogether.
  • The e-prescribing tool is used to share prescriptions with pharmacies instantly. Doctors get access to past allergic reactions of patients to pills so that they are watchful when prescribing medicines.
  • Doctors can provide virtual consultations to patients wherever they may be located. These remote visits imitate physical appointments with the added facility of not having to visit a clinic/hospital.

Athenahealth EMR

  • Athenahealth provides an interoperability tool that creates a two-way exchange of medical data between a practice and research centers, specialists, and laboratories. This leads to better and more informed decisions.
  • The athenaOne mobile app enables practitioners to provide care on the go. They can document notes, view lab test results, and message patients, among other features.
  • Practice-wide financial data is displayed in a central location so that management can identify inefficiencies and improve cashflows.


  • Ophthalmologists are in luck as they benefit from customizable features. From SOAP templates to content, multiple tools can be altered per a practice’s requirements and preferences.
  • The medical speech-to-text tool converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. Users do not have to worry about misspelling words as whatever is said is added to a personal dictionary.
  • An interactive patient portal is offered that enables them to communicate with doctors, access their medical records, request prescription refills, view lab test results, and schedule appointments.

Compulink Healthcare Solutions

  • Compulink Healthcare features a powerful and intuitive artificial intelligence engine. The latter understands how a practice operates and then automatically adapts to its findings.
  • Freedom of choice is given to practitioners. They can either opt for the cloud-based platform or have the software installed on their local server.
  • Doctors benefit from an advanced e-commerce store. They can have their products displayed for sale purposes. The EMR software manages all there is about your online store, so you have complete peace of mind.

Epic EMR

  • MyChart by Epic EMR enables patients to schedule appointments online at a time and day convenient for them. They can also fill in check-in forms before appointments to save time.
  • The billing process is highly convenient as patients benefit from paperless billing, online payments, self-service payment, pre-payments based on estimated figures, and financial assistance.
  • Automated eligibility checks confirm whether a patient’s insurance plan is active or not. It also verifies whether the plan is sufficient enough to cover a particular treatment.


  • RXNT is based on the cloud. This means that it can be accessed from any location and at any time. The only requirement is an active internet connection. Similarly, it can be operated on any device that connects to the internet. Hence, saving you from the high cost of hardware.
  • The telehealth tool is HIPAA compliant. The latter ensures that no sensitive data is lost to hackers in security breaches.
  • RXNT’s e-prescribing tool is EPCS-certified by the DEA. This means that practitioners can access a patient’s complete medication history to identify past treatments as well as allergies to certain pills.

ChartLogic EHR

  • Doctors can chart notes in less than 90 seconds. The latter is made possible through the speech recognition tool. All words spoken are converted into text. This feature can also be used to access information through vocal commands.
  • Speciality-specific templates are provided to ophthalmologists. They can also build their own templates from scratch as per their preferences and requirements. Their support staff is highly efficient.
  • The efficient scheduler tool displays all scheduled appointments in a fuss-free way. It also makes it easy for practitioners to reschedule appointments when the need realizes.
  • ChartLogic is suitable for practices of all sizes and priced reasonably in the lower end of the EMR pricing spectrum. Apart from many other features that improve the efficiency of practice, the vendor provides revenue cycle management services.

Which Best EHR Software Should I Opt For?

This review analyzed the Best EHR systems for ophthalmologists present in the industry. We are optimistic you now have an idea about which EMR software to consider. Make the final decision by comparing a system’s offerings with your requirements

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