7 good reasons to purchase a Forcar blast chiller: ensuring quality and food safety in the kitchen


Blast chillers, especially the Forcar blast chiller, are now more than ever an essential component in professional kitchens, where it’s imperative to ensure both food safety and culinary excellence. The innovation brought by these devices to the restaurant and pastry sectors is undeniable, offering an effective solution to maintaining the quality and freshness of foods that traditional cooling methods cannot achieve. In this article, we list 7 advantages that a Forcar blast chiller offers to its users. Discover them all.

7 advantages of the Forcar blast chiller

A Forcar blast chiller provides professionals with all the advantages common to Forcar Refrigeration Multiservice professional equipment – high quality of raw materials and finished products, innovation, cutting-edge technology, excellent value for money. To these benefits, other specific advantages of this professional tool are added:

1. Effective and safe cooling: The Forcar blast chiller excels at reducing food temperature in very short times, going from 70°C to 3°C in just 90 minutes and reaching -18°C in 240 minutes for negative chilling. This process immediately halts bacterial activity, crucial for food safety.

2. Sustainability and cost reduction: Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of the Forcar blast chiller, translating into significant long-term energy cost savings, making this device an economical as well as an ecological choice.

3. Variety of models and customization: The availability of different Forcar blast chiller models, with varying sizes and capacities – from the 5-tray chiller to the 10-tray and 15-tray chillers, for example – allows for a customized choice based on the specific needs of the kitchen.

4. Design and hygiene: The Forcar blast chiller is designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance: stainless steel AISI 304 and rounded internal corners minimize cleaning efforts while maintaining high hygienic standards.

5. Long-term reliability: The robust construction and the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel AISI 304 ensure that the Forcar blast chiller is a lasting investment, reducing the need for maintenance.

6. Precise control: Thanks to electronic control, it is possible to manage the operation cycles accurately and flexibly, optimizing chilling processes based on different needs.

7. Operational versatility: Equipped for four different operating modes, the Forcar blast chiller perfectly adapts to various cooling and freezing procedures, demonstrating its versatility in the kitchen.

The strategic choice of buying a Forcar blast chiller

Opting to purchase a Forcar blast chiller means making a strategic choice that can positively influence kitchen management, food preservation, quality of preparations, and customer satisfaction. The advanced technology, energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use place the Forcar blast chiller above many other brands, offering a superior solution for professionals in the sector.

Therefore, purchasing a Forcar blast chiller is not only an improvement in the quality of the preparations offered but also a smart investment that ensures economic return thanks to waste reduction and operational efficiency improvement. The ability to keep foods fresh for an extended period without losing their original organoleptic qualities is an added value that no restaurateur can ignore.

Investing in a Forcar blast chiller is thus a decisive step towards excellence in catering. This technology not only raises safety and quality standards but also opens up new creative possibilities in dish preparation, allowing professionals to explore new techniques and recipes without compromise.

The Forcar blast chiller stands out as an essential choice for anyone wishing to stand out in the gastronomic sector, promising to take your business to the next level. If your aspiration is to offer unforgettable culinary experiences while maintaining efficiency and sustainability, the Forcar blast chiller is undoubtedly the right investment for you.

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