7 Mistakes that Lead to Kidney Stones

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Nowadays, Kidney Stones is becoming a common health issue due to changing lifestyle and irregular diet intakes. Even if someone doesn’t have any history of kidney stones,(Best doctor for kidney stone in North Delhi) they could be susceptible to the problem if they are experiencing signs like low backache with a fever and chills and abdominal pain with trouble urinating. 

The functioning of the kidney needs to be working properly to eliminate the risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Considering the consumption of food items and drinking overall, assess the potential of risk. Here is the list of 7 Mistakes you may be doing that lead to the probability of having Kidney Stones.


  1. Not Staying Enough Hydrated


 Dehydration is the first detectable cause behind the development of Kidney Stones which is easily preventable. It’s not necessary to go down with full eight glasses of water, having 4 to 6 glasses of water maintains the working of the kidney. However, it depends on an individual body, but not having water when you feel thirsty could be challenging for the organ. The human body needs water to flush out the toxins, maintain sodium level, blood pressure level, and a lot more other functions that are unable for a dehydrated body to perform. It is recommended to have at least 2 to 3 liters of water, especially if you’re exercising a lot or spending time outside on a hot day to keep a kidney healthy.

  1. Addiction to Soda 

Not everyone is aware that a regular soda contains a high-level of sugar, which can be dangerous if consumed daily. All that increased blood sugar disturbs the balance of minerals by interfering with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. As a result, the amount of unabsorbed calcium accumulates in the urine and starts forming stones. Also, the presence of phosphoric acid in soft drinks makes a favorable environment for stones to develop in the kidney. 

  1. Assuming Supplements are Safe

Today, all supplements sold in the market are marked with “natural” substances or ingredients, but you have to check before taking it. Not all supplements are right for you! If someone is prone to Kidney Stones, consuming spinach extract will be disastrous for health, as it is considered high oxalate food, which is harmful.  

Some of the herbal products and supplements are based on an ingredient, known as aristolochic acid, that causes scarring in the kidney. Even if you are going for the multi-vitamins supplement, consult your doctor first before starting it. 

  1. Quenching Thirst with Tea and Caffeine

Hydration is essential in any condition, whether its summer or winter, but making iced tea, sports drinks, or other caffeinated drinks substitute for water is inviting chances to form kidney stones in the body. Consumption of larger volumes of iced tea or black tea is harmful as it contains stone-forming oxalates. You don’t need to avoid tea altogether; a moderate level of intake is no harm. 

One can opt for plain water, lemonades, or green tea as a refreshment, as it contains a natural inhibitor of kidney stones- Citrus. Lemon intake is recommended by doctors who are at risk of getting kidney stones in the near future. 

  1. High Consumption of Packaged Food in Daily Routine

Packaged and processed food has an unimaginable sodium level, which doesn’t contribute to high-cholesterol or heart problems but leads to kidney problems. According to a study, from processed and fast food, we can consume 75 % more sodium in a day than an average house food. While looking at carbohydrates and fats, considering sodium is equally essential. Increased level of sodium collects calcium with it while your body is flushing out the toxins. Having too much calcium maximizes the risk of kidney stones. 

  1. Less Intake of Calcium 

Cutting Calcium from the diet increases more likely to increase the risk of having kidney stones. In the human body’s digestive tract, calcium binds with oxalate and is flushed from the body preventing the oxalates from finding their way to enter the urinary tract where the stones could be formed. Having calcium from the rich source of food helps prevent, whereas calcium supplements perform the equally opposite role. 

  1. High Sodium Intake

Daily munching of junk food, restaurants prepared dishes, and ready-to-eat meals are cooked with an inordinate amount of salt that adds taste but leads to an easy way of forming kidney stones due to high sodium levels. Even those who have developed the habit of taking excess salt in daily cooked food are at risk. Moderate level of sodium is indeed a requirement of the body but increasing its level is directly linked with higher amounts of calcium the kidney excretes. The presence of calcium in the urine is like a threat of the development of stones in the kidney.

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