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7 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling styles, especially on the cabinet front, have witnessed a sea of changes.

Ever since the neo-designing attributes made their way to the culinary corner, things have taken a solemn turn. More so with come-of-age modern kitchen cabinets that cast a wide influence, and can render a timeless look for the area.

In this post, we take a look at seven awesome cabinet styles that can fit your kitchen remodeling dreams perfectly.

Modern Cabinet Styles for Kitchen Remodel

The Two-Toned Look

Two-Toned modern kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to create a contrast using two shades of colors. You will be amazed to witness the endless color combinations available for this particular cabinet style. From classic blacks and grey to beige and red, two-toned cabinets are fast becoming a choice for many homeowners craving the very best of minimalism for their abode.

Shaker Style Cabinets

The fine essence of clear lines with bespoke aesthetics that evoke beauty – that’s classic shaker style cabinets for you.

When we talk of modern kitchen cabinets, the shaker style offering fits every single kitchen no matter the shape or size. From outright vintage to the quintessential modern kitchen, shaker style kitchen cabinets had their strong going for over several decades.

More popularly referred to as the “five pieces” modern kitchen cabinets, it uses a flat panel supported by a frame with stiles and rails in place.

Shaker style modern kitchen cabinets are a perfect instance of how simple structures for your kitchen can do magic to the interiors. Particularly, the frame that comes in a variety of sizes rendering its vitality for all kitchen spaces.

Nevertheless, there is one downside to this, as shaker style cabinets using frames can collect a good amount of dust and grime. Well, fret not. If you can invest a little for upkeep, or don’t mind dusting yourself, this particular cabinet style can be one of the best in the lot.

The Harwood Way

From oaks and walnuts, hardwood cabinets are fast becoming a trendsetter for a good number of kitchens.

The reasons aren’t too obscure to scan. Firstly, they are far from being too dull or emotional. As they use natural wood, like walnut, for instance, they easily work towards imparting a tone that’s rich and invigorating.

Besides, hardwood cabinets are also resilient wood, which means they last longer compared to other offering types with similar price tags. Especially, with oak which is known for its great depths of shade and remarkable texture.

Hardwood modern kitchen cabinets can be paired excellently with moderate to light-colored backsplashes and contrasting countertops (preferably in dark shades).

Love For Glass

Envision a picturesque kitchen that resembles a page taken out of Modern Homes magazines? Well, look at nothing else but glass door cabinets for your culinary space.

It goes without saying how the inclusion of glass can bring about a significant transformation to just about any space. For kitchens, it conjures vivid imagery to create a distinct look from cabinets that have solid doors.

One can also use glass front kitchen cabinets to put a spectacular display of their crockery collection and other decorative pieces.

Also, if your kitchen is relatively moderate in size, glass-front cabinets can reflect natural light and give the illusion of being in a large space.

The Marvellous Marbles

Marbles have been a significant element of home decor for years. However, it is only in recent years that it made a strong foray into modern kitchen cabinets styling.

Marble juxtaposed with contemporary cabinet material can bring forth a touch of luxury. Being extremely versatile in nature, form, and color, they can also be used extensively for other areas of your kitchen; from backsplashes to countertops.

Go Beadboards!

Homeowners who prefer a toned-down look for their kitchen, like a farmhouse can opt for beadboard cabinets.

The particular type of modern-day kitchen cabinets are heavily inspired by original bead boards used across walls, and can seamlessly offer a traditional look and feel. Also, these kitchen cabinets, compared to other types, are priced aggressively.

You can either use traditional or strainer paint to color your beadboard cabinets. Apart from classic color choices like white or grey, you can also go for bold hues like red, navy blue, or emerald green to keep away the dust and grime settling on it too early and being more visible.

Slab Doors

If you fancy modern kitchen cabinets with sleek aesthetics, slab doors should be your go-to choice.

Otherwise known as flat-panel cabinets, this particular style of kitchen cabinets uses a single block of smooth wood or MDF, available in a range of veneers like gray, white, or colored lacquer, as well as wood tones.

Slab doors are outright classy to do away with adornments. Hence, they can function as a clean backdrop and may appear a tad bit sophisticated at places.

While many people crave wood cabinets, they can be quite expensive. In comparison, slab door modern kitchen cabinets present an enticing range of laminates at half the price of wood. What’s more, unlike wooden panels, the upkeep is fairly easy as it doesn’t have any detailing or crevices that usually accumulate dust and grime and can be difficult to clean.

Wrap Up

Modern kitchen cabinets come with a truckload of options to choose from.

However, your purchase decisions should invariably boil down to basics, like budget, choice of material, upkeep investment, and overall duration of use.

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