7 Offbeat Video Production Ideas For Your Business


Looking for off-centre and creative video production ideas to be ahead of the game? Being a time when most businesses are diversifying their marketing strategies, and looking for innovative video production ideas to help their business succeed, it becomes more important than ever that you should stand out from the crowd. 

The nonpareil marketing strategies at present include different types of videos. It’s no longer enough to merely have internal video production ideas- rework your marketing strategy with various video production ideas. Here’s a rundown to video production ideas for 2020, with which you can stay ahead of the game:

Online Shopping Videos 

If your brand has a product, then certainly video must be your best friend. Videos influence the buying decision of people significantly. Around 80% of buyers assert that watching product videos makes them confident about buying a product. 

No matter if its to explain the latest product, highlight its uses or describe its features, product videos are transforming the online shopping game. So make it a better shopping experience for them with product videos, since more and more consumers are shopping products online. 

Training Made Easy 

Videos have more than just entertainment or conveying information as to its use. Nowadays, it’s a more common thing to use long-tail videos for educational and training purposes. For instance, on-boarding employees through an easy to comprehend and engaging staff training video make the on-boarding process quicker and effective. Most organizations save around 70% of costs that they would otherwise spend on instructor-based learning through adopting business videos. 

Whether you wish to update, instruct or train employees, or carry out the presentation for external and internal communication, business videos can cut through the hustle of your workplace and get your messages heard and remembered. 

Short and to the Point 

On the flip side, there is invariably a place for crisp television commercials as well. The art of television commercial ads isn’t simple, but when done right can be the most effective way of advertisement. So consider creating crisp television that instantly grabs the attention of viewers, and makes all the difference. Enhance brand awareness and brand retention and target a younger audience with such types of videos in 2020’s marketing strategy. 

Searchable Videos 

Successful strategies are those that take into regard whether the videos are searchable or not. Similar to how you optimize your website or videos, your videos also require a foundation whereby search engines can easily find them out. According to a study by an American market research company, when compared to direct text results, videos are 50x most likely to get organic rank in Google. 

Therefore, be it a corporate video, a campaign video or a product video, you should start by deciding on how your video will be optimized. Choose a key phrase that you will emphasize, which is usually searched by your users. Make use of tags, captivating content, transcribe and have accurate descriptions. 

Improve Viewer Interaction

Make the most of videos to interact with your audience, which means using specific tools such as Virtual reality and 360-degree video. These ideas will certainly take your strategy to the next level. 360-degree videos and virtual reality gives your audience an offbeat experience bringing them into your product video. Let them experience the look around a storefront, or take a tour of new housing developments. 

Video Branding 

A most successful video portrays your business, right from the beginning until the end. It’s becoming the standard to make the most of on-screen graphics and consistent layouts. The key is to adopt an omnichannel approach to your marketing strategy along with consistent branding. 

Match your videos, website and logo to represent your business. This is also essential for corporate video production. Any person who visits your website gets the first impression by watching corporate videos on the landing page of your website. But you need to ensure that it’s a great video, by making the most of motion graphics and professional video production. 

Quantity, Quality and Bespoke

When it comes to video production, Quantity matters equally just as quality. A lot of companies, as the day passes by, are uprising the number of video production content in their business plans. Yet to keep your business strong, production quality and correct formatting are vital. Various types of videos have their advantages and disadvantages, but adopting different videos will reach a broad audience. So when you’re brainstorming video production ideas, also weigh on the platform, formatting, length and sound for every target market. 

Now that you know the seven most effective video production ideas, it’s high time to hit the ground running with some of these ideas this year. But keep in mind that the most successful marketing strategy is that which not merely includes videos but is cohesive on every platform. Also, make sure that you choose the best video production idea that’s right for you.


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