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7 Reasons Why You Need an E-commerce Mobile App

For E-commerce businesses anything is possible. Today, people are shopping online even more than before. Mobile apps have become an irreplaceable part of E-commerce businesses to reach more audiences. All owe to modern technology.

Mobile apps have changed the approach of connecting with customers for E-commerce businesses. Billboards, printing materials to promote discounts, and special offers are now switched to mobile apps.

Mobile phone users are growing day by day. There are 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide. This shows that today everyone is attached to a mobile phone round the clock.

As a business owner, you need to think about how can you keep connected with your audience via mobile phones? The answer is – an E-commerce Mobile App. With everything destined for mobile phones, you cannot gain potential customers without an E-commerce Mobile App. Solely a website is not going to help you fulfill your sales targets.

Mobile Apps helps E-commerce businesses to fulfill customer’s demands. Reach a wider audience and keep them updated with your store offers, new product launch, and much more via push notifications. 


  • M-commerce is in fashion

Sales generation via mobile apps has really taken over the E-commerce industry. Peep into your sales insights and check with which devices users shop from. There are high chances of people browsing your site through mobile devices.

A large proportion of people shop from mobile devices. 73% of E-commerce worldwide sales come from mobile devices. When compared with laptops and personal computers, Mobile devices are the handy ones. With a mobile device, customers can buy from anywhere and everywhere. People shop while on a bus, coffee break or just walking around the street.

Mobile devices are ruling the E-commerce world. To continue E-commerce growth and generate leads it is beneficial to work in the path of E-commerce Mobile Apps.


  • Customers favor Mobile Apps

You probably would be generating sales from mobile devices without a mobile application. Your insights show sufficient customer reach of mobile devices and tablets via the website. But you are hardly below the surface.

Whether or not you have a mobile app, a mobile-friendly website is a must. 85% of customers will never come back to a website if they have an unpleasant experience on mobile. Thus, a mobile responsive website is a prerequisite. A mobile responsive website is the first step of creating an outstanding customer experience.

Contrary to this, customers choose mobile apps over websites. Mobile apps deliver a superior customer experience with convenience and speed.

If you are lacking an E-commerce mobile app, you are overlooking a larger part of the market. Build an E-commerce Mobile App to take your business to the top gear.


  • Elevate conversion rates

Mobile commerce helps to drive conversion rates. In the end, the only thing that matters is conversion rates because it results in revenue. Mobile apps provide a seamless shopping experience to the users.

The mobile apps have features for push notifications that help in conversions. The customer can save all the payment and shipping information with a mobile app. So customers prefer mobile apps over websites and thus increase conversions. The customers can save their desired products for later purchases.

A mobile app converts 157% more than a mobile website. Thus, mobile app contributes higher conversion rates for E-commerce businesses.


  • Minimize cart abandonment rates

Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue of E-commerce businesses. There are many reasons for cart abandonments – extra charge for shipping, being pushy for registration, long and complicated checkout process, or website went down.

With mobile apps, you can easily eliminate these problems. Mobile apps offer a streamlined checkout process. Also, the payment and shipping details are saved in the app allowing customers to complete purchases with a single click.

Mobile apps have lower cart abandonments compared to websites. With personalized settings, mobile apps allow customers to complete a purchase without any trouble. Send personalized abandoned cart notifications to customers with discount coupons for completing their purchases.


  • Offer competitive advantage

You are getting sales from the mobile website. But it will not last a lifetime. You need a mobile app to retain customers for a lifetime.

On the other side, be an early mover by creating an E-commerce app before your competitors create one. If a user feels undecided between you and your competitor’s website, your E-commerce app will give a reason to them for choosing you against your competitor.

You might be thinking that your competitors do not have a mobile app so it will work if you don’t have one. But it is the wrong mentality of E-commerce business owners. In the future, everyone will have a mobile app. So why don’t you lead the way?


  • Strengthen marketing communication

Without a mobile app, you spend a lot of money on email marketing and social media campaigns. There is a very lower probability of customers even opening the marketing emails.

To reach customers via Email, first, they need to subscribe for email notifications, then open your message, imbibe the content and then click on the link. The same applies to social media, the user needs to be on the platform, see your posts or advertisements, come to your website and then convert.

Mobile apps provide the possibility to send push notifications directly to customer’s home screens. Instead of bombarding customers with uninterested notifications, business owners can send personalized notifications based on the user’s interest. The customer can open the notification and directly land on the app.


  • Create a personalized shopping experience

Providing personalization experiences to customers is an important factor of the E-commerce business. You might be using personalized tactics to boost E-commerce sales. Like sending emails based on age, gender, and location to enhance user experience. 

But mobile apps take personalization to a higher level. Mobile apps allow to track customer’s browsing journey and purchasing history for personalized recommendations.

You can blend this personalization strategy with push notifications. Send personalized notifications to users based on their choices to improve the shopping experience of the store. Using mobile apps the customers can reorder previously ordered products with a click of a button.


Top Players who have nailed the M-commerce World:


  • Amazon

Amazon is a popular shopping app having 100,000,000+ installs. It makes online shopping easy with numerous filter options, a flexible payment and checkout process, and enhanced tracking of orders. 

  • H&M

One of the leading fashion companies offers attractive app designs for android and ios users. The users can share the products with others, receive sales alerts and search for the nearby physical locations of the brand.

  • Starbucks

Starbucks app was basically developed to earn rewards and make payments. The customers can gain loyalty points into the app while they buy a coffee. The app also offers to download free music and games.

  • eBay

eBay offers buying and selling of products with an auction sale. The users can bid from anywhere. The brand gets recognition for advanced features like autocomplete searches, guest checkout, and barcode scanning of prices.

  • Groupon

Groupon offers a ‘deal of the day’ for eating outside to a restaurant or shopping using promo codes. The customer can avail of discounts with the help of promo codes or share with friends and family.


Don’t wait, because your E-commerce store needs a Mobile App undoubtedly. The major benefits of mobile apps are higher conversion rates, lower cart abandonment rates, customer loyalty, and higher retention rates. There are no business owners who do not prefer to change improve these numbers.

Also, customers favor mobile apps, it’s a reality and can’t be ignored. Mobile apps hold great potential for your business growth. Knowing all this, it’s time to build a Mobile App for your E-commerce store.
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