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7 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring


Some people assume that once the wiring is done, it should last forever. However, this is a wrong notion. A home in need of rewiring will exhibit some dangerous signs, and these signs should not be ignored. When wiring gets old, it can start to fray and get dangerously exposed. This can leave someone to potential danger. And at this stage, you will need a professional to help rewire my house.

Here are some signs that your home needs a rewiring;

  • A strange burning smell in the home:

A burning smell exuded by an electrical appliance, outlet or switch, is one that is hard to miss. If you suddenly start perceiving this burning smell frequently in your home, and you cannot quite place the source of the smell, then you might need an urgent rewiring. Contact an emergency electrician, and turn off your power supply in the meantime.

  • Discoloured sockets and switches

When you start noticing brown colouration on sockets and switches, it may be as a result of little fires due to loose connections. If you begin to notice these marks frequently on a lot of sockets in your home, then it might be time to get professional help. Note that waiting to see arcing marks before taking actions might not be the best option as these marks may have already appeared within the walls of the sockets.

  • Repeated blowing of fuses

If the fuses in your home keep blowing regularly, then you might need to look for help. This could simply be damage in the main board which can be confirmed by an electrician. However, if the frequency of the damage continues, then you might need to consider rewiring the entire home.

  • Flickering lights

Normally, a bulb can flicker due to a fault with the particular bulb, and simple replacements can fix this. However, when the flickering becomes too frequent and is noticed in several rooms, then it could be a sign that rewiring is required.

  • Electric shocks

Electric shocks can happen for different reasons like appliances making contact with water, and skin contact with exposed wires. However, when the shocks become too frequent, then the system needs to be checked instantly. Calling an electrician at this point is the safe thing to do as a professional will certainly have a better diagnosis.

  • Buzzing sounds

If you start to hear buzzing sounds from sockets in the home, then something is wrong. This could mean a number of things, like a bad connection, a loose connection or a corroded or burnt wire. Of course, if you notice it frequently, and on a lot of sockets, then you might need rewiring.

  • Hanging sockets

When you notice several sockets hanging off the wall, and getting the wires beneath them dangerously exposed, then the system might need a thorough check. An exposed wire can be very dangerous, especially in homes where children are present. Immediately get an emergency electrician to check the system for a possible rewiring.

  • An old house

Basically, a house that has been in use for more than 30 years will have some faults in the wiring. In cases where newer, more efficient models of electrical systems have been installed, the capacity of the systems might affect the wiring. Also, older homes will have lesser electrical outlets, which means that the load might be too much on the connection. Consult an electrician, and request for an electrical rewiring to keep your property safe.

Never ignore these signs in your home, and never be reluctant to carry out a rewiring on your building, as this might just be a life-saving step. Whatever you do, do not use an incompetent electrician to handle any of your connections. Our licensed, available electricians at Electric Works London will efficiently fix all electrical faults. Contact us today by calling 020 71834006.

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