7 Tips to Buying your First Leather Jacket

Men and women alike should own a leather jacket as it is a wardrobe staple. Due to the toll it can take on anyone’s pocket, leather jackets are often considered one-time, long-term investments. The purpose is to make it timeless, long-lasting, and versatile for performing a variety of roles.

A leather jacket can be a difficult and confusing purchase since there are so many options available. Our guide to buying the best leather jacket will take you through every step. In the article, I am going to discuss all the factors to consider when buying a leather jacket in order to ensure that you don’t regret your decision after spending a considerable Amount.

Evaluating a Leather Jacket

It is possible to find leather jackets between $200 and $3000, sometimes even more. So, the best way to evaluate each jacket is in relation to its price. Is there a good deal to be had for the price?

1- Leather Type & Quality Of Leather Jacket

It’s the leather used in a jacket that is essential and important. An ordinary person who is not well versed in this area may have a difficult time identifying what is what. A leather jacket is one of those items you should know about before purchasing it.


Choosing an animal skin for your white leather jacket is the most important step. A purely subjective matter, it will be determined by the available budget as well as the functionality.

Cowhides, Sheepskins, lambskins, goatskins, and calf skins are the primary sources of leather. You can also find exotic variations such as Kangaroo, Deer, Pig and Crocodile.

Cowhide is a tough, supple and highly durable material. Cowhide is mostly used to make biker jackets. The lambskin, on the other hand, is extremely supple and soft, but also very expensive and is often used in high-end genuine leather blazers. It is more expensive than lamb, since calfskin has both properties: softness and durability.

Grading or Leather Type

The second part is to decide what kind of leather you want: Top-grain, full-grain, or corrected leather. Full grain leather does not alter the natural markings, scars, patterns, or scarring on the hide. Because only the best quality hides are suitable for its production, it ages well over time.

Split from the bottom layers, top-grain leather is thinner and more flexible than full-grain leather and remains the same throughout its life. The most common leather jacket (which are mainly designed for style) are made of top-grain leather, regardless of their functionality. Corrected grain is cheaper grain that has been processed in order to look like a higher quality grain.

Leather Finishing

One more thing to consider is the leather’s finish; as such, terms such as aniline and semi-aniline will be used frequently. Compared to aniline leather, aniline leather keeps its natural markings and blemishes, and is more expensive, but also vulnerable to water damage and fading.

The semi-aniline leather has been lightly pigmented to remove blemishes and marks, while being more durable and rugged than aniline. Moreover, double-face/shearling leathers are important to mention when talking about leather type and quality.

Shearling Leather, herds of sheep or lamb have recently been shorn, and the skin of the most recent one is tanned and treated while keeping the wool intact. Because shearling is the most expensive material, the Shearling Jacket carries the highest price tag.

2- Joints and Panels Of Leather Jacket

By a rule of thumb, leather jacket that have fewer panels and form fewer joints will cost more than jackets with many panels. There are exceptions though; certain materials, detailing, embroidery, and adornments used on top of the panels and joints can also cause the jacket to cost a lot more than it otherwise would.

As a result, the jacket is more expensive. This is also reflected in the cost of production.  To cut costs, jacket manufacturers use leftovers, excess or unused leather and skin scraps from other products.

In spite of the fact that jackets made with single panels may be more expensive due to good selection, the final product may be as good or better than a jacket with multiple panels.

3- Inner Lining

Linings are an additional layer of fabric that add to the weight of jackets. The jacket will slip smoothly from top to bottom when it is firmly tugged down on your shoulders. It is also soft, warm, absorbs sweat occasionally, and makes wearing the jacket more comfortable.

When purchasing custom-made jackets from high-end places, many people do not realize they can choose the fabric for the inner lining, have it plain or quilted, or do away with the lining entirely. A jacket’s price will also be influenced by the type of fabric and qualities of the inner lining. In terms of inner lining, we believe that the Bemberg is the best. Light, breathable, and silky to the touch.

Due to the requirement for more interior finishing and the added complexities, jackets without inner lining are light and breathable, but more expensive.

4- Stitching & Craftsmanship

It is a good sign when a jacket’s stitching is neat and clean, as this indicates the jacket was made with great care. Strong polyester thread should be used to stitch a quality leather jacket evenly and thickly, without any loose ends.

A very desirable detail among jacket enthusiasts is decorative stitching on pockets and seams. Extra work is required to stitch and detail a jacket, which increases the cost.

5- Hardware and Accessories

A leather jacket can be judged by the hardware and accessories used. This is an easy and effective method for determining the quality of the jacket. Buying a particular jacket, one must ensure that it has quality hardware and accessories.

In addition to patches, motifs, eyelets, buckles, and other additional or decorative elements, accessories can also be called embellishments on a jacket. Hardware refers to zippers, buttons, metal elements, etc, which serve a practical function such as closings of the jackets.

There are two well-known zipper companies, YKK and RiRi. The jacket will be of good quality since it is made of this component. Zipping up or down these zippers is easier and smoother.

6- Leather Jacket Styles

You can choose from a variety of styles when buying a leather jacket. The most popular biker jackets include the Double Rider, Cafe Racer Jacket, Flight Jacket, Shearling Leather Jacket and Bomber. There are also leather jackets, collared shirts, leather vests, and shearling jackets and coats in addition to blazers and trench coats made from leather. In addition to classic and contemporary styles, hybrids also exist. Any two or more leather jackets can be fused to create these.

7- Leather Jacket Fit

It is very important to keep in mind the cut and fit of a leather jacket before buying it. You can either look good in a leather jacket if you consider these two factors, no matter where you bought it from.

The reason a jacket looks good is probably because of the way it is cut. A nice shape is created by this. A jacket’s fit is only apparent once you try it on. Once you have it on, you can decide how it fits you. If possible, you should arrange the jacket’s shoulder seams so they correspond to your own shoulder points. The wrong settings will simply not work.

In addition, make sure the armholes are as comfortable as possible, just like the shoulders. Fit is better with a higher armhole. A jacket with a lower armhole will constantly move. This is not an attractive sight. It is recommended to have your jacket’s sleeves fall either at your wrist, just before your palm, or just below your thumb. You should not have too tight or too loose sleeves. It should be comfortable for you to raise both arms.

You should wear your jacket until it reaches the waistband of your pants. Just make sure you don’t wear your pants halfway up your butte.


In deciding what leather jacket to buy, you can take into account the factors discussed above. In addition to the jacket’s quality, the price will now be determined by what level of leather it is made of and how durable it is. The points mentioned above are based on. A jacket’s price will drop if one of its components is not according to the points stated above. Your chosen leather jacket will be compromised in terms of longevity and quality.

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