7 Unknown and Undisclosed Truth Of Temples In India

India is a holy land. India has so much to explore and teach you. After 2014 India becomes more recognized and reputable in the world. As our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra modi do so many things for this nation. After 2014 India is more renowned by our prime minister. Let’s talk about Indian art and architecture of India.

Spiritualism And Religious Faith

Prime minister Mr. Narendra modi also work for spiritualism and religious faith. His work for Ram Mandir and also in Kashi. Modi ji went to Kashi and Here he worshiped at the Kashi Vishwanath temple and after. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Varanasi for the first time, worshiped and later addressed the workers. This dedication of work makes him an honorable prime minister.

Indian Sculpture Art And Architecture Of India

Now, let’s talk about the 5 unknown and undisclosed truth of temples in India. India has 2 unique things to see the architecture of Hindu temples and honorable prime minister. I know you were thinking why this girl gain and gain keep talking about PM Modi. Actually, I am so obsessed about him. Modi’s hard work makes me very excited. We are using Digital India with great spectacle.

indian architecture

Lets Known don’t talk about Mr. Modi, Let’s talk about indian sculpture art and architecture of India. Temples in India are constructed according to Vastu Shastra or the rules and regulations mentioned in the Agni Purana (Hindu scripture). Lets reveal 7 unknowns and undisclosed truth of temples in India.

  1. Structure Of The Temple And Specific Location
  2. Removing Your shoe Before toward the inside Temple
  3. Lighting Camphor(Kapur) In Front Of statue
  4. Offering Flowers To God At The Temple
  5. Drinking Theertham – holy water used in the pooja
  6. Doing Pradakshina Around
  7. Tilak or Kumkum offered By The Temple Priest

The Architecture And Structure Of The Temple And Specific Location

Temples are observed intentionally in an area wherein the positive vibes and energies is present in abundance from the appealing and good powered wave conveyances of north or south push. The idol of deity is set within the middle center of the shrine, called “Garbhagriha” or “Moolasthanam”.

Rather, the structure of the temple is constructed after the statue has been positioned in a high encouraging wave center place. This moolasthanam is the vicinity where earth’s magnetic waves are exposed to be extra tremendous.

Removing Your shoes or Footwear by Entering Temple

Temples are the region that consists of natural vibrations of attractive and electric fields with superior energy. In olden days, temples have been constructed in such a way that the floor in the center of the temple had been a true tool of these high-quality vibrations allow them to circulate from our foot sole to the body. Hence it is essential to stroll bare footed whilst you enter the temple.

Camphor Activate Sight Sense Activated

The interior center of the temple is commonly decides where the lord’s idol is placed. You usually close your eyes to wish and at the same time as you open your eyes you should see the camphor, which turned into lit to do the Aarti in the front of the deity. This mild seen in the darkest activates your imaginative and psychic sense.

Flowers Activate Smell Sense

Only particular flowers are used for providing to God like jasmine, marigold, rose petals based on special factors, among them perfume is especially important. The smell fragrance of the flower, camphor and incense stick all collectively have stronger essence to maintain your smelling sense energetic and pleasing giving peace to the psyche.

Secret Of Having “Theertham” To Activate Taste Sense

The next a part of your act would be to have tartan (holy water used inside the Pooja) ideally from a silver or a copper pot. The water used for the drink called tartan typically would include Basil leaves (Thulasi) dipped in water and must be kept as a minimum for eight hours within the copper vessel.

Ayurveda and research

According to Ayurveda and research and, water stored in a copper vessel has the capability to remove all the 3 Doshas for your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by sincerely charging the water. By consuming this Basil water called Theertham can you activate your taste sense.

Secret  of Doing Pradakshina Around

As a final point, after performing all of the over steps you ought to walk across the deity within the Garbhagirha, the innermost region of the temple in a clockwise path for 9 times. Pradakshina sincerely means proper side in Sanskrit. The Lord within the Garbhagriha attract all the energy from the camphor heat, bell sound, and vibrates the good energy inside the Garbhagriha for a fine period of time. When you do the production on this factor of time, you tend to get all these advantages vibrations as soon as your 5 senses are activated through the temple positive energies.

Secret of Kumkum

Do you ever suppose that Tilak or kumkum applying via the temple priest has a few secrets. On the forehead, among the your eyebrows, is a place that has been taken into consideration as a main nerve point in individual body since earliest times. The Tilak is believed to avoid the loss of “power”, the red ‘kumkum’ between the eyebrows is meant to keep strength in our body and organize the phase of meditation.

Applying Kumkum

While making use of Kum-Kum the place in the mid-brow area and Adnya-chakra are involuntarily pressed. This also helps the blood stream to the facial muscles.

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