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7 Ways to Build Healthy Bones

It’s never too late to think about your bones as bone health is significant when it comes to the overall health of our body. Don’t feel discouraged if you are over twenty and reading this because due to plenty of changes in lifestyle changes bone health might start declining and sometimes online consultation with orthopedic becomes important. There are fortunately many ways to strengthen your skeletal system and build healthy bones. Here I have outlined 7 tips to build healthy bones:

  1. Eat more vegetables:

 For the overall health of our body green leafy vegetables should be on the top of your list. Vegetables are the best source of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins, and Carbohydrates which help us in the formulation of bone-forming cells. Apart from building healthy bones Vegetables’ are beneficial because it reduces the risks of Obesity, risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure. And the healthiest leafy vegetables you should include in your diet are:

– Spinach

– Cabbage

– Mung beans

– Broccoli

– Green Apples and Kiwis

  1. Start weight-bearing exercises: 

All the weight-bearing exercises are defined as an activity that allows your body to move against gravity and the high-impact weight-bearing exercises are certainly the best for building strong and healthy bones. But all these exercises should be performed under experts’ guidance. Examples of Weight-Bearing Exercises Include:

– Running or Jogging

– Stair climbing

– Aerobics

– Tennis or Basketball

– Zumba dance etc

  1. Avoid Smoking or drinking: 

Smoking and Drinking are two factors that have a significant impact on bone health as it adversely affects bone density and also increases fracture risk in postmenopausal women. And according to recent searches alcohol, smoking, and excess intake of tobacco increases the risk of developing the bone disease called osteoporosis.

Let’s understand what is Osteoporosis? 

Osteoporosis is a bone sickness that makes bones be frail, retentive and brittle. It gradually increases the risk of fractures and bone crack even in the case of minor bone injuries.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis?

In the initial stages one will not experience any symptoms but once your bones have weakened you might have symptoms like:

– Major Back pain

– Loss of height over time

– A curved body posture and

– Bones start breaking much more easily than expected.

  1. Increase Calcium Consumption: 

As we all know that Calcium intake and healthy bones go side by side as it is extremely essential for the proper development of teeth and bones. It also helps your muscles, nerves, and cells to work normally. Food that is a good source of Calcium includes the following:

– Yogurt

– Cheese

– Milk

– Spinach

– And Collard Greens

Note: It is also important to keep a track of Calcium intakes as well, particularly with regards to Men’s after the age of 45 and Postmenopausal women’s. For additional information you can consult an orthopedic online.

  1. Consume less caffeine: 

It is often said that Caffeine has many health benefits but not for our bones as too much consumption of Caffeine can interfere body’s ability to absorb calcium. Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee in a day subject to loss of bone density and low calcium intake is linked to skeletal fragility and also increases the risk for Osteoporosis fracture. Here are some side effects of Caffeine on our body:

– It is known to increase anxiety awareness

– Insomnia

– Muscle Breakdown

– Digestive issues

– Increases the risk of High blood pressure

– And also reduces bone density

  1. Get Plenty of Vitamin D and K:

Vitamin D and K are important with regards to bone wellbeing as it causes your body to retain calcium. The majority of the people lack Vitamin D is extremely basic factor influencing one billion individuals around the world.

Benefits of Vitamin D: 

– Vitamin D fights bone diseases

– Regulates insulin level

– Promotes healthy bones and teeth

– Supports immune, brain, and nervous system also and Vitamin K2 also supports bone health in significant ways as it is involved in the formulation of Strong bones.

  1. Avoid Low- Calorie Diets:

Dropping calories and to remain health conscious is always a good idea but not at a cost of your bone health because low calorie diet results into weight loss and when weight exceeds 20 kg within 3 to 4 months your bone mass is also reduced to 3% to 13% which adversely affects your bone health. For building and maintaining strong bones one should eat balanced diet food which is rich in proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium that supports bone health.


Hence, I can say that bone health is important at all stages of life, but now-a-days we tend to take for granted. Just a little improvement in food habits and lifestyle can result into strong bones. It is always said that “Prevention is better than cure”- so take care of your bones and be happy. Signing off on this and will be back soon with some more helpful tips related to our health, till then- Stay Healthy, and Stay Safe.

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