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Web Development

8 Benefits of Using PHP 7

PHP 7 is the latest and the most advanced version of the programming language PHP and it is believed that it is going to bring about a revolution in the way applications are made, be it for mobiles, enterprises, or the cloud. Developers can easily notice performance improvements when they run their code in the unique engine. It is certainly a good addition to the PHP family with exceptional features all around.

Even today, PHP is the excellent, reliable, and ideal choice for database interaction with PDO, scalar data validation, prepared statements, and likewise. PHP enables you to generate eye-catching banner ads, striking sensitive headers. Using its Flash, you can make wonderful 3D interactions. Also, the enterprising nature of PHP is astounding. It lets you obtain design elements from many libraries.

For instance, you are creating your website in WordPress and if you need to add some functionality, you have the opportunity to use the verified PHP libraries and frameworks to include new features. PHP is familiar with most of the conventional CMS, so you can add further functionalities to your Magneto, Drupal, and Joomla e-commerce websites. Also, you can create graphics in a smart way with PHP. This newest release is considered to be the most significant one post the arrival of PHP 5 more than 15 years back.

Below, we have discussed 8 benefits of using PHP 7:

All-New Zend Engine:

PHP has been deriving its power from the Zend engine since 1999 when it was released along with PHP 4. Zend and Zend Framework are not the same. The former is an open-source execution engine meant for interpreting the PHP language that is written in C. Zend Engine II is what the PHP 5.X series use wherein the functionality of the initial engine was improved, an extensible object model was added, and the performance was enhanced significantly.

PHP 7 has been provided with an all-new version of the Zend engine whose code name is PHPNG.

Double Speed:

In PHPNG, memory usage has been optimized considerably. And when you use PHP 7, you will be able to execute codes faster and require fewer servers to cater to the same number of users.

64-Bit Windows Systems Support:

PHP is a key constituent of LAMP stack, meaning Linux is its native environment but it can also be run on a Windows system. The 5.X series does not offer large file or 64-bit integers but PHP 7 has managed to change this wherein you will find consistent 64-bit support, meaning there is support for both native 64-bit integers as well as large files and you can confidently run this language on a 64-bit Windows system.

Addition of Anonymous Classes:

PHP 7 gives you the liberty to make use of anonymous classes, a practice that is already well-established in other object-oriented languages such as Java and C#. An anonymous class is a class sans any name though the functionality of the object that it instantiates is similar to that of a named class.

The syntax is not different from what we are accustomed to in conventional PHP classes. It is just that there is no name. Anonymous classes when used well can expedite both coding and execution time and they are great when a class is to be used just once during execution or when a class is not required at all.

Suits Mobile Devices:

Businesses today need to offer better services to the vast number of mobile users. And PHP 7 proves to be of great help in this context for it provides businesses with precisely what they need to tend to mobile users. As we have mentioned before, PHP 7 boasts of decreased memory usage, significant improvements in the execution engine, and native thread-local storage. These features especially benefit mobile devices with restricted browsing features.

PHP 7 also does its bit for planet earth by curbing energy use as it allows one to manage more traffic with the same number of server resources.

Better Performance & Lesser Memory Use:

PHP 7 fares better than its predecessors when it comes to taking load and processing data. And it processes higher computing requests without consuming memory in the same measure.

Ideal for Online Businesses:

Major online businesses like established e-commerce sites can benefit immensely from the use of PHP 7, which is also neck and neck with HHVM, it’s rival on various content management systems, when it comes to delivering great performance, optimal utilization, and resilience and has an upper hand in the case of WordPress setups. In today’s extremely ambitious digital era, your e-commerce websites need to consider every feature to offer an excellent user experience.

Since there are already many authoritative websites, therefore to compete with these high-performance running websites, you want to be extra careful while building your online appearance. Nowadays, most of the users, around 82% of people, use their mobile devices to do their regular tasks and shop online. This is why responsive designs are necessary for your website. So that, PHP language can help you take care of it. PHP provides to add a fixed header in the website, this makes it easy to access the main menu and update the website and brand look and feel.

No Dependence on Any Platform:

The Zend engine that supplies power to PHP 7 is capable of implementing JIT execution capabilities, which allows developers to directly pass on instructions to the compiler, whatever be the platform, without having to convert the instructions by the platform that is being used. This lifts a huge burden off developers’ shoulders who are spared the unnecessary task of instruction conversion and customizing the same for a particular platform.

Now if you wish to tap the above benefits of PHP 7 at the earliest albeit affordably, you can outsource PHP development to India where there will be no dearth of companies that will be willing to let you hire offshore PHP developers from them. In fact, chances are that you can hire a PHP coder & save 70%. PHP 7 is already a revelation and you can thank your lucky stars if you get to use it economically and speedily by outsourcing your requirements to offshore PHP experts.

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