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8 Brilliant Ideas for Better Mobile App Marketing


Almost all, from teenagers to seniors, now uses mobile devices. There’s a vast mobile app market. Unfortunately, many applications are downloaded on a regular basis and others are never used.

You need great Mobile app store optimization marketing for people to select your mobile app from the hundreds of similar choices available. Downloads of apps usually average within the first few weeks after launch. But those results are short-lived if the community and marketing activities of your app are not built to be last.

Better Mobile App Marketing

There is a long-term strategy you need to plan. We’re here today for.

1. Start Marketing Much Before Your Start 

You should be thinking of promoting it from the minute the app ideas and designs are complete. Find out who the ideal customers are, why the app should be downloaded and how they should be motivated to do so.

Early promotion of an app will build anticipation. The newest and most recent app on the market is loved by people. Just 40 percent of smartphone users can browse for applications via the smartphone app store, according to studies by Google. Among so many other choices, the rest can find the apps via online YouTube videos, blogs, and tutorials. So, when you begin preparing your marketing, there is a lot of ground to cover.

2. Start to Engage Potential Clients

It needs to be designed to satisfy the needs of your ideal users in order to create the ideal app. It would be downloaded by people if they don’t want to live without it. So, in the development process, you can get input from your target audience. During the app development process, search out and communicate with potential customers. Get reviews through forums on related sites and social media from real users.

3. Starting a blog

One of the easiest ways to share online information and keep people informed by writing frequently is a blog. As soon as your page is up, you can start a blog for your mobile app.

Sharing your app-building experiences will engage readers. They will feel involved in the process, and with individuals engaging with the posts, you will get great feedback. It will also create interest in your application and become a place where, even after launching the app, you can connect with the users.

4. Continue to release teasers

You can chat all day about your app, but people want to see things for themselves all the time. To move your clients from ‘interested’ to ‘excited’ about the submission, I would like to suggest Mobile SEO Services to get audience of teasers and seniors. Humans are beings who are visual. Instead of hearing or reading about it, app screenshots and video promos let users see the app. This can be used to grow an email list of interested users of mobile apps.

Mobile App Marketing

5. Start planning your press kit and materials for launch

For the launch date, you need to plan your press kit and launch materials. You should have your full website ready before you launch the app, have a video promo that describes the app’s main features, and a piece of content like a press release or blog post.

For interviews and feedback of the mobile application, reach out to the local media, industry influencers and authoritative bloggers. And now you’re done! But the work is not finished.

6. Get more customer reviews

Based on scores, mobile apps in app stores are also rated on popularity and value and you certainly want to build a strategy to get input from consumers and more ratings to increase the likelihood of more downloads. In your app descriptions, you should also provide contact details, so users can reach out for more specific feedback or questions. But do not only read feedback-react to it and take it into account. Reach out to discuss their concerns with unhappy customers to enhance customer happiness.

7. Start receiving app feedback

Your app can be posted to blogs and video platforms for review. You can also make your own YouTube videos about how to deal with unique issues using the app. This will help to capture and turn people who are searching for solutions to those issues into consumers.

They’re so much more likely to give it a shot if they see a step-by – step guide on how they can use the application for their needs. Know that even basic software, even with guidance and onboarding, can be frustrating to some individuals. A presentation is an excellent way to get clients interested in downloading the software and using it.

8. Optimize the software for stores with smartphone applications

For the 40 percent who search the app store to download mobile applications, you need to make sure the app is ready for acquisition there. In the application name, use well-researched and specified keywords.

You may also use search advertising to increase your download numbers. They will boost the visibility of the product and push downloads very well, because the user is looking for a product like yours at the exact time they arrive. Timing is perfect.


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Wherever people are searching for new applications, you need to make your mobile application by Mobile application development company. The multiple platforms they use show that when designing marketing strategies, you need to get creative. With over three million smartphone applications now available to download, the app market is overflowing. For the existence of your app in this super competitive market, standing out and creating a community is important.

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