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8 disadvantages of DIY relocations

Is it time to move to another place? If you are thinking about relocation – one of the first steps to take is to organize the moving process. Where to start and how to move? Moving your household items is probably the first thing on your mind to solve. There are 2 main options when it comes to transporting your items to a new home. The first one is to hire a moving company, and the second one is to organize a relocation by yourself. What are the disadvantages of DIY relocations and why should you pick the first option? And what are the good things about DIY relocations?

Consider all options before making the final call

A lot of factors will affect your decision. Distance of relocation, size, and weight of your items, your experience, and your family status. People with kids often choose professional moving help, because it is more convenient for them. Also, it is not the same if you are moving your house or if you are organizing an office relocation and expanding a business.

The list of 8 disadvantages of a DIY relocation

Are you considering moving by yourself – without professional help? Every type of relocation has pros and cons, including a DIY relocation. It is important to know all disadvantages of DIY relocation to move smoothly and stress-free. Make your relocation easy and handle it like a pro.

#1 Time-consuming

You will need more time to pack and organize a relocation if you are moving by yourself. In some cases, packing may take up to 3 months, sometimes more. It depends on the size of your move. More items you have to pack, the more time it will take you. If you are moving on short notice, hiring a moving company is a better choice because they can finish everything in one day. If you are moving a business, time is money, and you probably cannot afford to lose time.

A man under a pile of boxes.
Why shouldn’t you move by yourself?

#2 Costs

You may think that DIY relocation cost less But, there is a catch. You cannot know all the moving costs in advance and there will be hidden costs. It is hard to calculate everything. When you are hiring a moving company, they will give you exact moving costs, without hidden fees. This way, you can set a moving budget and it will be easier to track your money. If you want to save money, it is a better option to have reliable movers by your side.

#3 Physically demanding

This disadvantage is logical. When you have to do everything by yourself, it is harder to handle it – physically. You need to gather packing supplies, pack, take care of your kids, and pets, search for homes, finish all the paperwork, unpack, clean, and furnish a new home. If you are a senior, you probably won’t be able to move without moving assistance. It is difficult and dangerous. Learn the disadvantages of DIY relocations to avoid mistakes and to have an easy relocation.

#4 Moving Injuries

When some job is more physically demanding, the risk of injuries is higher. Unfortunately, back injuries are common when people are lifting heavy items such as sofas and beds. Other injuries that may happen are broken fingers or toes, cuts, scrapes, knee injuries, and sprained ankles. If you are older, the risk of some kind of injury is higher. Because of the safety, it is highly recommended to hire moving assistance.

#5 Lack of experience

In most cases, people do not have experience with moving plus they do not have the right moving equipment and a moving vehicle. Professional packers and movers know exactly how to pack every piece of furniture, even fragile items. This way, your household items will be protected and the risk of damage or breakage is lower. Experience in packing is not the only important thing. Driving a moving vehicle also requires experience. Especially if you are moving long-distance and you need to drive 8+ hours.

A pro mover in front of a van
Hire professionals to help you move!

#6 More stress

Moving can be very stressful no matter where you are moving. The stress level may be higher when everything is on your back. There are a lot of things you need to take care of. Having someone experienced to help you out will save your sanity. Think about your mental health and keep in mind that is hard to be alone in this big step and change in life. Hiring movers is possible even if you will have a relocation during the pandemic, just take special measures.

#7 Low efficiency

One thing leads to another. Stress, packing, taking care of your family, moving, unpacking, storing items, furnishing your new home, adjusting to a new city – because there are so many different tasks to do, the efficiency will be “hurt”.

#8 More work to do

One of the disadvantages of DIY relocations is that you will have A LOT of things to do. That requires time and energy. For big relocation, you will have to work for a couple of months. People that are moving to another country, are preparing for 6 months or even 1 year. To make the process a little bit easier – hire movers.

Find a reliable moving company

As you can see, there are cons to a DIY relocation. Moving by yourself does not mean that you will save money or time. Moving with a professional moving company will make your upcoming relocation easier to handle and you can focus on other moving-related tasks. Such as, choosing a new home, transferring utilities, documents, medical and school records, adjusting to a new environment, and spending time with your family.

The USA has thousands of moving companies, and there are a lot of companies where you live too. Your goal is to find a reliable, reputable, and experienced moving company you can trust. After all, all your belongings will be in their hands, so you must trust them completely. Licensed and insured movers can be found on usamovingreviews.com and they have a database of all reliable movers.

Consider packing services, too

According to your budget, priorities, and location, you will choose one company that fits you the best. Contact a few movers and compare them. Some movers offer more services, some companies may offer you discounts, etc. On average, pick 3 moving companies and choose between them. Experienced packers and movers will make your relocation outstanding and easy for you, at the same time. This is why it is highly recommended to hire moving assistance when moving – no matter if you are moving locally or long distance.

The costs of moving with professionals

Moving by yourself does not mean that you will save money. In some cases, DIY relocation may cost you more. Therefore, first set a moving budget, and then start looking for companies in your area. Reliable movers will give you a free moving estimate and you will be able to figure out your expenses before moving.

This way you will know accurate moving costs and according to that, you will choose whether will you move with movers or by yourself. If you are moving on a tight budget, keep in mind that there are some ways to cut moving costs. For example, decluttering when packing, moving off-season, asking movers for discounts, and negotiating with movers.

A moving team is discussing and planning
A team of people will organize your relocation.

The moving costs depend on 2 main factors – the distance of the relocation and the size of your items. Moving to a studio apartment is cheaper than moving a 3-bedroom apartment. Or, moving within the same neighborhood is cheaper than moving cross country. One of the disadvantages of DIY relocations is that you cannot know the exact costs of moving, while movers can give you accurate moving costs.

Traits of good movers

To have a safe relocation, the company you will choose must be reliable and reputable. How do recognize good movers? What qualities to look for when choosing a moving company if your city and how to recognize trustworthy movers? Make your relocation smooth and easy with these tips:

  • The company is licensed. You can check this information on FMCSA’s website.
  • They are insured. If anything happens to your items during the relocation, you will have insurance to cover the damage.
  • Professionals are trained, have skills, and have a lot of experience in moving. Check the year the company is established.
  • Reliable movers give a free in-home estimate and accurate moving costs in advance. All the information is transparent.
  • The company is open to all your questions related to moving.
  • Besides moving, they are offering other services, such as storage and packing.


Now, that you know the disadvantages of DIY relocations and the pros of moving with professional movers, you can make the smart decision. Moving does not have to be hard and complicated. With the right moving company and a guide to follow (a moving checklist), the entire process will be easy and smooth. Even if you are moving to another state or cross country.

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