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8 Yoga Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them| Yoga Instructor Certification

A yoga class is not only about practicing numerous body postures. It includes a host of other exercises like breathing techniques, concentration, bending, twisting, and inversions. Practicing yoga requires the complete focus of your mind, body, and spirit towards this ancient art. Some yoga mistakes would make you feel uncomfortable while others can also end up in an injury.

With that said, there are specific yoga mistakes that you should avoid when going to a yoga class. These mistakes can end up costing you yoga practice and compromise your safety. Too much laxity while doing yoga can also end up being a health disaster for you and that is why it is important you know about these mistakes. Let us check out the yoga mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

8 Yoga Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Daily yoga practice offers you numerous mental, physical, and emotional health benefits. These include improved focus and concentration levels, better flexibility, and a solid mind-body connection. However, you should always follow some precautions if you want to experience the full benefits of a yoga session.

Given below are eight mistakes you should avoid at all costs. You will also find the answer to handling these mistakes.

1. Rushing To The Class

You should give yourself ample time to get ready and reach yoga class on time. If you come to the yoga class in a rush especially when attending the yoga instructor certification it would only interfere with the yoga practice. In other words, coming to the yoga class in a rush would prevent you from giving 100% dedication towards the practice.

2. Smelly Appearance

One of the major principles of yogic practice is Shaucha or cleanliness. You should avoid coming to a yoga class with a strongly perfumed or smelly body odor as that will only distract others. You have to take care of your hygiene before coming to the session. Try coming to the yoga class with a clean smell.

3. Clothing Disaster

Although it is a matter of trial and error when it comes to finding the best yoga clothing. However, you should never wear clothing that restricts your body movement, is too tight, or sweaty. The only thing it would do is distract you during the yoga session.

Always choose clothing that offers your body a complete range of motion and movement. For example, if you sign up for a hot yoga class you should wear clothes that are moisture-wicking and comfortable. You can also ask the yoga studio staff for recommendations.

4. Practicing On Full Stomach

Whether you enroll in a 500-Hour yoga teacher training or a certified yoga instructor course, practicing yoga on a full stomach always backfires. Eating heavy right before a yoga class would only slow down your practice and prevent you from practicing specific yoga asanas.

Yoga experts recommend you should not come to the class empty stomach either. Rather, you should consume a light snack an hour or two before a yoga session.

5. Too Much Focus On Perfection

An important aspect of becoming a certified yoga instructor is creating a balance between practice and surrender to yoga. Doing too much effort to achieve perfection with a specific yoga pose will only inflate your ego.

Pushing too hard would only make your practice fluctuate and can result in an injury. On the other hand, not practicing would become an obstacle in your progress. Try to achieve the right alignment with each yoga pose but do not run after perfection.

6. Negative Self-Talk

Numerous studies indicate how a negative mindset affects your quality of life. At some point during the yoga practice, you will likely come across what is known as the shadow self that speaks the language of self-doubt and negative self-talk. You should remove these negative thoughts by focusing on your breath and practicing gratitude.

7. Not Communicating

Good communication is one of the secrets to becoming a great yoga instructor. If you hide an injury or preexisting medical condition from the yoga teacher it would only impact you. Make sure to share the problem with the teacher as they would offer you assistance when practicing various yoga asanas.

Moreover, always talk to your teacher about any limitations you are not able to cross during the yoga practice.

8. Bringing Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is a big source of distraction and removing distractions is a great part of yogic practices. The smartphone distracts you as well as others from practicing yoga asanas. If you have to bring the cellphone to the class make sure to keep it on silent mode.


Yoga offers you the best way to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. You must avoid the eight mistakes mentioned above to complete the yoga instructor certification course without any hassle.

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