9 golden rules of blog writing for your business

Blog writing is a fun, yet effective medium of marketing. It helps your business capture a large chunk of audience who love surfing the internet for good content. This technique is often underused. However, the organic response it brings to an organization is amazing.

According to stats, organizations who blog actively are able to generate 126% more leads than those who don’t. Also, these companies who are blogging constantly pull 55% more visitors on their webpages than those who don’t. This is one of the many reasons why blogging is such an important tool.

Blogging is a subtle way of marketing your products and services that can do wonders if done properly. Hire content writers in Karachi to create exclusive material for your website and keep engaging more and more audience through it. Here we take you through some rules of blogging.

Start from an exciting title

Your start should be such that it grabs the readers’ attention right from the get-go. It should entice the audience enough to read through the content and keep going. Your title could be in a question-form, it could state an unusual fact, or it could be addressing the readers directly. The goal is to trigger the readers’ interest.

Write original content

Do not copy someone else’s thoughts and opinions. It is the worst thing you could do while writing a blog. You have to detail your views and emotions in the blog to keep it real and engaging. Copying someone else’s feelings and adjusting them into your blog is no use.

Building a connection between the blogger and the audience is vital. You have to ensure this by creating authentic content which is all about your creativity and ingenuity.

Use pictures

Adding photos to blogs makes them more colourful and eye-catching. It makes the look of the content more attractive and compelling. Having a plain, text-stuffed look gives the blog a dry appearance and makes it harder to grab the audience’s attention.

Post vibrant pictures that relate to your content. You can also use pictures with text boxes to deliver your content. This method of drawing the customers towards your content always works.

Call to action

Creating a desire to buy from you is the main purpose of a blog. You have to write in such a way that it motivates the reader to purchase your product right away.  You have to equip the audience with the option to answer a question, submit a form with your details, or sign up for more updates.

A blog without call to action is no use. The reader will have to navigate to another page to fulfill the need that was created by your blog.

Post the blog on your website

A blog written by you belongs on your website. When you create a call for action, you have to make sure your reader completes that action from you only. To make sure this happens, your blog should right in front of your website and the next step of the reader should be buying your product or service.

Split the content

Cluttering the content, no matter how good it is, has numerous disadvantages. The look of packed content makes the text look too much and too difficult to read. The audience might get turned away from this visage and so it is vital to give the content a simplified look that is scannable.

You can divide your content into paragraphs, add bullets and numbering in it, and assign headings to all the categories defined. Doing this makes it easier for the reader to go through the content and not leave halfway.

Incorporate the trends

Mentioning the current affairs and latest trends in your blog is quite helpful. The next step is relating them with the subject of your blog. You have to convince the audience to go along with those trends and arise a need in them to buy from you.

Add more statistics

To make your blog more believable, you need to add statistics in it. This will make your content look more reliable and the viewers will buy everything you say. However, those stats need to be highly accurate and updated. Cross-checking those stats might leave the viewers in doubt if they are false.

You can’t take the risk of having the credibility of your blog harmed. This is why you have to make sure you convey your viewers the right information.

Evaluate the results

Once you have written the blogs and they are posted, the next step that follows is crucial. Measuring the response is how you will know if you have done everything right or not. If you have been able to engage the audience efficiently, your efforts will be reflected in the traffic that you are able to generate through the blog.

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