9 Mental Benefits of Rubik’s Cube

It took Erno Rubik a little more than a month to solve the Rubik’s Cube – his own invention and design. Today, competitive cubers can easily solve this classic brain teaser in less than five seconds! Brainteasers and challenging puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube are highly beneficial to your mental capabilities. If you wish to get yourself a Rubik’s Cube visit here. This challenging puzzle requires a lot of unconventional thinking to solve. The cube is not only a fun game or puzzle but also has a lot of mental benefits.  

1. Rubik’s Cube helps to link to mindfulness

One of the main focuses of any mental awareness is to bring all attention to the present. When you let your mind wander without control, you give permission for all thoughts to enter your mind. But when we think subconsciously limit our brains from accepting different emotions. 

Solving the Rubik’s Cube lets you understand the inhalation and exhalation process. It lets you go on the present because if you get distracted, you might lose the sequence of algorithms in your mind.

2. It helps to improves memory

mental benefits of rubiks cube

Whether you are looking up algorithms or finding a solution to solve the cube on your own, your goal is to solve the Cube in the least average time possible. This requires your mind to stay alert and keep up with the sequences that will lead you to that goal. A classic Rubik’s Cube has around 43 quintillion movements and combinations that will help you reach a solved state. And this requires your mind to remember algorithms and movements of the layers as well as the blocks, thereby improving your memory.

3. Rubik’s Cube helps to enhances concentration

Solving a Rubik’s Cube demands focus. Since we live in the digital age, flashing lights and ringing phones have reduced our concentration spans immensely. It has simply become hard for our mind to concentrate on one task for a longer period. When you solve the Cube, your mind is constantly active and thereby subconsciously helping you stay focused and increase your concentration levels. 

4. Rubik’s Cube helps to improves configuration

benefits of solving rubik's cube

As you go on to learn newer algorithms and techniques to solve not only the classic Rubik’s Cube but also the variants, you would notice that what it essentially helps you do is organize and arrange the layers to achieve a certain goal. The Rubik’s Cube reflects an example of a configuration problem. This helps identify the most efficient ways of doing the tasks. Such configurations of the mind are also crucial for performing daily tasks, especially in every field of business. 

5. Rubik’s Cube helps to active brain leads to active body

mental benefits of solving rubiks cube

As you keep your brain active with identifying the ways to solve different variants of the Rubik’s Cube, you also keep away from the impact of depression and low mood. Though Cube is not a solution to dementia, when your brain is active, you are helping to keep away from such impacts for longer. Rather than doing repetitive tasks like watching TV that requires no interaction, with a Cube, you become hyper-active and feel confident. 

6. Rubik’s Cube helps to  balances your brain

The brain has two sides – the right and the left. The left side helps in all analytical and logical thinking, whereas the right side of the brain helps in controlling creativity. When you experiment with challenging games and puzzles like the Cube, you make the most of both sides of the brain. This helps in improved logic skills and creativity. 

7. Rubik’s Cube helps to improves your IQ

We have already covered how solving brain teaser puzzles improve logical thinking and concentration. These together help in improving your IQ or Intelligence Quotient as well. In fact, studies conducted by the University of Michigan found that solving challenging brain teasers and puzzles for a minimum of 25 minutes a day can improve your IQ by 4 points. Therefore, you should pick up brain teasers and challenging puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube and give your brain the workout it craves. 

8. It helps to boosts brain power

Learning to create visual images that represent the information you wish to recall helps jump start memory abilities. When your mind is constantly running through the various possible connections to complete the Rubik’s cube, your visual memory and its associations will automatically boost your power to recall. Mental stimulation from the  Cube is therefore always associated with better memory. 

9. It helps to stimulates creativity

Rubik’s Cube is a brain teaser that requires lateral thinking and finding creative solutions. Creativity should always be encouraged and such a brain teaser can help boost it. The need to think outside the box to solve the puzzle can then be applied to other areas of learning like mathematics, science and even in daily activities.


If you want to learn the Rubik’s cube, you can watch YouTube videos. However, you still need to memorize algorithms or find your own. The cube won’t solve all mental health issues, but it is a great tool for training focus, memory and brain power. Moreover, it is the little achievement that injects a healthy dose of dopamine into those who embrace the challenge. 

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