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Here at Folding Tales, we consider the bike a significant venture that ought not to be trifled with, in light of the fact that it costs cash. We get a lot of inquiries concerning the bicycles we ride and keeping in mind that we actually underwrite a few brands over others, that doesn’t imply that they are directly for everybody. You could generally sell in the event that you purchase an inappropriate bicycle or adjust your perspective later, however, the idea of downgrading implies you will endure a few misfortunes all the while.

This guide is intended to assist you with understanding whether a collapsing bicycle is a correct decision for you, and in doing as such, figure out which type is best for your necessities. Ideally, we assist you in settling on the correct choices dependent on what we have realized throughout the years.


We should initially see three key choice purposes of whether you truly need a collapsing bike or a full measured bike.


Ask yourself whether you truly need a foldie. This is clearly the main interesting point. The way to guaranteeing you have no second thoughts is knowing precisely what you are purchasing, and correctly why you are getting it. Numerous individuals approach us for exhortation on purchasing a foldie under the misinterpretation that it is less expensive than an ordinary bike, which is never the situation. The supposition that will be that since they crease up and look like toys they should not be genuine bikes, subsequently ought to be less expensive. In the same way as other buyer items, there are numerous decisions at various value levels intended to speak to various objective crowds.


Consider what you need to utilize this bike for. Do you intend to drive with it or do fun rides in the recreation center? It is safe to say that you are wanting to ride significant distances or go rough terrain on the off chance that you have to? This will in the long run disclose to you whether you even need a foldie by any means. With regards to cycling, understanding what you need to utilize the bike for encourages you to pinpoint which model suits you best. You may like having a foldie that can be put away in your vehicle boot effectively, yet everything despite everything relies upon how and where you ride.


Consider whether you need a particular measuring. In the wake of doing the broad examination, we’ve found that not all bicycles fit all riders, and the equivalent goes for both foldies and their full measured partners. Numerous foldies are intended to have flexible parts for a scope of rider statures, yet this methodology that producers take isn’t idiot-proof. You may cherish the plan and innovation of a specific brand, however, it may not really be an ideal choice for you size-wise. This is especially valid for ladies and unimposing Asian riders, particularly in the event that they are as short as I am.

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In the advanced age, an abundance of data is consistently readily available, accessible every minute of every day. There is no reason for an awful choice dependent on inadequate exploration. Likewise, test rides everything without exception you can get your hands on. This was an urgent piece of my procedure in making a waitlist, which was trimmed down until I found “the one”. It was not all-consuming, instant adoration with our bicycles, yet rather the aftereffect of careful, long, and drawn-out quests. All things being equal, on the off chance that you realize us well you realize that the quest for the ideal bicycle by and large proceeds throughout the years, with the Velominati n+1 rule consistently in the rear of our psyches.

For Eka and myself, we selected to initially go with a little wheel collapsing bicycle and purchased our Birdys before moving up to the quicker collapsing minivelo called the Reach. Throughout the years we understood that what we truly cherished about cycling was the capacity to investigate and travel more noteworthy separations, which implied we required full measured bikes to make more progress all the more effectively (less time and vitality), yet had the capacity to pack effectively when we expected to take a flight or different types of transport. Subsequently the change to full measured alternatives like the Change Bike and the Ritchey Breakaways. Like us, you may see that the manner in which you ride and who you ride with will change after some time, and that is okay as well.


Space contemplations: Eka and I live in a crate of space, and we use each and every extra square foot we can. Since we have more than one bicycle each, the foldies make a nice showing of not jumbling up the house excessively, tucking underneath the steps, and pressing into little spaces pleasantly.

Driving: In Malaysia and numerous different pieces of the world, a foldie has more room being permitted on a few entomb and intracity train lines at controlled occasions, while full estimated outlines are constrained to one train line on ends of the week as it were. Foldies are additionally simpler to pack into a taxi or Grab, should you run into any issues you can’t unravel while out on a ride.


In case you’re searching for unadulterated execution, a full-sized bicycle will be a superior decision. We should accept for contention, that your foldie buy is for non-serious use.

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