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A Guide About Professional Blackhead Vacuum Extractor Therapy

We often develop small bumps on our skin that are called blackheads. These appear black because of the clogging of hair follicles inside the skin. These may result in mild acne, so one must remove them properly.

There are multiple ways to remove blackheads, but the most recent one is with the help of a professional blackhead vacuum extractor. One must not squeeze these blackheads as this might damage the skin. This may also result in leaving behind a permanent mark.

Causes of Blackheads:

People often consider stress, dirt, or diet to be a cause for producing blackheads on the skin, but this is not the case. We all know that our skin regenerates and produces new cells regularly. When the skin produces new cells, old ones do not find a place to go.

After forming new cells, old cells make their way into open pores present on our skin. Sometimes these old skin cells may fall, but most often, they clog the open pores.

Dead cells fill up the open pores, as a result of which the oil present in the pore cannot go out. Thus, both the dead cells and oil give rise to blackheads that appear to be quite unappealing.

Process of Blackhead Extraction:

If you have blackheads or open pores, going for blackhead extraction with the help of a blackhead vacuum extractor turns out to be the best option. It is so satisfying to see your skin without any clogged pores or blackheads.

As the name indicates, this process extracts out all the impurities from the pores. These may include dirt, debris, dead skin, sweat, excess sebum, or even make-up residues. The sebaceous glands of our body produce sebum which is an oily secretion.

Sebum plays a huge role in protecting our skin from bacteria and avoids dehydration. But if the sebum is in excess, it might result in causing blackheads and hence the acne breakout.

Thus, to remove blackheads and to avoid acne, one can go for blackhead extraction. An expert dermatologist carries out the process. The professionals know how to apply the exact pressure with the help of tools and do not cause any pain.

As a result of their experience and expertise, they can easily remove all the stuff that a blackhead may hold. This results in offering one clear skin that is free from blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, and acne.

Blackhead Vacuum Extractor:

The special tool that is an essential element of the process of blackhead extraction is called a blackhead vacuum extractor. A dermatologist places the vacuum over the blackheads to suck all the dead skin, debris, and oil present inside the pore.

Blackheads are the pores that accumulate dead skin cells and oil. These appear darker because of the oxidation of air.

Working of Blackhead Vacuum Extractor:

A blackhead vacuum extractor is an effective way to remove all the blackheads. To make these vacuums show effective results, a dermatologist first loosens up the blackheads. As soon as the blackheads get loose, one can easily use the blackhead vacuum extractor to remove them.

This is because; a blackhead vacuum extractor works only on loose blackheads. There are several ways to loosen blackheads. These include pore penetration and different skin exfoliating techniques.

To exfoliate the skin, a dermatologist may incorporate salicylic acid and glycolic acid. To penetrate the pores, the skin experts recommend steaming for half an hour. Steam plays an important role in helping the pores to penetrate as well as exfoliate the skin.

Thus, before going for a blackhead vacuum extraction, one should take steam and exfoliate the skin properly to get the best results.

A blackhead vacuum extractor sucks and extracts the entire gunk from the pores. This makes it a different and most effective process for removing blackheads. At the same time, other methods of blackhead removal dissolve the debris into the skin.

Safety precaution while using a Blackhead Vacuum Extractor:

One must consult an expert dermatologist or skin care expert before going for blackhead vacuum extraction. An expert dermatologist is aware of its different suction levels.

An expert uses different levels of suction for different patients depending upon their skin conditions. If a suction level higher than required is used, it may result in causing bruises. Therefore, to avoid any skin issue, one must consider an expert for having professional extraction.

Benefits of Blackhead Vacuum Extraction:

Other than removing the blackheads from the skin, blackhead vacuum extraction offers the following advantages:

·         Cost-effective Treatment:

It is not an expensive skincare treatment; rather, it appears to be a cost-effective option for removing blackheads. We often do not go for certain cosmetics treatments because of their high rates.

But one must consider going for blackhead vacuum extraction as it is quite reasonable and offers long-term benefits.

·         Safe Process:

If you go for blackhead vacuum extraction with the help of an expert dermatologist, it appears to be the safest option. This process does not cause any harm to the skin and offers great results. Thus, there is no need to worry about the safety of the blackhead vacuum extraction process.

·         Invasive and Painless:

Blackhead Vacuum extraction is an invasive and painless process. It removes the dead skin cells from deep inside the skin without causing even the slightest of pain. It also does not cause any cuts or bruises when used at an appropriate level.

·         Breaks Down Cellulite:

The vacuum extraction process also removes cellulite along with blackheads and dead skin. The pressure of the vacuum plays an important role in effectively cutting down cellulite. Cellulite is a pocketed fat present on the face.

The vacuum extraction process is effective in reducing cellulite and also firms up the muscles.

·         Increases Immunity:

Blackhead vacuum extraction also benefits one by increasing immunity. The immunity of individual increases as all the open pores get closed. As a result of this, an individual can easily resist different micro-organisms and bacteria causing diseases.

·         Removal of Toxins:

Blackhead vacuum extraction also helps in the removal of toxins. As the blackhead vacuum extractor applies pressure onto the face, toxins are removed. It makes one feel fresh and relaxed.

·         Increased Blood Supply:

The blood supply in the facial nerves increases when a vacuum blackhead extractor is moved over them. As a result of this, one can have a pinkish and natural glow on the face.

·         Rejuvenation of Skin:

You can rejuvenate your skin by using the blackhead vacuum extraction technique. Blackhead vacuum extraction removes dead layers of the skin. It also applies certain active ingredients that can help in having clear and spot-free skin.

You can rejuvenate your skin instantly by going for blackhead vacuum extraction. Rejuvenation of skin helps one feel and enjoy healthy skin.

·         Boosts Circulation:

Professional blackhead vacuum extraction is also known for boosting blood circulation. It helps in increasing the blood supply and purifies it. It also offers improved blood circulation.

If you have pale skin with blackheads, professional blackhead extraction will offer you beneficial results. So, you can get the removal of blackheads as well as a pinkish or reddish complexion by opting for blackhead vacuum extraction.


Professional blackhead vacuum extraction is an effective way to get rid of blackheads. It offers numerous advantages and helps one enjoy good skin.


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