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A Guide to Buying Commercial Property for your Business

While some small businesses look for commercial property to lease, buying your own commercial space can you the freedom and flexibility which are essential for growing your brand. If you’re a small to medium company looking to grow and expand it makes sense to have your own commercial space, rather than working out of your home. There are a number of questions people have in mind before buying a property as it is a huge investment in both time and money.

You need to ask yourself if the location is viable for your employees and clients to travel, if it’s close to supermarkets, malls, and other shops, and how much money do you need to invest in the property. Here is a guide to follow when it comes to investing in commercial property for your business.

  • Conduct proper research 

Research is vital when it comes to looking at long term commercial locations for your company. Check if the property value would increase in the future, if your commercial property value decreases you would go at a loss if you decide to sell it anytime in the future. It may take some time but finding the perfect property for you will help save on time and effort in the long run.

  • Find a proper location

Location is extremely important when looking to purchase a commercial property. You want a location like Heavenly Foothills, which is in proximity to all the major shopping and commercial areas as well as easily accessible by transport. Ask yourself how many employees you have, if clients would be coming over for meetings, and is the ambiance professional enough to bring important clients over. A good office space should be ideally located with a good view, enough space, and an area where people will be able to easily visit you.

  • Ensure there are transport options 

Something that most business owners forget is transport and parking options. Your office building needs to be close to public transit (like buses, cabs, and train stations) and needs to have a secure car parking facility, ample space for vehicles in case you have a meeting or conference as well as a designated car parking area not only for staff but for clients too.

  • Your property needs to be flexible 

When viewing commercial property keep in mind that your business will expand and change and the premises you occupy should be updated and changed according to your needs. Read through the property deed and see if the property comes with any restrictions, what facilities come with it, and if you and your staff will be able to use everything the building has to offer.

  • Get the property properly surveyed 

Get a professional to do a full property survey before making a purchase. A basic survey is necessary especially if you’re spending that amount of money investing in a commercial space. It is always wise to check for any red flags before they arise. Another factor to check on is your budget; commercial properties are rarely cheap and your interior furnishing costs and long-term upkeep require having some extra money in the bank. Hence, always keep additional cash in case any problems arise.

In Conclusion

Remember to think with your head, not heart; just because a property looks beautiful, doesn’t always mean it is right for you. There are many factors to consider if you are looking to grow and expand your business in the long run. Do not just think about short-term location. At ATS Bouquet, the location is attractive, functional, and complies with certain architecture and standards. A commercial property closely located to the marketplace, city area as well as provides a fantastic view and is spacious enough for your entire team of employees is the ideal commercial property you should be looking for.

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