A Guide to Making Your Wedding a Day to Remember


If you’re lucky, you’ll only have one wedding day in your entire life. Although this alone will make it memorable and mean that you hold it close to your heart, there are extra steps that you can take to ensure that your big day sticks in everyone’s memories and that you can look back on the occasion with affection and joy.

· Pick a Historic Venue

Choosing a venue can be incredibly stressful when you’re planning your wedding as the location will determine factors such as whether your guests can attend, what food is served, and the quality of any photos that you take. To make sure that memories of your wedding don’t quickly fade and that your special day stands out for years to come, you should pick a historic venue. Historic wedding venue locations can allow you to let off steam and get a little taste of luxury in a place that’s steeped in the past, with its own memories of previous weddings.

You might even choose a historic place that has personal meaning to you, or you might choose to plan a destination wedding to a historic venue that you’ve always dreamed about getting married in. However, you should always factor this venue into your budget, as they can be pricier than modern alternatives.

· Get a Photo Booth

To make sure that the memories that you and your guests make are captured forever, you should consider hiring a photo booth. Not only will this give your guests the chance to make their own memories, but it can also be a fun activity that can inspire creativity. You might also link it to your guest book, leaving you with a time full of the smiling and silly faces of the people you love. You might also give people their own disposable cameras, which they can use to take amateur photos that can give you a candid perspective on the event.

· Spend Time with Loved Ones

Although you might be wrapped up in organizing proceedings and ensuring that all the elements of the day go well, it’s vital that you carve time out of the day to spend time with the people that you’ve invited there, rather than leaving them to party without you. This can help you to relax, boost your mood, and ensure that you remember beautiful moments with as many of the people that you care about as possible.

· Personalize Your Vows

If you’re uncomfortable with the traditional wedding vows or simply want to make promises of your own, you should consider making the effort to personalize your vows and say what you want at your wedding. This can allow you to feel closer to your partner and ensure that these vows align with the life that you’re building together.

If you’re struggling to write your own, there are many templates and alternative options available online that can give your wedding ceremony a bit of flair without you feeling as if you have to think up these vows yourself.

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