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A Guide To Metal-Free Restorations And Mercury Free Dentistry

Of course, tooth decay is an inevitable part of life, where most people develop one or more cavities in some part of their life. However, switching to mercury free dentistry is a safer alternative today when compared to amalgam fillings. As mercury is toxic and its usage in dentistry can lead to oxidative stress and damage your healthy tooth tissues. Today, metal free fillings are becoming more popular and for good reason, this type of dentistry utilizes composite fillings which are resin from glass or plastic. Additionally, they last longer and look more attractive than general metal fillings. If you are interested in mercury free options, then check out the benefits you will enjoy in this process. Check here. 


Why there’s a need for mercury free dentistry?


Research proves that amalgam fillings produce mercury vapor out gassing where 80% of the dangerous vapors are absorbed by the individual with amalgam fillings. This in turn leads to neurological conditions and may also affect the healthcare workers handling the materials, the environment, and the wildlife. However the mercury-free fillings on the other hand use composite fillings which are more effective in restoring teeth than amalgam fillings. The resin used here acts as an adhesive and keeps the structure of the tooth intact. Besides, they also cost less and require less time to fit into the patient’s teeth. In short, they can’t discolor the teeth and also won’t lead to any gum disease. 


What are the benefits of metal free restorations?


Promotes a natural appearance


Metal-free crowns and filings are good at giving you a realistic natural appearance. Instead of metal, these fillings or crowns are made from a composite or ceramic material that closely resembles your tooth. Besides, porcelain can even be stained to perfectly match your teeth for a beautiful smile. 


Strong and durable in nature


Metal fillings often have leakage, which generally occurs when the metal fillings shrink and allow bacteria to seep in between the tooth and metal filling. While, the metals free fillings and crowns are durable and last longer, so you can eat with confidence. The composite fillings present in the metal fillings bond the teeth together and can also strengthen a tooth weakened by decay or a chip. 


Metal-free fillings are mercury-free


These metal free fillings don’t contain mercury. With the usage of composite resin they completely free of all metals which makes them a perfect option for people who are sensitive to metals or have metal allergies. 


Safe and effective during pregnancy


Since the fillings used in metal free restorations are mercury-free, they are safe for patients of all age groups and can resolve several oral health concerns. Besides, mercury-free fillings are good for pregnant women instead of mercury fillings which can heighten the risk of brain damage and neurological disorders for their unborn baby. In short, metal-free fillings are a safe alternative for pregnant ladies and they don’t have to put their oral needs on hold anymore. 


Good for the environment


Amalgam fillings are a concerning pollutant and are very bad for the environment. The amalgam particulates can pollute the water in the dental clinics and can also pollute the air when disposed of. In the same way, it’s proven that mercury in the environment can cause brain damage and neurological disorders, especially in children and unborn babies. Thus, composite fillings comprised of multiple synthetic resins are good for the environment and do not pose any health risks to the individual. 


Bottom lines


Are you looking for metal-free fillings? Then why not visit us at Holistic Dental Donvale – mercury free dentistry. We offer many dental restoration services including crowns, fillings, bridges and cosmetic bonding to ensure your smile lasts longer. Call us today to book a consultation appointment or to learn more about safe mercury removal. 

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