A Quick Insight into How to get Skilled Visa for Australia Hassle-Free

get Skilled Visa for Australia Hassle-Free

“How to get a Skilled Visa for Australia” is one of the questions that hits every mind, who’s looking for a safe and secured future. Over the past few years, this question is trending on Google. However, there is not a simple answer for that, as the future is uncertain, you cannot say what’s going to happen next and so are the Australian Rules and policies.

Like, if you take an example of the pandemic that has hit the world’s economy so hard, that it will be very difficult to cope up. The Corona outbreak has juggled the wheels of the economy as a whole. In this situation, if you’re planning to immigrate to Australia and want to get an Australian PR Visa, you need to seek the help of a professional who’ll better guide you through the whole process.

So, it’s always better to stay informed about any change in the Australian Policies, so that you can take a smart move of Australia Immigration.

There are many types of Visa categories under the beautiful umbrella of Australia Immigration that’re:

  • Visa Subclass 189

It is a permanent visa that allows you to work and live anywhere in Australia. To apply for this, there is no need to get any nomination certificate from any state or province. You need to choose the occupation that’s in-demand and submit the NOI (Notification of Interest) to the DHA. Just meet the basic requirements and you’re all set to take off your flight in the kangaroo land.

  • Visa Subclass 190

It is another type of Australian Permanent Residency Visa under which the person with the required skills and expertise can apply. Moreover, getting a nomination certificate from a state or territory is required. It is a point-based visa under which you need to score a minimum of 65 points out of 100 points in the Australian Skilled Migration Point Test.

  • Visa Subclass 491

Subclass 491 is a provisional visa that allows you to live and work in any designated regional area or territory of Australia. It is a temporary visa, and can be converted into a permanent one after living in the designated regional area for 3 years. It is best suited for the skilled workers, who wish to live and settle in the regional areas of Australia.

Climb the 6-Step Ladder and you’re All Set to Enter the Kangaroo Land

Step-1: The very first thing that you need to do is to check whether you’re eligible or not. You must ensure that you’ve a clean bill of health, a good character certificate, no criminal records in the present or in the past. Moreover, you need to meet the age requirements, and prove your proficiency in English Language.

Step-2: The second thing you need to do is to Seek the Professional’s Help. You all know that the Australia Immigration process is a long road that has many twists and turns. So, in order to make the whole process hassle-free, it’s always advisable to get the assistance from the experienced immigration experts.

Step-3: The third thing you need to do is to start collecting your pertinent documents such as your birth certificate, your valid passport, bank statements, academic certificates and so on.

Step-4: Under this, you need to get your skills assessed by relevant assessing authority. You need to pay a minimum fee to get your skills assessed. It’s just to prove that you’re a skilled worker in the occupation that you’ve chosen.

Step-5: Now, it’s time to Appear for the IELTS Language Proficiency Test and get a higher score in this. If you didn’t get good scores the very first time, you can re-appear for the test as many times, as long as you’re prepared to pay the examination cost each time.

Step-6: If you’ve successfully climbed the above ladders, then it’s time to submit the PR application. If you’ve taken the route of subclass 190, you need to wait for the state nomination, prior to submitting your application.

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