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A Reverential Catalogue of Soulful Quran Reciters


It must be noted that Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity with 1.5 billion adherents which constitutes a quarter of the global population. This peace-loving religion dominates the religious regions of the Middle East, North Africa and large parts of Asia.

The Saudi Arabia of the Middle East is regarded as the spiritual and historical heartland of Islam. Millions of Muslims from all over the world gear up themselves to perform their Divine pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah in the twin holiest Saudi cities of Makkah and Madinah.

During their spiritual itineraries, God-fearing Muslims keep their tongues and hearts busy in Allah’s remembrance (Dhikr) and the soulful recitation of the Glorious Holy Quran. They keep the small-sized portable Quran with them on their flights. The pilgrims are also seen listening to the soulful rendition of this reverent book through their headphones.

The Holy Quran as the Miracle Book

The Holiest Quran is the miracle book of Allah ( SWT) descended upon the last Holy Prophet ( SAW) of Allah ( SWT) around 1500 years ago. Through this book, Allah ( SWT) has revealed his Glory and Might before mankind. It is written in Arabic which is the language of the Arabian world.

Arabic A Soulful Language

Undoubtedly Arabic is the language of the Quran with soulful charismatic words. Remember that it is not for the single Muslim community alone. It is the direction for the whole of mankind. Millions of Muslims imbibe their teachings and learn it by heart.

The Holy Quran as the Book of Mankind

The Holy Quran is not meant for the Muslim world alone. It is the book of mankind. It is an open invitation to every single human being to learn, listen and ponder on. This book clearly shows the harmonious interplay of faith and reason. This holiest book is an open invitation of observation, reflection, and contemplation for each and everyone in this universe.

Even during the Prophet ( SAW)’s time, its soulful and miraculous words left the Non-Muslims fellows under an unusual spell. After listening to this soulful recitation of its soothing words, the person indeed feels the indescribable magical impact on his/her heart and soul. Therefore, the Holy Prophet ( SAW) and his companions paid great heed to the manner of its recitation

Qirah- The Style of Quranic Recitation

In Islam, the recitation style of the Holy Quran is known as Qirah. The reader or narrator of the Quran who reads the Quran with Qirah is known as Qari. The Qirah involves the voice, intonation, pitch, and stops. These vocal elements do have an everlasting impact on the readers and the listeners’ minds. The inimitable recitation of the Quran makes this book unmatchable and distinct from the other ones. Besides Qirah, the word Tilawah is also used for the recitation of this Holiest Book on earth.

Inexplainable Impacts of Qirah and Tilwah of Quran

When you see a person reciting a Holy Quran, you would observe the Qari or reader completely immersed himself in the spell of the Quran. His whole person, soul, heart, mind, tongue, and body participates.

The Holy Quran invokes mankind with the awe-inspiring words whose power-packed rendition has an unusual ability to pierce into the hearts of masses.

When the words flow from the Qari’s lips you would see how his mind ponders, his heart reflects, soul absorbs, tears sprung up from his eyes. This spiritual beyond the conscious situation, surely create an unforgettable impact on the listeners as well.

So it is strongly suggested to listen to the soothing and inspiring voice of a skilled decent and mannered narrator of Quranic verses. Because the Words indeed have an indelible impact on our heads and hearts indeed. Everyone must experience this spiritual phenomenon

Reading Quran Becomes Difficult

It is undoubtedly true that the reading of the Quran becomes difficult if you are continuously travelling or working. But you can listen even in parts to some soulful Qaris or readers of the Holy Quran sitting laying or driving.

For this purpose, there are multiple Qaris or Quran readers,  you can pick any Qari whoever you like the most.  Here is an inspirational list of the most renowned and  award-winning Qaris

Qari Abdul Baasit

This reverent Qari is commemorated as the “Golden throat”. His voice is also called as the voice of Heaven. After listening to him, many listeners believe that he recites from the inner core of his heart and even he brings tears in a person’s heart. He was an Egyptian Qari with Kurdish roots. He was a First Hafiz ( a person who learns Quran by Heart) and the president of the Reciter’s Union of Egypt.  He is the Qari who won three world’s Qirat competitions in the early 1970s. He is the must-listen reciter.

Qari Abdurrahman As-Sudais

This exemplary Man is the Imam e Kaaba and a renowned Qari as well. He is also the president of the General Presidency for the affairs of two Mosques. He was awarded as the “Islamic Personality Of the Year” in 2005 in Dubai International Holy Quran awards. He has an immensely soulful voice. He leads the Muslim Ummah during the prayer time in Kaaba. He possesses a brilliant oratory style. He has also raised his voice against the misunderstanding of Islam and promoted peace safety and security in the world.

Qari Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri

He is another leading reciter of the Holy Quran. Although he has studied accounting, but gained ground for his soulful recitation of the Holy Quran. He has recited this Holy Book at various International events.

Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al-Shuraim

He is the man of Islamic Shariyah and Fiqah. He is the Saudi Arabian Qari of great excellence. He is revered for his sweet and melodious voice when he recites.

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary

He is an Egyptian Qari who has been entitled as Scholar of the Reciting School. He is an Islamic scholar who has learned the ten recitation styles at Al Azhar University. For his soulful voice, he was appointed as the Muaddin ( person who renders Azan-Call to Prayer) of Sidi Haza Mosque Egypt and afterwards a reciter in the same Mosque.

Saad al Ghamdi

He is a renowned Saudi Arabian Quran reciter and Imaam. During the Ramadan of 2009, he was the prayer leader ( Imam) of Masjid e Nabwi ( SAW). He is loved as one of the best reciters of this modern age. He has shown his melodious Quran tilawah in various TV and radio stations of his country.

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