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Pieces of Jewelry

Achieve an Adorable Look with these Pieces of Jewelry

All the women around us, within our family, our friends, our surroundings, our community and throughout the whole world are passionate about one thing. Can you guess what that is? Yes, the thing that drives women crazy is pieces of jewelry. Now, why is that? Jewelry is considered as the symbolism of femininity and uplifts their status in society. Looking beautiful is the desire of every woman out there and pieces of jewelry are so very important to add to her existing beauty. Therefore, do brush up your beauty with amazing accessories made of solid gold, silver, and precious stones and gemstones. Check this website for a magnificent collection of fashionable jewelry that is sure to enhance your beauty.

Lightweight Pieces of Jewelry – The All New Trend

It is always thought that pieces of jewelry are only meant to be flaunted on special occasions like parties, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, etc. The pieces of jewelry used to adorn during these special occasions are heavy jewelry. Therefore, most of the time these jewelry pieces find their place in the wardrobe. 

However, as we all know, jewelry and women are incomplete without each other. So, why wait for occasions when you can flaunt your style and look every single day. And times have changed drastically paving its way to new thoughts and new styles. These are the times when women have embraced a lifestyle that is comfortable which is why lightweight jewelry is trending as it is easy to wear every day. Check more of these cool pieces of jewelry and create your look in your terms and conditions.

Small Yet Significant Accessories 

A piece of jewelry, whether big or small, has a special significance and it not only reflects your personality but also reveals your true self to the people around you. Some of the accessories that can transform your look though it may look small to the eyes but are precious are as follows –

Earrings There are different types of earrings available starting from the smallest earring called the studs to the bigger ones like dangles for chandeliers. Studs may look small but are a great piece of accessories that upgrades the facial appearance and gives a touch of modernity. These are easy and comfortable to put on and the immense variety of designs available can help you look adorable each time you flaunt them.

Pendant A pendant is a small piece of accessory that does wonders to the simple jewelry making it look great. It acts as a decorative item to the chain or bracelets improving their appearance and making them look lively and attractive. Earlier, these pendants were limited only to traditional or religious purposes and now it is a styling accessory that has won the hearts of many women.

Nose pins Nose adornments are common in the history of India. In some parts of the country, these accessories are a status symbol of a married woman. In the modern-day, it is a style quotient that makes you look cool and trendy. It changes the facial appearance giving a bold and confident look. 

Pick up these accessories and add them to your wardrobe. Carry these pieces of jewelry gracefully pairing them with suitable outfits and achieving a charming personality and look.

1. A layered initial and paper clip chain necklace you’ll have to resist playing with throughout the day and let its beauty shine — easier said than done.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this necklace. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it which is a very rare thing for me. I was very skeptical with buying jewelry on Amazon but it was such a nice surprise. When I got in the mail, I was extremely happy with my purchase. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants an affordable, cute gold initial necklace. It looks very luxurious, very high-end, and I love the packaging; it was super cute and I just love everything about this company and would definitely would buy from them again. I highly recommend this necklace.

2. A pair of safety pin earrings for an edgy look that won’t actually poke you behind the ears like the real thing would. Fashion doesn’t *always* have to mean pain.

Caitlyn Minimalist is an Asian woman-owned Etsy shop based in LA and specializing in truly special custom jewelry pieces.

BuzzFeed editor Chelsea Stuart owns and loves these:

“I bought these earrings about a month ago and have been wearing them every day! I am not gentle with my jewelry — I wear them to sleep, while I shower, etc. I also have v, v sensitive ears and I’m happy to report that these haven’t irritated my skin or tarnished even a bit! I have three sets of lobe piercings and wear these alongside my plain gold huggie hoops and they are the perfect complementary piece.”

Promising review: “Absolutely love them so much!! They are an everyday earring now!! Shipping was so fast and the customer service was so quick on getting back to me. 🙂 Would highly recommend and will definitely be buying again!!

3. A layered lock necklace that’ll make styling your jewels for the day a cinch — excellent for anyone who is forever running late.

Promising review: “I absolutely LOVE this necklace. It’s just beautiful and so affordable. I would recommend this necklace to others.

4. A set of beaded bracelets with a stretchy elastic band you can stack over your watch and alongside your other pricier pieces.

Promising review: “These bracelets are super cute and have substantial weight to them. I got the five stack and couldn’t be happier! They are super cute on their own or stacked with other bracelets. These are trending right now, but they are actually quite classic. Love them! For reference, I have a tiny wrist and these fit nicely, not too big, not small, either.

5. A set of chunky dome rings you’ve likely seen all over the place these days — get the look at a lower price and let the compliments rollllll on in.

Promising review: “So far I absolutely love these rings! I’ve washed my hands with them on twice but I would air on the side of caution and avoid that as much as possible since they aren’t real gold. But they’re the perfect chunky gold rings and so fun!! I’ve had them for a month now and I don’t see any tarnishing.

6. A crystal glass butterfly bracelet you’ll want to buy a handful of for everyone in your life — it’s the epitome of beauty and would certainly make for a stunning mood booster.

Indv Apparel is a small business based in Los Angeles that sells beautiful jewelry.

Promising review: “Arrived extremely fast and is so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at it! I ended up buying another color and still want more — they’re all so cute.

7. Abstract earrings that’ll accurately represent the way you feel before having a sip of coffee in the morning.

Promising review: “Love these earrings! They pair with almost any outfit and they are absolutely beautiful. I get compliments all the time asking where I got these from. I have very sensitive ears and these do not feel heavy or irritating. I also love that you get three different pairs with extra backings and a cute case for them.

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