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Add more Glimmer to your Creations with Premium Jewelry Packaging

Make sure that your creations are valued higher by boxing them in charming jewelry packaging boxes to take your brand recognition to a whole new level.

Striking the right note

There is a saying that goes that ‘everything that glitters is not gold’ but you can surely make your brand image shine through the cluster with enticing packaging. The right Custom jewelry packaging makes elevated brand recognition a reality and is the answer to major promotional hassles of the business.

The changing faces of jewelry through time

Jewelry as an object has enjoyed admiration through generations spanning centuries. It is not unusual to see women and men alike being mesmerized by the effects that jewelry items have on their appeal and self-respect. Long ago, when societies had just begun to be formed, people carried out several expeditions to make sure that they fulfilled man’s inert nature to explore. In this journey, gemstones and precious metals were discovered that kicked-off a new era of status and class among civilizations. These raw materials were hard to find and so could only be obtained by a handful of elites. With time, as humans became more sophisticated, these stones and metals started being formed into wearable jewelry items. History and museums are filled with ornaments from the past. They depict the characteristics of the era they belong to. Different civilizations endured different types of materials to adorn jewelry that they used for societal and religious purposes. Let’s take a brief look at them:

  • The first known jewelry item is said to be a necklace made from fish bones from around 25000 years ago. These were used by people living near seashores. This reflects that humans always had a nag for beautifying themselves with complimenting ornaments that succeed in making them look better.
  • The earliest human wore bones, feathers, shells, and colored pebbles. A lot of tribes still do wear such jewelry and take pride in their creations.
  • Ancient Egyptians and Romans normalized the use of gold for making ornaments for the royal members. Certain higher-ranking individuals can be seen adorning magnificent headpieces and necklaces. Their tombs too were made of gold, implying the worth these precious metals held in their lives.
  • Diamond was not used until the 1300s as people hadn’t found an effective way to polish and cut it for personal use. Today, such items are still the most sought pieces of jewelry and are used in multiple capacities.
  • In olden times, people used jewelry to cast away evil and bad luck. Urban legends are still alive with stories about early human founding luck with their discoveries by wearing specific metals and stones.
  • A lot of ancient societies made their gods with precious metals to please them and asked for favorable returns. Jewelry items can be seen on olden statues depicting the entity the people worshipped.
  • India has the longest continuous tradition of jewelry making. Around 1,500 BC the Indus Valley people made their earrings and necklaces of gold, beads, and other metals. Women wore clay and shell bracelets, usually painted black, and loved tiaras, chokers, brooches, and earrings.
  • The Greeks made most of the jewelry out of gold, silver, ivory, gems, bronze, and clay. Later they adopted Asian designs following Alexander`s conquests. Initially influenced by European designs, the advent of the Roman rule in Greece, by 27 BC, brought significant changes.

Custom jewelry packaging

Jewelry later came to denote human connection and commitment. Slaves were made to wear silver bracelets to show who their master was. Wedding rings symbolized the commitment two people had for each other. At one time in Europe, only the wealthy and high-ranking church officials were allowed to wear gemstones. This was a sign of wealth and power. The commoners wishing to mimic them would wear less expensive jewelry to add color and zest to their festive costumes. Some African tribes today still wear enormous lip plugs that distort the face of its wearer. This is to make the men look more fearsome in battle and women so ugly that the other tribes wouldn’t want to steal them.

Altering designs of varying specifications

The jewelry looks different from every part of the world. As the culture, norms, and languages change so does the need and style of creating valuable ornaments. From the east to the west, jewelry can be seen in a wide spectrum of styles. The Iranian and Mediterranean are probably the first documented users of these items. Their pieces were heavy and intricately designed. These were drastically different than Europeans who used (and still do) more gemstones and fragile designs in their creations.

Global jewelry industry designers try their best to suit a hybrid style of jewelry to delight the maximum number of viewers. Today, these pieces incorporate several global elements that make them appear contemporary and unique. Customers look for such brands that have had the skill of evolving jewelry items with the change in human perceptions. For instance, the popularization of antique objects made such jewelry items higher in demand. Sellers were compelled to create similar pieces to be able to stay relevant by meeting customers’ demands. An internationally booming jewelry industry that stands at $348 billion reflects the universal human nature to give a high ranking to self-esteem and show care by presenting precious ornaments to loved ones.

Such a boom has cultivated a trend for manufacturers to promote their products to be different than others. Today, it is no longer just about having a variety of distinct items but also presenting them favorably to the target consumers. This trend in trading has been brought about by enhanced ability to choose between various brands and having a plethora of choices.

Custom jewelry packaging

How to impose a stronger brand identity?

Promotions are now as crucial as acquiring the right production processes. Customer preferences have evolved to a degree where everything needs to be visually appealing to be purchased from store racks. Jewelry is bought as an esteemed item and the buyer expects the packaging boxes to reflect that elegance.

The commercialization of jewelry making and the rise of artificial jewelry has made these items more accessible and easier to afford, resulting in an expansion in interested customers. This coupled with dense rivalry balloons up the need for having a distinct brand logo and appeal. The brand should adorn enough reasons for customers to select it over the other choices. The styling of the packaging holds immense value in this regard. People get fascinated by delightful pieces of jewelry and are even more pleased when they receive them in charming Custom Printed Cosmetics Packaging. Some of the available box designs include:

  • Flat jewelry cards with cutouts
  • Tent earring display cards
  • Free standing necklace display cards
  • Hanging jewelry cards and
  • Other Custom shaped jewelry cards

Benefit from differentiated packaging to make customers experience exceptional unboxing memories.


To fulfill humans’ eternal love for precious ornaments, it is necessary to present them in equally memorable jewelry packaging. These can be obtained in a variety of box types and stock choices. Ensure good quality and an efficient price mix to promote the brand more healthily. The boxes are the key to increased brand recognition at all customer contact points and make them feel highly valued.

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