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Alcoholism; Alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is the dependence of a person on alcohol due to excessive drinking regularly. Alcoholic victims suffer a lot both physically and mentally. They ruin their social and family life. Drinking alcohol poses negative effects on an individual’s thinking patterns and behavior.  After a significant time period of unconsciousness, when the drunken person gets up; he may not be able to coordinate his thinking and body parts properly. He feels tired and sleepy.


In some countries, it is legal to drink particular types of alcohol after teenager but in a limited way. When a person overdoses on the drink, it affects the central nervous system directly and the person loses control over him. Many individuals in these countries start drinking as it is legal, they start from little doses but with the passage of time, they consciously or unconsciously increase the usage.

In Muslim countries like Pakistan, it is illegal to consume alcoholic drinks but due to the negligence of government departments, there is a network of people who import and supply alcoholic beverages to people.  Many healthy individuals are now the victim of severe alcohol addiction.

Alcohol drinkers, whether in a Muslim country or other foreign countries; start consuming to get pleasure. They want to take it again to get happiness and enjoy it. When they continue using regularly, their body becomes addicted and in the future, they cannot control the urge.


Alcoholism is a severe problem these days. Due to its bad effects, not only the victim suffers but also his family is disturbed. If it is not treated at the start, it may go as worse that a patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. Koshish clinic is the rehab center for addiction in Lahore which is treating alcoholic patients at all stages from mild to severe.  Alcoholism treatment From the Koshish clinic has changed the life of many addicts. They are now living their normal lives. If you want to overcome your habit or to change the life of your loved one, Koshish clinic can be the best choice.

Stages of alcoholism

Alcoholism includes drinking various types of alcoholic beverages. Depending upon the drinking dosage and frequency, stages of alcoholism vary.

  • Occasional drinking

This is the beginning stage of alcoholism. This may be called the experimental stage in which the individual consumes the drink just to taste or for fun. Most appropriately, the age of the consumer is very young and even some start in their teenage. Some persons often take it in parties for pleasure. It is the stage when a person drinks from time to time, not regularly but it can be dangerous if consumed in a larger amount. It can even take the person into a coma.

  • Frequent drinking

It is the stage in which a person starts consuming the drinks on a regular basis. Beginners cross the experimental stage when they feel pleasure in drinking and love to take it again and again. Some persons think that it is the only way to forget their worries and get contentment. As the person continues taking it, he goes on entering the advanced stages.

  • Problem drinking

Frequent drinking leads a person to enter the stage which is called problem drinking. In this stage, a person finds peace only in drinking and goes on increasing the dosage. The name of this stage is “Problem drinking” because a person starts feeling the bad outcomes of drinking but he ignores when compare with pleasure. His social life starts disturbing, may lose his job due to poor behavior, his family suffers due to his mental sickness.

  • Alcohol dependence

It is the stage in which a person is physically dependent to take alcohol. He knows that he is getting bad effects on his physical and mental health but does not control his desire to consume again. Due to the heavy dosage, his stomach disturbs. He experiences nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other related illness. He feels mental disturbance to interact with people.

  • Addiction/Alcoholism

It is the final stage of the drinking problem. It may be called chronic alcoholism. The addict goes on acquiring the drinks beyond the safe limit. He goes to a state of unconsciousness for a longer period after a heavy dose. With the passage of time; he has poor control over body balance and coordination. He cannot live without drinking. He has no social and family life and prone to have more physical disorders in the future.

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