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All About 12oz Boxing Gloves

A pair of good boxing gloves are absolutely essential when it comes to pursuing the art of boxing seriously or professionally. It is important that as a practitioner you choose the right pair as it makes a lot of difference not only in your demeanour towards the sport but also aids in finding the right grip.

It can also be quite beneficial for the attacker more importantly as it saves the knuckles from grave injuries.

How Difficult Can It Be Selecting A Pair of Boxing Gloves?

You might think to yourself,  is it really difficult to choose a pair of boxing gloves? After all, it is just a pair of gloves. But bursting this bubble, it can easily be inferred that choosing the right pair of gloves that aids your boxing game is really difficult.

Why do you ask? Precisely because if you end up choosing the wrong one it will completely falter your game.

How to make sure that you choose the correct pair?

There are certain points that you can brush up on before you make a choice;

  • Size: Make sure that you are opt-in for the correct size. There is a myriad of choices when it comes to boxing gloves and can be quite confusing. Consult with an expert before you select one.
  • Brand: Choose a brand that suffices your needs and does not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are a beginner then make sure that you research well beforehand.
  • Padding: When it comes to choosing boxing gloves, the single most important thing is padding. Keep in mind that the best boxing gloves will have great padding so that it is able to absorb the shock.
  • Comfort: It is very important that you choose a pair of gloves that is comfortable. If you are a beginner it is advisable that you make the purchase by going to the store as you will be able to have a first-hand experience.


Choose a pair of boxing gloves that suits your personality and gives you enough support. This small change will make a big difference in your game.

What are 12oz boxing gloves?

When it comes to choosing the right pair of boxing gloves a lot of calculations are done. There are three sizes that are taken into account – height, weight and finally the circumference of the wrist. Therefore it can be deduced safely that the unique measurements of each person result in choosing the right pair of boxing gloves.

The unit of measuring boxing gloves is oz and are generally measured like 8oz, 10oz, 12oz,14oz and so on.  A pair of 12 oz boxing gloves are more commonly used for light pads and sparring. It should be however mentioned that each type of boxing glove has its unique use and is best fitted for that purpose.

It is always more advisable that if you are not quite sure as to what size to go for, then the best choice would be a pair of 12 oz boxing gloves. It can also be used extensively during your intense training sessions with your partner or trainer. These gloves usually have a lower weight and are most often referred to as “bag gloves”.

These are most suited to practice your punches while maintaining speed and definitely not sacrificing the aspect of hand protection. A pair of 12 oz boxing gloves are best suited for a boxer whose weight ranges anywhere between 45kgs-67kgs.

It is particularly very important that before you make a buy you take good attention towards the perfect fit as it will make a sea of difference not only in your throw but in your grip as well.

12 oz boxing gloves that you can go for !!

The market right now is over-flooded with products and hence a buyer who is particularly new in this field might get lost in the huge array of selections. Some of the best ones that you can invest in when looking for 12 oz boxing gloves are:

  • Cleto Reyes Training Gloves
  • Winning Boxing Gloves
  • Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves
  • Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves
  • Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Boxing Gloves

When it comes to a good pair of boxing gloves, nothing can be better than the perfect size which compliments your boxing style. It is always recommendable that you consult with an expert who can guide you with the process and make the perfect choice for you.

While training with these boxing gloves which are a bit on the heavier edge, it allows the boxer to develop the strength which would directly contribute to having a more powerful and impactful boxing match.

Boxing is an art which is best acquired after years of training and consistent practice. The most important thing in this context is to develop a good grip.

Consequently, a good grip comes from using the correct gloves not only during the matches but during the training sessions as well.

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