All About Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Alloy wheels could help uplift the whole look of the car and make it stand out from the rest on the road. Having your alloy wheels refurbished rather than getting them replaced, is a method adopted by many. There is an availability of different types of services related to refurbishment for alloy wheels. These include dents, scratches, kerbs, scuffs, major scratches and discoloration. Choosing alloy refurbishment service in place of a replacement helps save a significant amount of cash.

Make of different alloy wheels

Alloy wheels were, in older times, added to the racing cars. However now, they are a common sight on the roads. They are ideally manufactured from either magnesium, aluminium or a composition of both. It is found that aluminium wheels are lighter despite being more expensive. Differences might be observed in the manner a vehicle is driven, after making a switch to aluminium, and one quickly becomes accustomed to the change. Magnesium wheels are highly reputed and known for their lighter weight, even though they are not as flexible as aluminium wheels. Wheel refurbishment Coventry offers a chance to add more value to the vehicle, along with improving its features and the driving experience. The major purpose behind an enhanced driving experience is the easy handling of the car while driving after investing in a set of alloy wheels UK.

Refurbishment is required in case of :

• Scrapes and scuffs
• Cracked rims
• Damage from kerbs
• If you wish to get the colour of the wheels resprayed

Techniques of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

This procedure requires skilled personnel who have an eye for detail. Amongst the various techniques, a few are listed below:

1. Alloy wheel repair kit

These kits come handy in repairing minor alloy wheel damages from kerbs or any other damage. This saves time and ensures a good finish.

2. Diamond cut

This technique adds to the luxury, appeal and appearance of the car. This cannot be performed at home as they require lathe to be refurbished.

3. Chips away alloy repair

This service requires the specialist to clean and prepare the area. Post this, the alloy undergoes sanding to remove any kind of damage before applying a filler to the chips present in the alloy. The finishing touches are given with the application of primer and paint.

Other services include cosmetic repair, paint finishing, coating and polishing.

At Wheels UK, easy and quick touch-ups are offered for full refurbishments. This saves you a fair amount of money. Our experts would help you identify some of the cost-effective wheel refurbishment services in the market, without having to compromise on the overall quality. The garage offers tyre-fitting, front- and back-wheel refurbishment, removal of scratches and wheel repainting. The in-house experience and resources help in removing all the imperfections, making the wheel look as good as new.

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