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All About Call Centre Types- Duties and Agents

There are differing types of call centre, all with their own level and type of customer management.

Types Of Call centre- Call Centre Types

There are various types of call centres available in different industries. For instance, commercial call center is one of the most preferred call centre service providers in India that provides variety of applications and services. There are some particular ways to establish a call-centre; however, it all depends on the services that are provided by the call centre. Therefore, this article describes some essential features of a call centre.

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What are the advantages of call center outsourcing?

What Is Call Centre?

A Call centre is a vital part of any company? Customer support operations. Call centre is a means of providing good and timely service to customers, prospects and business partners. A call centre provides trained staff. These trained professionals are employed to answer a large number of telephone calls and resolve customer queries as quickly as possible when they call the call centre.

A contact centre or call centre is a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. Often referred to as inbound and outbound call centres, telephone centre (UK), or in some cases, simply call center, it is generally a facility designed to handle many customer contacts through multiple methods: in person, by phone, by email and fax, or through web chat software.

Surprisingly, call centres are not that new. They actually started back in 1890s in the USA and today they have spread to most part of the world. So what kind of call centres are there? You can get your answer here!

Call Centre Agents

Call centre agents help clients by responding to their questions and resolving their complaints. Often, call centres may offer more than one type of service. The two primary types of services are sales and customer service.

Call centres are set up as a cost-effective option for running customer service and associated functions. However, many of them fail to deliver the intended goals. Well-designed call centres can be very beneficial to companies as well as customers.

The many roles of leaders, managers, & executives of the call centre

A call centre could be the perfect location if you are searching for a job opportunity that will allow you to flex your communication, listening, or sales muscles.

If you are interested in working in a call centre, but are still not sure about the day-to-day job responsibilities or how it can help advance your career, we will summarize them below for you.

A Call centre Representative’s duties

The nice people answering and putting most of the calls inside a call centre are the employees or agents of the call centre. They will need to be an expert salesperson or a master problem resolver, depending on the type of call centre (inbound or outbound).

Some common representative roles for call centres include:

  • React respectfully to inbound calls and respond promptly to customer inquiries.
  • Generate interest from clients in the goods or services of the company
  • Providing tailored customer service by responding to customer needs
  • Customer feedback document and study to enhance the customer experience
  • Managing and reviewing client databases with notices for each client

Working as a call centre agent is an ideal way to practice customer interactions and listening skills, considering the amount of communication expected of them. Both are valuable talents that can help to improve your customer service or sales career. In addition, when it comes to the goods or services of the organization, call centre agents need to be very experienced, which gives agents more company expertise that can help them progress up the corporate ladder.

Duties of Call centre Supervisor

A lot of the heavy lifting inside the call centres is performed by call centre workers. But while agents concentrate on clients, call centre supervisors concentrate on agents to ensure that a professional is qualified and empowered to carry out their work.

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Call centre supervisors need to:

To help call centre agents in their roles, call centre supervisors need:

  • Hire, train, and prepare agents from the call centre to solve client problems or promote the goods and services of the organization.
  • Ensuring that agents are prepared to fulfill the goals and priorities of the call centre.
  • Answer questions from the agent and assist them with tough calls.
  • Identify organizational challenges in the call centre and recommend changes.
  • To assist and advise management, compile operating reports and evaluate information.

As a boss, you will be looked at by agents to direct and equip the team for success. Every day on the job, you will impress your bosses by showing your leadership ability and becoming a more desirable candidate for any potential promotions.

Duties for Call centre Manager

Managers have more sitting on their shoulders than their co-workers from the boss and agent. Where managers can only have teams of agents to look after, managers also have the entire organization of the call centre to supervise.

What exactly do managers of the call centre oversee?

Take a look at the typical duties for employment mentioned below:

  • Formulas call centre organizational methods by needs assessments, performance assessments, capability planning, and cost/benefit analysis
  • Evaluates the technology of call centres, standards of customer service and organizational structure
  • Performance of call centre controls to identify organizational issues and solutions
  • Meeting the financial goals of the call centre and finding ways to add value

How do they support your career with these responsibilities?

Well, experience in management is a sought-after qualification for any position at senior level. And serving as a call centre manager would definitely help you develop the confidence to lead an entire organization and make tactical decisions that are more strategic.

Answer the call of duty

Call centres represent a wealth of opportunities for job seekers, considering their integral part of modern business. But it’s important to know what every job requires and to set your goals before you apply to become a delegate, boss, or manager.

We hope you found the above call centre duties insightful and helpful after helping job seekers find meaningful jobs in some of the leading call centres in the country.

I hope you got enough information about call centre types.


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