All About Orthodontics Clinics


An orthodontic clinic is an establishment that provides a variety of dental services for the correction and maintenance of the teeth and bite. The term ‘orthodontic clinic’ encompasses a range of dental services including orthodontic braces, endodontic appliances and various prosthodontic procedures. Today, it is widely regarded as one of the most prominent dental care providers in the US. More than eighty percent of those seeking dental treatment in the city have received orthodontic services from this clinic.

An orthodontic clinic can provide complete treatment for adults, adolescents and children suffering from the problem of crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth. This problem usually arises during childhood and worsens during adulthood. Teeth become misaligned due to a variety of reasons including improper alignment of teeth during child birth, disease, pregnancy, aging and improper teeth alignment caused by teeth alignment problems during childhood. These conditions usually occur with people whose families have had their teeth professionally straightened. The patient may also experience difficulties in chewing food, smiling broadly or even speaking loudly due to the influence of crooked teeth. A tooth becomes too protruding, becomes misshapen, bulges or even grows inward.

The main purpose of an orthodontic clinic is to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment. The term orthodontic means ‘shape’ or ‘plan’ and orthodontics aims at treating the malformation of the teeth and gums. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to straighten the teeth, realign the bite and to bring about a sense of confidence and social power. The treatments include braces, appliances, handpieces, retainers and other devices. Some orthodontists perform surgeries for severe cases.

The services offered by an orthodontic clinic are diverse and comprehensive. They include diagnosis and treatment of the condition, extraction of teeth, filling of defects and root canal services. The services may be offered as individual treatments or group treatments. The treatments are given in a comfortable setting. The cost varies according to the services provided.

An orthodontic clinic also offers aesthetic dentistry services. The orthodontic doctor is well trained in providing cosmetic dentistry services. There are treatments like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, teeth reshaping, bonding and gum lifts. Some orthodontic clinics offer facial surgery, fixed bridges, chin surgery and straightening the teeth.

An orthodontic clinic has qualified staff who can offer necessary services to their patients. The services can be given at a very reasonable price. These services are given on the request of the patient. The patient can discuss with the clinic the types of services that can be offered and can also be discussed with respect to the cost of those services.

Aesthetic services, such as braces, are available to patients. Braces are custom-made. The orthodontist can determine the type of brace to be used on the patient. They are made from various materials including plastic and stainless steel. The braces help in straightening the teeth and improving the smile.

The orthodontic clinic can also provide services in general dentistry. Some of the common procedures are tooth extraction, root canal treatment and tooth scaling. Orthodontists can also make adjustments in the jaws and teach patients how to properly chew food. Jaw exercises are also taught to patients to avoid teeth grinding. Their patients can visit a clinic at any time for any purpose.

Cosmetic dentistry is also provided by the orthodontic clinic. This includes dental implants, orthodontic headgear, dental veneers and gum reshaping. The dental implant provides a long lasting and strong support to the teeth. In the case of the gum reshaping, it improves the appearance of the mouth and improves the eating habits of the patients.

Dental scaling is also taught to patients. This helps in improving the appearance of the face and jawbones. It can be done by applying a device known as “scaler” to the lower part of the teeth. Most of the dentists prefer this method over other treatments because the patients recover faster than with any other methods.

Many clinics have become quite popular because of their services and availability of all the latest and modern dental technologies. There are dentists who specialize only in cosmetic dentistry and hence provide only that kind of services. However, there are some who offer basic services like tooth extraction and tooth cleaning. These are generally available for the patients who visit them for routine dental check-ups.

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