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All about the OpenCart Shipping Extensions by Knowband you should know

All about the OpenCart Shipping Extensions by Knowband you should know

So, here we are, talking about the OpenCart shipping extensions by Knowband. However, starting right with the OpenCart shipping extensions sounds slightly odd. Thus, we will have a proper introduction before we get down to them.

So, when you think of the OpenCart shipping extensions, when comes to your mind first? Further, the first thing that comes to my mind is – it has something to do with shipping. In fact, something that makes shipping easier. Thus, that’s somewhat true. However, the OpenCart shipping extensions are not limited to only shipping. In fact, they are all about enhancing customer satisfaction to the last bit. Yes, that’s when the product reaches the hands of the customer. Moreover, there goes a lot of things before that happens. Therefore, the OpenCart shipping extensions are a lot more than shipping. Further, it is about offering free shipping, the option to pick up the order from a physical store, and much more. Thus, that’s what the OpenCart shipping extensions by Knowband are all about.

Therefore, we will talk and discuss the OpenCart shipping extensions by Knowband. In addition, how they work and what are their benefits. So are you ready to know more about the OpenCart shipping extensions? Let us go forth and check them out.

OpenCart Shipping Timer extension

Faster shipping is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to eCommerce businesses. Do you provide faster shipping to your customers? Well, if you don’t, then the OpenCart Shipping module by Knowband is for you. Further, the OpenCart Countdown Timer allows the admin to display a shipping timer on the product pages. In fact, it enables the customer to see that if they buy the product in that time bracket, it will ship the same day. Moreover, delivery is faster than it would have. Thus, the OpenCart Shipment Timer extension creates urgency for the shoppers.

With the Product Shipment Timer for OpenCart, the admin can select which products or categories will be available for faster shipping. In fact, the extension allows you to create and incorporate two kinds of timers. Further, a single-day timer and a multi-day timer.

Benefits of the plugin

  1. Shoppers who receive one-day or same-day shipments are more likely to make a buy and finish their purchase sans visiting other sites.
  2. You may use the OpenCart extension to omit vacation days when the shipping timing offer isn’t accessible for items.
  3. The OpenCart Countdown Timer may be turned on for specific goods, classifications, and manufacturers.
  4. You may increase conversions for your business by employing a shipment timer to create a feeling of urgency.
  5. One-day or same-day shipment encourages buyers to make a speedy buying choice.
  6. The OpenCart plugin notifies the client when the shipping deal expires. As a result, purchasers may place orders accordingly.
  7. The OpenCart Shipping module makes comparing the shipping times of the same items on multiple websites a thing of the past.

OpenCart store locator and pickup extension

Shoppers may now use the store locator and pickup services provided by shop administrators. Knowband provides an Opencart store locator extension that uses Google maps and locations to display the physical store location. Further, customers can use the shop front interface to look up information about the real store. They have the option of selecting a local retailer and picking up the merchandise from there. With the help of the OpenCart pick-up plugin, the admin can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. In addition, he can easily save himself from paying the shipping charges.

The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension permits the admin to give a choice to the customers. Furthermore, a choice to pick up their products from an actual store. In return, the customers can save the delivery charges. In fact, the admin can display more than one storefront on the checkout page. Additionally, he can display all the necessary details once the shopper chooses the storefront. For instance, the name of the store, the contact details, and more.

Benefits of this plugin

  1. The internet shop administrator may provide consumers with a goods pick-up service with this OpenCart plugin.
  2. Using Google Maps, the administrator may display physical stores on the site. By just inputting the API key, store administrators may quickly connect Google Maps.
  3. With the Opencart shop pickup extension, the online store merchant may display store data. For instance, store name, hours of work, address, directions, and more.
  4. The Opencart plugin allows store administrators to choose a maximum number of days for customers to collect their orders from the shop.
  5. Admins can specify the shop’s operating days and hours while adding a retail location. The day and time for in-store pickup can be determined by the administrator.
  6. The extension enables shop administrators to add an infinite number of physical stores and show their locations on a Google map.
  7. The shop finder allows internet consumers to browse actual stores. Customers may also see information about the shop as well as a photograph of the store.
  8. Users may utilize the website to locate the neighboring retail stores and choose one for in-store pickup.
  9. Customers who choose an in-store pick-up option will receive their order sooner. As a result, they won’t have to wait for the order to be delivered. Clients may conveniently pick up their orders from actual locations.
  10. Shoppers may search for the nearest shop by providing their address or the distance in kilometers or miles.
  11. They can save money on shipping.

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension

Whenever you consider what the OpenCart Zipcode Validator extension does, you should know that it adds a “Check Availability” option to your product pages. Although this may appear to be a teensy detail, it serves the purpose of informing your consumers whether the item they wish to buy is available for delivery in their area by calculating their zip code. It’s only one of the many features that make a product page comprehensive and fantastic.

Customers may save time by heading straight to the checkout page. Moreover, then discover that the product isn’t available in their area with the help of our Opencart Product Postal Code Validator. Shoppers will not be able to proceed to the checkout page until they fill in the check accessibility box with their zip code.

OpenCart prefer delivery date and time extension

The competition in the eCommerce industry is growing by the hour in today’s time. Thus, eCommerce marketers have to prepare themselves for everything. In fact, continuously adapting to the new changes. Here, the OpenCart preferred delivery time extension allows you to stay ahead in the competition. How? By letting your customers decide when do they want their packages. Further, the OpenCart prefer delivery time extension allows the admin to display a calendar on the website. In fact, the customers can easily choose the delivery date of their products. In addition, if the admin wants to display the delivery time as well, he can do that. Therefore, the shoppers will be able to choose the date as well.

The OpenCart prefer delivery time module is a highly configurable plugin. In fact, it offers smooth functioning. In fact, the admin can customize every setting depending on the need. For instance, he can decide when delivery days are not available. Moreover, he can even allow the customers to make changes in the date and time after the order placement. Therefore, the OpenCart preferred delivery time extension helps reduce late delivery or order cancellation.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The OpenCart extension is an option to provide a better shopping experience in your store.
  • An option to engage customers with exceptional product delivery options.
  • The OpenCart prefer delivery time module gives you the opportunity to leverage a feature that is not available on many eCommerce platforms.


Thus, these are the OpenCart shipping extensions by Knowband are absolutely stunning. Do you want to know more about any of these OpenCart shipping extensions? Let us know at

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