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All That You Need to Know About Inverter AC

Inverter AC In Pakistan

Your Guide to Finding the Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

There was a time when air conditioners used to be considered luxury, we are talking about the time when some of us had window Ac installed in our home, that we could only turn on when it was extremely hot and only for a one or two hours maximum, otherwise just the thought of the electricity bill would give you nightmares. 

To replace this problem, a new technology was introduced, Split Air Conditioners. Split air conditioners helped bring down the electricity bill by a great deal, as well all the while keeping the room temperature down. Even though split ACs helped make this much needed technology much cheaper to afford, it was still a luxury for many.  Just the thought of the electricity bill stopped many individuals from buying this technology.

But don’t worry! 

A new technology has been introduced, one that not only brings the temperature of your room down but also keeps the electricity bill at an affordable rate. The invention of inverter split air conditioners has made the Window Air Conditioners obsolete, and truly made this technology affordable. 

However, many individuals are still confused as to how the technology of inverter air conditioners is better. To solve this confusion, we have compiled all the reasons why, while choosing an air conditioner for your home; you should opt for an inverter air conditioner.  

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Differences Between Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

While listing the differences between the two variants, all the major differences come down to how the compressor machine of an inverter air conditioner differs from the compressor of a non-inverter air conditioner. However, we have listed down all the major differences between the two machines.

Let’s discuss these factors in more detail.

Compressor Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, almost all the differences between an inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter conditioner comes down to the way the compressor of both the units work. 

Let’s first tell you what a compressor is. A compressor is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning unit. Its function is to compress the refrigerant gas into a cool liquid state. This cool liquid refrigerant gas creates the cool air that is given out of the air conditioner, which in turn controls the temperature of your room.

The compressor of a non-inverter air conditioner works at a specified temperature. For example if you have set your air conditioner to 25 degree Celsius. The compressor would work at its full capacity to bring the temperature of your room to 25 degree Celsius. Once the specified temperature is set, the compressor will stop functioning, until the temperature of your room starts increasing, when it will start functioning again. 

On the other hand, the compressor of an inverter air conditioner works at various temperatures. It is flexible this term. For example, if you have set your air conditioner to 25 degree Celsius. The inverter AC would function until the temperature is reached. However, unlike a non-inverter AC it would not stop its function; it would just lower its speed and keep functioning. Once the room temperature starts increasing, its thermostat would capture the difference and thus the compressor would start its function at full capacity.

So to put it simply, a non-inverter air conditioner would either work at full capacity or it would not work at all, while an inverter air conditioner works at various temperatures and controls its output.

Energy Consumption

One of the biggest reasons why many individuals prefer an inverter air conditioner over a non-inverter air conditioner is the lower electricity bill an inverter air conditioner provides. It does so by consuming less energy. As the compressor of an inverter air conditioner works at variable speeds, and does not need to start and restart again, thus it consumes less energy, as compared to a non-inverter air conditioner.  

Let us also tell you why a non-inverter air conditioner consumes less energy. Its compressor works at full speed or doesn’t work at all, due to this it needs to start and restart again, which requires more energy. It also works rather unnecessarily, due to which it consumes more energy. 


As mentioned above, an inverter air conditioner can control its output, thus it maintains the temperature of the room to a comfortable one. The flexibility of an inverter unit allows it to be set to any temperature.

While a non-inverter air conditioning unit, works at either full speed or does not work at all. As explained earlier, if you set the temperature of a non-inverter unit to 25 degree Celsius, once the temperature is reached, the machine will stop working. However, due to this the temperature of the room starts to increase and becomes uncomfortable. 


While the noise an air conditioner makes might not be a decision making factor for many, it should definitely be taken into consideration, especially for the ones living in the northern areas of Pakistan, where it is quiet and peaceful. 

As compared to a non-inverter air conditioner, the inverter air conditioner makes less noise. As the compressor machine of a non-inverter air conditioner unit needs to start and restart again, it makes a lot of noise, while an inverter Ac does not need to start again and again, thus it makes considerably less noise.


Out of all the factors mentioned above, this factor might be the only one, where a non-inverter air conditioner takes the win. 

As the technology used in an inverter air conditioner is advanced and innovative, an inverter unit is a bit more expensive as compared to a non-inverter air conditioner.

While the cost of a non-inverter unit is less, it does not mean it is light on your wallet.

Not only does it require constant maintenance, due to the wear and tear caused by constant starting and restarting, it also consumes more energy. Due to these two reasons, while at once buying a non-inverter unit seems attractive, in the long run, it would not be such a good decision. 

Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

Now that you know which air conditioner out of an inverter  air conditioner and a non-inverter air conditioner, let us also help you in figuring out from where you can find the most trusted and best inverter AC in Pakistan.

There are many companies that sell many upgraded and technologically advanced inverter air conditioners, however, you don’t really know if you can trust those companies with quality and specifications. 

In order to help you out we have mentioned some of the best inverter AC in Pakistan, you can find through the most trusted and reliable traders, with all the necessary specifications and at an affordable rate.

The product you will receive from these companies will be top quality and worthwhile. However, it is est to go prepared. So before you buy anything from these companies, do your research, know which air conditioner would go best with the size of your room, or the type of compressor you need according to the temperature of your surroundings. 

The specifications that you need to know before buying an inverter AC are:

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