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Allergy Relief at Home – How Your HVAC System Can Help


Allergies can be a real nuisance, causing itchy eyes, sneezing fits, and a runny nose. But did you know that your HVAC system can help relieve allergies? That’s right: your HVAC system can help keep allergens out of your home and reduce allergy symptoms. Here’s how:

Change your filter regularly.

A clogged filter can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, but more importantly, it can also allow allergens like dust and dirt to remain in your home’s air. Change out your air filter every 1-3 months (depending on the type of filter you have) to ensure that it is clean and clear of debris.

Keep your ductwork clean.

Your air ducts are the pathways for air to travel throughout your home, so keeping them as clean as possible is essential. A trained HVAC technician can inspect and clean your ductwork, removing any pollutants accumulating in the system. This will help ensure that clean air is circulated throughout your home.

Schedule regular maintenance.

Scheduling regular ac maintenance and ac repair in St. Michael is key for keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. Not only can they check for any potential issues, but they can also perform tune-ups and keep an eye out for any parts that may need repair.

Invest in an air purifier.

An air purifier can help to remove airborne particles like dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air in your home. Invest in a quality unit with a HEPA filter for optimal performance—and replace the filter regularly.

Ultimately, with the proper maintenance, your HVAC system can help relieve allergies by ensuring that clean air is circulated throughout your home. Don’t hesitate to contact a licensed HVAC technician if you have any questions about how best to use your system for allergy relief. Talk to the pros today!

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