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An In-depth Study on ECommerce Call Center Management that You Should Know About

The BPO industry is presently one of the most sought-after sectors. It extends its services to almost every other industry with the sole intention of boosting its customer satisfaction and market reputation. There are various ways how the BPO industry manages to do that, and we will talk about that in-depth. First, however, let’s settle in to know more about call center management and why it is important for the eCommerce business.

Getting into 2022, the eCommerce sector has become extremely crucial. First, it occupied a larger chunk of the entire retail industry, especially since the lockdowns forced people to live life socially distancing. And it was since then, end consumers started getting more and more dependent on the convenience that eCommerce offered.
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The sudden burst in the number of consumers in the sector means the eCommerce brands had bigger responsibilities in their places. Customer service, product quality, marketing, refund, return, etc., every department is just inflated in size.

Quite naturally, eCommerce call center outsourcing has become an important part of the industry. However, while the eCommerce industry itself grew quickly, its ability to handle the higher customer base, service, support, marketing, etc, was not proportionate to the actual production and delivery.
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Let this be the ample buildup to the expansive topic we are discussing further. Let’s get started!

What Is ECommerce Call Center Management?

ECommerce call center management is a part of the BPO industry that boosts efficiency a notch higher. In layman’s terms, it is the way that a BPO company handles the general everyday operations of a call center. However, this does not only include the on-call processes, like dialing, QA, analytics monitoring, etc.

Instead, eCommerce call center management includes all the other processes that work in the background while ensuring a smooth operation. This includes:

  1. Hiring,
  2. Training,
  3. Customer interaction, and
  4. Workforce scheduling.

Call centers have had manual management until the industry hadn’t sprung to the scale it presently is in. However, with the increasing dependencies on the sector and the rapid sophistication of technology, managing the entire operations has become easy and over-the-cloud.

Best Practices for ECommerce Call Center Management

Since we have already spoken about eCommerce call center management, it is time for us to check out some of the best practices that every US based inbound call center services company should implement. So, let’s get straight at it.

  • Turn Up Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding has become an essential part of the entire BPO operations. The sophistication in the use of call center technology is rapid and even includes comprehensive digital onboarding management software.
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In general, onboarding includes the entire process of employee acquisition. Everything is a part of the onboarding process, from shortlisting the desired candidate, interviewing them, to giving proper training.

At the moment, a lot of steps to the onboarding process are automated, including selection, documentation, training modules, etc. All of these decrease the pressure there is on the HR department, and the overall workforce and help distribute the time and resources to the main management process.

Turning up to the onboarding process is a great way to enhance the efficiency of the eCommerce call center outsourcing companies and ensures maximum efficiency from the available resources.

  • Make Use of Technology

Technology is a blessing for the world. It makes life easier for the consumers and processes more seamless and lucrative for businesses. Therefore, being updated with the latest technology and implementing the same within the call center process can have a major impact result from outbound and inbound call center services.

Some of the latest works of technology that are known to offer are:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Data security
  3. Centralized data management
  4. Customer relationship management
  5. KPI monitoring metric
  6. Customer satisfaction analytics
  7. Quality analysis

Once you streamline your BPO company with all of these software, tools, and support systems, the automation of the process will take over. This can save you a lot of man-hours and resources while even ensuring that the output is better.

  • Hire the Right Reps

This is an important point to consider if the BPO company does not have the automated onboarding system in place or still works with a manual process. For example, if the recruitment and talent acquisition team is shortlisting the call center agents manually, there are certain requirements that they should keep in mind.

In a lot of cases, the recruitment team blindly shortlists applicants who can be hired at a lower cost to the company. However, this is not the right approach. However, the right way to hire agents for US based call center services in the eCommerce sector is by skills. This is because every sector has different requirements, be it for communication or experience.

For the eCommerce sector, the agents need to have a specific set of skills, like good communications skills, patient listening, thinking on the feet, convincing skills, etc. As an eCommerce brand or a BPO company, you have to keep in mind that not hiring agents with the right skill set can negatively impact the performance and outcome of the retail call center outsourcing campaign.

Some Tools that You Can Use to Boost Your eCommerce Call Center Management

While we have talked about sophisticated tools to boost the performance , let’s discuss them in-depth here.

  • IVR

If you think that IVR (interactive voice response) is a dead technology now, you should know about the developments it is going through. For example, a modern-day IVR tool can segregate callers based on the category of the issue and assign the call to the most skilled agent on that particular topic. This feature is intelligent call routing.

Also, a lot of IVRs can resolve basic customer queries, like delivery estimation, tracking code, etc. These IVRs can inform the callers about the estimated time before an agent will be available to take the call. All of these play a huge role in boosting customer satisfaction scores.

  • Call Monitoring and Barging

Call monitoring and barging are essential parts of agent training on the job. Monitoring calls can give the live QA agents collect data. This data can be used in giving appropriate feedback and refresher training if needed.

Moreover, the dialer systems also have an intelligent three-way call function where the QA can whisper important details of the call to the agents. However, since this is a three-way call, the customer on the other side cannot hear any second person talking, as it is routed to the agent only. This is a great way to train and correct the mistakes of the caller while being on the call itself. After all, on-the-job training is the best form of training.

Finishing Up

Be it for Asia-Pacific or US-based inbound call center services, following a proper plan with eCommerce call center management strategies and tools is the best way to ensure maximum productivity. These tools can help you gain better insights into your target customers and also collect data and train agents.

So, irrespective of whether you are a newbie eCommerce brand or an established one. You must keep all of these in mind to help you establish a better brand reputation with great customer service. So don’t wait up; get along with streamlining your eCommerce call center outsourcing services with call center management tips and tactics. These will surely bring positive results for your brand.

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