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An Introduction to Application Tracking Systems (ATS)

As recruiting becomes more competitive, employers and HR leaders are increasingly turning to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Small and mid-sized businesses can compete more effectively for top talent with these platforms, leveling the playing field. This article will teach you what recruiting software is, what it can do for you, and how to choose one.

A tracking system for applicants is called an applicant tracking system (ATS).

An ATS can be provided as either a standalone tool or as part of a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

ATSs provide basic functionality such as creating job postings, sharing them with others, reviewing them collaboratively, and communicating with applicants through communication tools. With a single tool, recruiters and hiring managers can manage applicants, make offers, and onboard new employees.

What Are the Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems?

By utilizing an ATS, hiring managers and HR can streamline and centralize the whole hiring process. Thus, applicant tracking systems improve recruiting and talent acquisition and help smaller employers recruit the best candidates.

Taking this approach will allow both management and human resources to focus on finding the right employees for the right jobs, rather than on administrative duties.

What do employers do with applicant tracking systems?

Employers use ATS platforms to optimize their recruitment software. Among the best features of ATS platforms in 2021 will be:

  • The requirement to create job postings natively on each job board site has remove.
  • Posts created by users can share across various channels, including social media, using the same system.
  • Regardless of how the information was acquired (via Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. ), the company maintains a centralized
  •  database of all application information.
  • When a candidate applies for a job, all decision-makers can collaborate easily.
  • Communication with job applicants: Hiring managers are able to communicate directly with job candidates using the same system. Communication can make more efficient by preloading recruitment emails into HR systems.
  • The applicant tracking system allows companies to extend offers to candidates as soon as they decide to do so.
  • Onboarding can begin almost immediately with built-in functionality, even before a candidate starts.

A Guide to Managing the Hiring Process

Using an applicant tracking system can streamline the hiring process for employers. The first point of contact can be used to capture a new hire’s information, organize applications and candidate communications, and schedule interviews.

After a new hire has been hired, this streamlines both the onboarding process and the benefits enrollment process. Retention increases by optimizing all of these processes.

You can recruit, manage, offer, and onboard new hires with the help of an online applicant tracking system, such as BerniePortal Applicant Tracking. 

Tracking applications for job openings using software

What technology is available to you? Secondly, what are your options? Benefits brokers offer value-added services through value-added resellers to small and mid-sized employers. HR platforms are commonly used directly by small and mid-sized employers.

Brokers are increasingly recognizing that they must solve their clients’ benefits challenges while also providing solutions for their HR challenges in order to better serve small and midsize employers. These costs may also covered in part by the brokers. As a result, ATSs accessed through a broker’s HRIS are generally much more affordable than those sold directly to employers.

Creating ambassadors for your brand can help you promote it

During the recruitment process, not every candidate can hire. Some candidates will not be suitable for the position. They have potential, but you haven’t found the right job for them yet; it doesn’t mean they don’t have potential. You may lose their interest if you completely cut them off.

By prioritizing them and giving them the best experience, candidates will do the same for your organization. By doing this, you will succeed. A brand ambassador will acquire along with the talent.

The worst thing about waiting is having to wait.

It’s hard to wait for something. There are so many variables involved in hiring for a specific position that it becomes even more challenging for candidates during the recruiting process. You should keep in touch with candidates throughout the process. A definite timeline is expected by 82 percent of applicants.

Ignoring candidates can negatively affect the success of your staffing company. Your candidates will be less likely to engage with your company when they are looking for a job in the future if you ignore them. 

How much does an ATS cost?

Applicant tracking systems use a variety of pricing models. Here are a few examples:

  • ATS platforms can purchase and accessed by paying a flat monthly fee.
  • Many ATS platforms allow you to pay a variable monthly fee. The number of jobs listed each month is not the only thing employers should know. They should also know how many employees they have on staff or how many recruiters they have hired.

The cost of doing business differs greatly between organizations. HRIS platforms offer some applicant tracking systems for free, while others require additional fees depending on their features.

An applicant tracking system has many advantages and disadvantages.

Evaluation of applicant tracking systems should take the following into account:

The advantages of applicant tracking systems are numerous

  • Employers can streamline the hiring process with an applicant tracking system, which provides powerful tools to handle applications.
  • The best ATS platforms integrate with the best job boards, as previously mentioned. But how? It takes less time for job seekers and candidates to communicate, encouraging applications.
  • Applicant tracking systems with built-in applications benefit hiring managers by saving time and boosting retention.
  • ATS platforms help companies find better candidates faster and save time and money. So, hiring managers spend less time searching for the best candidates, reducing the hiring time, and getting teams up and running quickly.

Tracking applications has some drawbacks

  • Poor training leads to poor results with ATS platforms.
  • It is highly unlikely that hiring managers will receive the best candidates if job descriptions and titles are vague or confusing. The effectiveness of an applicant tracking system can only determine by the users.

Candidate sourcing passively sounds just as it sounds.

Traditionally, recruiting is done by posting a job opening and waiting for applicants to apply for it. Passive candidate sourcing, on the other hand. Candidate sourcing was found to be an effective and practical method of hiring the right candidates.

Take advantage of social media platforms

The use of social media for recruiting has become increasingly popular and effective in recent years. According to a study, employers conduct social screening to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a job. Using social media platforms is one of the best ways to get to the source. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Are great social media platforms. Social media allows employers to recruit top talent.

Information is easy to spread

Because of social media, news travels at an unprecedented speed today. Social media allows candidates to express themselves by sharing and they don’t shy away from it. Around 72% of applicants have mentioned a bad experience with a company on social media.

In addition, third parties’ opinions seem to play a large role in deciding whether to interview a candidate. Applicants discouraged by negative reviews are less likely to apply. Candidates are more likely to trust a company with positive reviews. Hence, positive candidate experiences translate into positive company reviews.


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