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And an Ebook was Born—Writing an Ebook Every Week!

The market for ebooks is growing exponentially. A total of 109 million ebooks were sold in the US alone last year. However, many writers, who normally work on blogs and articles, feel skeptical about switching to ebook writing. They find the process very difficult and fear that they’ll end up writing hundreds of pages of nonsense. Others don’t give ebooks a try, finding the thought of writer’s block scary.

Do you have similar questions? Then let us put your ebooks-related doubts to rest:

Will I Be Able to Sell my Ebook?

Amazon Kindle is the largest ebook marketplace. By joining its direct publishing program, new authors can begin making a good amount per month, even selling short ebooks. Sure, they claim a percentage of your earnings. In return, though, they expose your work on a massive platform with billions of customers worldwide.

What If I Can’t Write?

People think that mostly due to two reasons. Firstly, many people never even consider paying for ebook writing services and getting their book ghostwritten.

Secondly, they don’t realize ebooks don’t have to be 50,000 or 100,000 words long. Many successful ebooks have a word count below 12,000 words. Much of the success your ebook will have depends on how much its content engages your target audience.

Book writing does not have to be a lengthy process, either. If you work with sheer commitment and dedication, you can write a 50,000-word ebook in just 30 days. However, if you don’t want to be the author of a tome, how about writing a 12,000-word ebook?

How Can I Write a Whole Book in a Week?

If you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to publish your first ebook in just 7 days:

Day 1: Choose a Topic and Brainstorm

First, you’ll have to choose a topic for your book. Do not try to write something you are not clear about—or unfamiliar with. Only pick something you can either relate to or are qualified to write on.

Do you have multiple topics in your mind? Here’s how you choose the best one:

  • Check whether your target audience cares about the subject of your book or not. If they are not interested in your book, you won’t be selling any copies!
  • Choose an idea that’s related to something you are most passionate about
  • Pick a topic you have a handle on

Day 2: Have a Plan

Many writers fail to complete the books they start because they didn’t start with a clear plan. Writing aimlessly means you could run out of content/ideas at some point. Consequently, you can get stuck. In the end, such aspiring authors will lose the motivation to move forward with their books.

You can’t write without a plan. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting stuck, it’s better to create an outline beforehand.

Form a chapter-wise plan and mention a set of objectives for every chapter. If you use this method, you’ll know what you have to cover in every chapter.

Moreover, brainstorm ideas you have in your mind regarding your ebook’s topic. Then, keep that list safe because it will help you generate content that will go into each chapter.

Day 3-5: Write your Ebook

Don’t Skimp on the Words

In the next 3 days, you will be doing what you’re supposed to do, i.e., writing the ebook. Let’s say you have to write a 12,000-word ebook. In that case, cover the same word count each day. So, you’ll be writing 4,000 words per day.

Make sure you meet it, or you’ll only be adding to your target for the next day. Don’t want to experience unnecessary pressure? Then, you’d better complete your daily word count on the designated days.

Stop Worrying About What You’re Writing

Try to remember you are only writing the first draft of your book. So, keep going and don’t think a lot about mistakes.

Say No to Breaks!

It’s important you stay focused and motivated while writing a book. However, getting distracted is quite easy. Many book writers find their writing phase gets away from them. And why? Because they get distracted by their phones, social media, and surroundings. Therefore, it’s important to remove distractions from your surroundings.

Minimize the sources of distraction by:

  1. Shutting down your Wi-Fi
  2. Keeping your phone somewhere else while writing
  3. Shutting yourself in your room
  4. Nailing a Do Not Disturb sign outside your bedroom door
  5. Placing your favorite stress toy on the desk while working
  6. Not taking a break till you are done writing 4,000 words
  7. Keeping a water bottle with you while working to keep yourself hydrated
  8. Putting some snacks or fruits on hand in case you get peckish

Avoid taking breaks for as long you can while writing. When a writer takes unnecessary breaks, their productivity and creativity take a serious hit.

Don’t stop writing to look them up, even if you feel the need to add facts, statistics, or any other type of information to certain parts of the book. Instead, highlight those bits. Then, include them once you’re done writing for the day.

Day 6: Proofreading and Editing Your Ebook

Now that you are done writing the first draft of your book, it’s time to edit and proofread it. On this day, i.e., sixth, go through your first draft as many times as possible. Mark any grammatical mistakes and continuity errors you find when you do that.

Some people cannot stare at the screen for several hours. For them, we’d recommend printing the draft and highlighting the parts that need improvement. In addition, make sure your book has been formatted properly.

Reread your introduction as well, and if there’s scope for improvement and better creativity, rewrite it accordingly. Your ebook won’t excite the reader if your introduction is dull and uninteresting.

All parts of this process are extremely crucial. If you cannot pull them off on your own, professional ebook writing experts can get your final draft ready for you to publish.

Day 7: Finalizing the Cover and Publishing your Ebook

Congratulations! You have written your book, and we hope that it will be fantastic.

But wait. Have you ever visited a bookstore or bought an ebook online? What is the first thing that convinces you to pick up any book? That’s right. We mean the cover!

Increase the chances of customers gravitating towards your book by having an attractive cover made for it. In addition, pick a catchy title for it. Most people won’t pick up a dull-looking book and give it a read–no matter how good the content inside it. So, use bright colors and impactful fonts in your cover to make it stand out.

Moreover, to enhance user readability, use the large and easily readable font in your book. Add page numbers on each page and start every chapter from a new page.

If you are more of an ideas person and less of a writer but want to publish an excellent ebook, hire creative writing experts. They will incorporate professional ebook writing practices and ensure your volume ends up amongst the most popular and best-selling ebooks. Many of them also offer cover designing and editing services. Opt for those services so that you can convert your ideas into an engaging and well-written ebook with an eye-catching cover!

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