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Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and Stress Releif Tips-Try At Home

With our lives being so face-pace and to add to the hustle and bustle of the work nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic led to several issues. Not only has this situation affected us mentally, but more crucially it has led to a lot of mental health concerns. Being overcommit to work, less sleep, and many other reasons caused anxiety and stress to millions globally. 

Over the years, Aromatherapy is use to calm down signs of stress and spread the feeling of calm, and get the person relax all naturally. Inhaling and applying these oils help to lighten the feeling of anxiety and stress. The aroma of the natural oils stimulates areas of the brain which are responsible for emotions. This technique combined with other mindfulness practices can effectively reduce mental health issues.

Anxiety And Stress Relief Essential Oil

Before we jump to the types of oils that will help you fight stress and anxiety. Let’s first look at what these essential oils are and how they are using. These oils are naturally extracted from plants. These extracts contain the scent and the flavor of the plant, and therapeutic properties. All you need to do is add a few drops of these essential oils into a diffuser, pillow, the bath, or you can also apply it to your body.  I would like to mention one thing that adult psychiatrist near me have suggest me to use these oils for releif.


This essential oil extract isn’t use for only now but historically as well. Frankincense has been a part of religions and domestic life in ancient civilizations. The extract is still used in ceremonies and even more in aromatherapy. The Frankincense oil extract is deep, grounding, and calms down the user. The aroma from the oil helps improve respiratory systems, making it a popular choice for yoga and meditation.

Ylang Ylang

A floral-scented essential oil extracted from star-shaped flowers called the Cananga Odorata, Ylang Ylang is an extract with an uplifting aroma. It brings calmness to the nervous and promotes the feeling of joy and sensuality. It is also known as sunshine oil because of its ability to lift exhaustion, lifting spirits as a result.

Rose Geranium

Coming from the herbaceous Pelargonium Graveolens shrub, this essential oil extract gives out a grounding, floral scent, closely resembling roses. The extract is balanced and improves the emotional state of its users. Users have increased feelings of self-care and show great results, especially for women.


Extracted from the Lavender flower, this extract has been used for medical practices for centuries and is by far the most famous essential oil extract used today. Known for its floral and deep aroma, lavender extracts bring a lot of physical benefits as well as internal benefits. The pleasing aroma improves the nervous system, calming it down, making it a great tool for stress and anxiety. The aroma from lavender extracts calms us down and increases focus, which is why it is mostly used during the day, making the rest of your day positive.


The bergamot essential oil extracts come from the rinds of the citrus fruit present on bergamot orange trees. It has an uplifting aroma that calms users down, leading to the dissipation of anxious feelings, cleansing your mind and emotions.


Extracted from neroli citrus fruits, this essential oil extract is being used for multiple issues, like anxiety relief. Egyptian priests used Neroli essential oil for the healing of their bodies, minds, and souls. It is a sedative, regulating the metabolic system and releasing feelings of anger and worry. It relaxes both the body and the soul. Adding a few drops in a hot bath or massaging it directly on the skin relieves the feeling of stress and anxiety.

Clary Sage

Having a beautiful earthy smell, Clary Sage is an oil extract effective in calming stress. The oil is an antidepressant that promotes feelings of inner peace. Clary Sage is also known to have great hormone balancing qualities that also help reduce symptoms of PMS. Applying clary sage directly to your feet or pulse points helps balance hormones.

Jasmine Oil Extracts

Jasmine essential oil is famously use in parts of Asia as a natural solution for mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression. It has been traditionally used in China to detox the respiratory system. It has stimulating effects on the brain, which improves mood and energy levels. Applying the essential oil extract to your wrists or neck promotes relaxation.


Melissa or lemon balm extracts are using for centuries. Known for its positive medical qualities, it has been given the name “elixir of life”. The essential oil leads to a calm mind, improves immunity, and the nervous system. It acts as an antidepressant and releases feelings of sadness. Adding the essential oil extract to a warm bath or massaging it directly to the skin promotes deep relaxation.

Safety And Precautions

It is important to realize that essential oils are a highly concentrat medicinal substance, so it is important to follow certain safety precautions. For a healthy adult, most of the extracts are safe to use but as long as it is within an appropriate dosage. However, for babies, during pregnancy, or for those fighting a serious illness, it is better you do some research beforehand to ensure you use the essential oil most suitable for you. Here are some important points when selecting an extract:

  • The essential oils which are the most gentle include Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli, and citrus essential oils such as Orange and Mandarin.
  • Citrus essential oils affect the skin called phototoxicity. Citrus extracts applied to the skin and exposed to sunlight cause you to be more prone to sunburns. To avoid this use citrus essential oils at night or if you stay inside for most of the day.

Final Words

Articleritz has provided us with a good platform where we can share informative knowledge here and people can read as they can. Anxiety and stress is the most common issue nowadays. So, it should be treated at right time. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for anyone. So, Don’t ignore this and treat it as soon as possible.

Depression (major depression) is a widespread and severe medical condition that can negatively impact how you feel, the manner in which you think, and the way you conduct yourself. It is, however, treated. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness or a decrease in interest in the things you used to enjoy. It can trigger various emotional as well as physical issues that can make it difficult to function at work or at home.

The symptoms of persistent depressive disorder typically begin in adolescence, childhood, or in the early years of adulthood. It is report that it affects around 0.5 percent of adults in the United States every year. People suffering from persistent depression typically express their mood as depressing as well as “down in the dumps.” Since these symptoms are an integral part of the person’s daily life, they might not seek treatment, instead of believing they are “I’ve always been this way.” If these steps don’t work then you should search query of “anxiety treatment near me“. Then you can find all the best treatment clinics near you.

Best Technique

Before you can make a diagnosis or start treatment, a medical professional must perform a thorough diagnostic assessment that includes an interview and physical exam. In certain instances, it is possible that a blood test is conducted to confirm. That the depression isn’t by a medical issue like thyroid problems or deficiency in vitamin. A (reversing the medical reason could alleviate the symptoms of depression). The test will pinpoint particular symptoms and investigate the family and medical histories along with environmental and cultural factors with the aim of arriving at a diagnosis and determining the best course of action.

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