Aphrodisiacs Are Effective Nutrients And Foods

Aphrodisiacs nutrients and foods

Some vitamins and minerals play important roles in reproductive function and libido. Aphrodisiacs are effective nutrients and foods. For example, if you run out of zinc, your testosterone levels will drop.

If you have low libido, it’s a good idea to review your diet first and consider taking multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Nutrients related to aphrodisiacs

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the production of hormones, including testosterone. In addition, the higher the intake of plant-based vitamin A (carotenoid), the higher the fertility of men.

Recommended ingredients: eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, greasy fish, meat, margarine, dark leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B vitamins produce and endure energy. She explains that she plays an important role in power. Vitamin B3, in particular, is said to promote vasodilation during erections in men, and this action is used to strengthen ED treatments in men with diabetes.

Recommended ingredients: yeast extract, brown rice, whole bread and cereals, seafood, meat, legumes, nuts, eggs, dairy products, leafy vegetables.


Boron is involved in the production of s*x hormones. Increasing boron intake has been shown to increase testosterone levels within a week.

Recommended Ingredients: Almost all fruits, vegetables and nuts. In particular, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanut butter, raisins, apricots, avocado.


Deficiency of iron causes a lack of energy and is a common cause of decreased libido.

Recommended Ingredients: Red Meat, Seafood, Wheat Germ, Whole Grains, Egg Yolks, Green Vegetables, Prunes, Other Dried Fruits.


She says, especially for older men to maintain s*xual arousal and testosterone levels. I heard you need phosphorus.

Recommended ingredients: dairy products, yeast, soybeans, nuts, whole grains, eggs, meat, fish


Selenium deficiency, and leads to a decrease in decline and men of reproductive ability of libido Brewer doctor.

Recommended Components: nuts, broccoli, mushrooms, & cabbage, radish, garlic, celery, whole grains, yeast, seafood


Zinc is essential for male s*xual maturity, she says. Decreased zinc levels in the body can lead to decreased libido, decreased fertility, and erectile dysfunction.

Recommended ingredients: lean meat, seafood, yeast, whole grains, legumes, eggs, cheese

Aphrodisiac foods

I’m about to introduce can be expected to have aphrodisiac effects.

Some foods are rich in vitamins & minerals that are said to provide healthy s*xual desire. Food that is good for s*x!

  1. Watermelon

A watermelon which increase the amount of nitric acid in the body and relax blood vessels.

According to one study, this effect in the body is similar to that of generic Viagra. Aphrodisiacs are effective nutrients and foods.

However, the effect of increasing libido of watermelon is effective not only for men but also for women.

  1. Peppers

Although there is little sign to support this, capsaicin, a compound that makes peppers spicy, is thought to stimulate nerve endings in the tongue. It releases compounds that stimulate libido and enhances libido.

  1. Maca root powder

Maca vegetated in Peru, South America, which is attracting attention as a superfood. Researchers have discovered the effect of increasing libido.

Taking arginine contained in maca seems to lead to an increase in testosterone level, which is a hormone that enhances libido regardless of gender.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the genitals. In addition, asparagus contains a lot of potassium, which leads to the production of hormones.

  1. Chocolate

Aphrodisiac effect of chocolate in the early 1980s. When a compound called phenethylamine (PEA) contained in chocolate acts like amphetamine (a type of stimulant) in the brain, it stimulates the secretion of hormones of noradrenaline and dopamine. aphrodisiacs are effective nutrients and foods.

However, further research has shown that even people who eat a lot of chocolate do not have elevated levels of PEA in their blood.

  1. Honey

Honey has been used as a natural libido enhancer for centuries, but there seems to be little scientific support for its aphrodisiac effect.

However, honey contains boron, which regulates hormone levels, and nitric oxide, which increases blood flow during s*xual arousal.

  1. Oysters

Oysters attracted attention as an aphrodisiac food when an article was published in 2005 that bivalves such as clams, scallops, and mussels have s*xual desire-inducing properties.

Zinc deficiency can lead to decreased libido, decreased sperm count, decreased fertility in men, and erectile dysfunction. Zinc is very important for men’s health, but many men have zinc.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng, one of the most popular herbs in medicine, Vilitra 60 and Fildena Super Active use to treat erectile dysfunction.

According to one study, placebo treatment was at least twice as effective in improving erectile function. Another study also found the effect of increasing s*xual arousal in women.

  1. Steak

Steaks increase women’s s*xual arousal. This is because lean lean meat increases the amount of dopamine and noradrenaline secreted. In addition, steak contains a lot of zinc, so it seems that it can be an aphrodisiac for men.


Like human s*xual interests and s*xual behavior, what can be an aphrodisiac varies from person to person. What stimulates desires is completely different from person to person.

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