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Aquamarine Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

he Aquamarine Meaning

Aquamarine stone is a semi-precious gemstone that ranges in color from blue to green. It belongs to the beryl mineral group and is a major gemstone in the Vedic astrological field.

According to folklore, this exquisite pale blue-green stone represents an abundance of mermaids! The word aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.”

The name of the stone is inspired by salt water, and is known as an aquamarine stone because of its similarity to the color of the water.

In fact, the aquamarine gem is mostly found in Brazil, where the largest chunk ever discovered was discovered – and that piece weighed over a hundred kilograms!

Aquamarine gemstones can also be found in many places around the world, such as Russia, Kenya, Madagascar and the Midwestern United States.

Only in Russia, in the Ural Mountains and in Siberia there are larger heaps than in Brazil. These aquamarine stone deposits are massive, but even the most insufferable can yield equally stunning gems.

As with other stones, and aquamarine gemstones gathered from a particularly meaningful location, you can have much more power than you can get from wherever appropriate.

Of course, this endowment is not so large that it should take precedence over budgetary or functional limitations. Still, it can be a helpful supplement, especially for a stone as emotionally resonant as aquamarine.

The emotional and spiritual impact of this gemstone is enormous, so if you can get it from somewhere that already has such an impact on you, it makes your gemstone even more worthwhile.

Aquamarine’s Properties

Aquamarine Gemstone Physical Properties

Aquamarine is a silicate gemstone. The color of the stone varies from greenish-blue to blue. Almost often, heat treatment improves the color of the diamond.

There may be some relief from physical symptoms of anxiety when applying it to your lips and taking deep, even breaths.

It represents the sea and the sky, thus it is useful to have a small piece in your purse when traveling by sea or by air.

It has a hexagonal gemstone structure and ranges in color from clear to transparent. In other words, it has a hexagonal shape.

Diamond and ruby, sometimes known as ruby ​​stone, are the two hardest gemstones in the world according to the Mohs scale.

At the top of the list is a diamond, followed by a ruby ​​at the bottom. The Mohs hardness range of aquamarine ranges from 7.5 to 8.0. The chemical formula of the stone is Be3Al2Si6O18, and its chemical composition is Be3Al2Si6O18.

Aquamarine’s Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarine gemstones are believed to have been used in ancient times to counter the forces of evil and to strengthen and maintain the spirits of light.

Sailors often used the stone  as a protective charm against maritime disasters. This is a very spiritual gem that enhances intuition and foresight.

Perhaps in your bedroom if you find that you are having difficulty conversing with your partner, or in your child’s room if you think they are elusive.

It is an excellent gemstone to use in meditation because it induces deep states of mindfulness and spiritual awareness. It also encourages humanitarian service.

Aquamarine Varieties

Aquamarine gemstones come in various shapes and sizes. This gemstone is found in a variety of blue-green, turquoise and blue colors. This is especially evident for jewelry with opaque, often tumbled and designs. It is expected to be practically transparent in its raw state.

Aquamarine Gemstone Applications

When it comes to the applications of this mysterious blue stone, it is use as an astrological gemstone as well as jewelry. Aquamarine gemstone offers many benefits.

It is a water-element gemstone that can be combine with other water-element stones or stones symbolizing other elements depending on your needs.

The Benefits Of Using Aquamarine

This magnificent gemstone has many therapeutic properties and astrological benefits, which is not surprising given that our initial response to any type of trauma or illness is to offer a glass of water.

Aquamarine gemstones also have religious properties and can help you connect more deeply with your own patterns and celestial support teams. Another benefit of aquamarine stone is its ability to screen your aura and protect you from harmful vibrations.

This allows you to listen to your feelings and resolve any excesses or mood swings. Aquamarine gemstones are also an excellent choice for cleansing and balancing your chakras.

The aquamarine stone will protect you on your excursions and prevent the high feelings that are usually cause by travel stress. Aquamarine descendant stones and gemstones make great rubbish or “worry” stones and gemstones.

The soft, continuous vibrations of this stone will calm you down and pacify angry people. It has the ability to soothe others as well as the native, which makes it extremely beneficial for anyone who leads a severely constrained or stressful lifestyle in their daily routine.

What Is the Best Way to Use Aquamarine?

Wearing aquamarine gemstone is best done in jewelry that is close to the skin, such as necklaces, rings or bracelets. The power of the stone will have a direct connection with the energies of your body and will envelop you with its protective and supportive energy.

Waking up to these strong yet soft supernatural powers of aquamarine stone would be as simple as descending a gradual staircase into a warm lagoon.

And, in harmony with that image, your senses will burst like ripples on the surface of the water – and the stories hidden beneath that exterior will rush to embrace you with love.

If you wisely invite the aquamarine gem into your life, even the most oppressive and painful feelings can quickly become agitated and constantly flush out of your system before causing illness and hardship.

They are all available to you, as long as you can have them!

If you are using the aquamarine stone as a chakra stone for the throat chakra (a great way to harness its power). You should definitely wear it near the neck, either as a choker or as a small pendant that hangs over your collarbone

Again, if possible, the gemstone should come into contact with your skin. In this instance, it is also preferable to use aquamarine stone with some material weight.

It is a well-known fact that the actual weight of the stone helps us to calm anxious spirits by “grounding” them in the physical world. Wearing a substantial amount of aquamarine stone can help you feel “grounded” even when your emotions are running high.

In addition to being incredibly utilitarian (and attractive) as jewelry, aquamarine gemstones can be use as a protection amulet in physical locations. Place it in areas of your home where you suspect there are sensitive crowds.

Aquamarine’s Healing Properties

Aquamarine is consider an all-purpose healing stone that can help with a variety of physical and mental problems.

Emotional Healing Capabilities

Aquamarine has a mythological connection to water and mermaids. Its color is reminiscent of the sublime tones of the Mediterranean, and the serenity it imparts is a reflection of it.

Use this gemstone when the senses are running high or things are getting too intense for rest. Many people, especially those with young children, believe that the debate mainly takes place in the dining room.

To ease the problem, place a piece of aquamarine stone around any such areas in your home.

If you’re still having trouble understanding your feelings, sleep with a gemstone under your pillow. While your conscious mind is at rest, Aquamarine gemstone brings clarity through dreams or speculations.

An interesting aspect of the aquamarine is that, it also has a protective character.

According to many stories, this is because the power of the aquamarine stone is so strong that no defilement can survive around it.

Thus, it is a mythical unicorn, whose talk can heal poison – an aura of gentle kindness so real that it defeats evil.

It is associate with calmness and it can help you overcome the feelings of unrest or self-doubt.

Aquamarine gemstone has an unusual ability to relax and calm both others and its owner.

It could possibly be both or a combination of both. Aquamarine stone is one of the greatest stones to help you get through stressful times. As it reduces tension and improves the interaction between all the parties involved, allowing you to reach a satisfying end.

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