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Are Indian universities ready to render more than just a degree to students?


B.Tech is a growing field of study globally that has shown interest from a large chunk of students. Not only does a Btech degree is viable in the long-term but the ‘return on investment’ tag that’s attached to itdoes not make students fret. They pursue it either by taking scholarships or loans, that is if they are interested. Mostly, universities have great plans and schemes for such students. To meet the enormous obsession among students related to this field, multiple universities in India now offer B.Tech degrees. Irrespective of the corner of the country you are, you can find one engineering collegequietly tucked.

But how to be sure if the brand you are going to go for, suits the meet of the future engineer that’s brimming inside you? Gone are the days when students used to run after a degree and then take a mediocre job. These days students want more, they want good infrastructure, high-tech facilities both in-campus and classroom, and world-class faculty. They want multi-disciplinary knowledge, focus on emerging technologies, and a curriculum that concentrates on critical-creative thinking. Anything less than this, miss students’ attention.

B.Tech is a 4-year full-time undergraduate course that offers specialisations in various disciplines.  However, the duration of B.Tech courses varies from country to country. The most common fields of engineering in India are:  Civil Engineering that includes planning, construction, and maintenance of structures like buildings, roads, dams, etc. in a sustainable yet contemporary way; Mechanical Engineering, that deals with concepts of Thermodynamics, Robotics, Kinematics, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Power Sector, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning sector, and Aerospace; Computer Science that includes Programming, Software Development, Computer Science, etc.; Electrical and Electronics Engineering that deals with designing, developing, testing, and administering the manufacturing of Electrical Equipment, such as Electric Motors, Radar and Navigation Systems, etc.

How B.Tech in AI making inroads in the Indian education space?

But besides the above-mentioned programmes, some prime universities in India are now offering courses like B.Tech Artificial Intelligence which enables students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics, and visualisation technologies. Artificial intelligence is deeply embedded in our daily lives. AI deploys new ways to deal with challenges and increase the efficiency of large-scale projects and that’s why B.Tech in AI is now being offered by some emerging universities.

B.Tech Admission 2020 will see an upsurge in the enrolments in engineering colleges as the ongoing crisis has made people realise the importance of technology in our everyday lives and how being ‘manual’ is going to get outdated soon.

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