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corporate wellness program Malaysia
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Are you curious how much does a corporate wellness program Malaysia cost?

In order to recruit and keep talented workers in the workplace today, financial pay alone is no longer sufficient.


A corporate wellness program Malaysia is quite important in this situation. These health initiatives serve as an extra “oomph” component that has a big impact on employees’ decisions about which organisation to work for.


You must give your employees extra perks, such as employee wellness programmes, in order to give them a job they will enjoy and to motivate them to participate in their work.


However, there are some considerations you should make before enrolling your staff in wellness programmes, with the expense of corporate wellness programmes ranking as the most significant.



What Kinds Of Corporate Wellness Programs Are There?


We must first examine the many kinds of programmes you can provide to your employees before estimating the cost of corporate wellness.


1. A nearby gym

With no wasted time travelling back and forth, having a gym on-site is a very practical approach to achieve your health goals.


A excellent solution in cases of issues like limited space or a tight budget is to provide membership or discounts on membership to any nearby gym.


Another option to an on-site gym is to provide free access to online resources and mobile apps for maintaining and improving fitness.


2. Zumba and yoga class

Yoga or Zumba lessons can be included in a wonderful programme for fitness enthusiasts even though going to the gym may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


They are entertaining, educational, and in addition to promoting fitness, they also foster a sense of unity and teamwork among workers. Being physically fit and active can help you lose weight, which helps prevent several lifestyle disorders including diabetes and obesity.


3. Stress management initiatives

We frequently overlook our employees’ mental and emotional health and well-being when discussing employee health and wellness.


Because both work and life in general are stressful, you should provide your staff with programmes that help them manage their stress, balance their professional and personal lives, and improve their mental health. Seminars and webinars are two ways to put this into practise.


‍4. Medical advice

Health professionals are the best people to consult when it comes to health, thus it is always a good idea to do so occasionally.


Your staff can save a lot of future problems by attending talks and seminars on how to manage pre-existing ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. as well as how to prevent diseases from occurring.


5. Courses in self-defense

To ensure the safety of your employees, which is a crucial component of their health and welfare, you can set up a variety of self-defense programmes, including martial arts and kickboxing sessions.


These programmes also aid with your employees’ general fitness, which is an added bonus.


6. Dietary programmes

According to the proverb, “You are what you eat.” Indeed, when it comes to fitness and good health, eating may be the most important factor.


You can assist your staff in controlling and managing their diet to suit each person’s conditions by setting up nutrition programmes. A breakfast spread that is rich in nourishment can also be arranged.


7. Biometric checking

In order to make sure that your employees don’t have any newly discovered, undetected problems and to make sure that their body stats remain within normal range, biometric health screening comprises routine medical examinations and blood tests.



‍What Are the Prices for Corporate Wellness Programs?


The cost of corporate wellness program Malaysia is a difficult topic to answer in a single word or number since, as we’ve seen, there are many different types of wellness programmes and the type of programme you want to provide your employees will have a significant impact on the price.


The average cost of an extensive wellness programme per employee per year ranges from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 14400.


As can be seen, this range is broad since, as we saw in the previous section, there are many different types of wellness programmes that you can offer to your workforce.


‍Without wellness programmes, your business would incur significant future compensation costs, as well as the added expense of hiring temporary employees and all the associated paperwork.


The Harvard Business Review reports that thanks to an extremely successful employee wellness programme, 57 percent of participants with high health risk assessments were able to achieve low-risk status after completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise programme, and the voluntary turnover rate is only 4 percent.


The benefits of corporate wellness program Malaysia for the business are numerous and include lower employee turnover rates, improved employee participation, less absenteeism, higher employee job satisfaction, improved teamwork within the business, and overall business success.


How Do Corporate Wellness Programs Benefit Employees?  <Read this to find out



The most important thing to remember is that you should have a high return on investment to avoid losses. To do this, you must find a business that provides comprehensive, all-inclusive corporate wellness programmes of the highest calibre at a cheap, reasonable cost.



Don’t get upset if the costs of a company wellness programme don’t provide a ROI right away.


According to Limeade, 

It could take some time for a business wellness program’s ROI to manifest. That is not a sign of failure, but rather the way wellness programmes work. Although personal evolution and growth don’t happen quickly, research indicates that if people participate, they gain.

In his article titled “The Right Way to Look at the ROI of Wellness in the Workplace,” our CEO Henry Albrecht discussed this. Results of other programmes are more difficult to quantify; for example, it is challenging to track inclusion and fulfilment over time. Other fantastic results can come from a variety of different activities, so it can be difficult to pinpoint one for success. Less sick days taken and more productivity could come from exercise, mindfulness, or the satisfaction of financial independence, for example.


Corporate wellness programmes frequently proven to have positive effects on employee morale and productivity. Any organisation desires these characteristics in their teams.



How Can I Lower the Cost of a Comprehensive Wellness Program?


As previously noted, setting up numerous comprehensive wellness programmes for your employees can cost quite a bit of money; however, with the right partner, you can significantly reduce the cost of your wellness programmes while still receiving top-notch quality programmes.


With Engagelife, you may save money by taking advantage of a variety of health programmes like doctor consultations, yoga and Zumba classes, sleep and mental wellness sessions, and much more. In addition to social webinars, they offers a variety of programmes on nutrition, mental health, and physical fitness that address all current subjects and problems.


Additionally, Engagelife will pay for each of these sessions individually, so clients who have enrolled in Loop’s Group Health Insurance are given access to them for free.


Simply enrol your business by Engagelife to give your staff access to cost-free, all-inclusive wellness programmes and comprehensive health insurance.


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